Here it is, as promised - the first chapter of an entirely new story from the Thirteenth Doctor series. I was high on pocky when I wrote this, and it has no proper plotline (by now, this should not surprise you), I hope you'll enjoy it. It's set at the start of the Thirteenth's era, so Molly's gone but neither Rae nor Susan have appeared yet. It's simple Doctor-companion banter as always.

Hope you like it, and even if you don't, REVIEW. Or my twinny will keel you with her rainbows.

"I have to say, Doctor, this is the first time I've walked into the TARDIS and been confronted by a potato."

The Doctor turned away from the controls to face his assistant. Sure enough, Twitch was right - there was a potato lying on the TARDIS floor a metre or so from her, a long screw protruding through one of its tubers. She picked it up and dusted it off, nicking her finger on the sharp end of the screw. "Ah!" She grimaced as she wiped the blood off on her trousers. It wasn't a deep cut. "So...are you going to explain or, as usual, will I be forced to undertake my own research in order to receive an intelligent answer?"

"Own research," the Doctor replied, turning back to the control panel and running a hand through his ginger hair. "I haven't got a clue how it got here, and right now I have bigger fish to fry. The TARDIS' main controls have gone offline, including the scanner, so I can't tell what's wrong."

Twitch frowned at him before stalking off to her room. "It's a potato," she muttered as she went, "not a fish."

"You can still fry potatoes!" the Doctor called after her.

Twitch scowled. "Not if they have a nail sticking through them!" she yelled back. Not wanting to continue this rather pointless argument, Twitch hurried off to her room and shut the door behind her before the Doctor had a chance to reply.

Twitch's room was rather like a research lab - in fact, it was. Three of the walls were lined with so many books that the wallpaper could no longer be seen, and many more books were stashed beneath the rather temporary-looking bed that could fold into the wall not in use. Most of the decor was a steely sort of grey - not so the far wall, which glowed an eerie green. Although Molly had once attributed it to Twitch's secreting of a radioactive substance behind the wall in order to hide it from the Doctor, the light actually emananted from the overhead lamps. This was Twitch's lab area, with white ledges perpendicular to the wall, stacked with odd little knick-knacks and weird objects hanging below them. There was some shelving above, though not enough to block out the light that was essential to Twitch's research. There were different settings for the lamps, all colour-coded for ease of use, but generally she left it on the green light, which hummed in the presence of ancient technology. Of course the room was full of old relics, but even were the room empty, the TARDIS itself would set it off, so that a low throbbing hum was emitted in the room at all times. It helped Twitch sleep sometimes.

As soon as she approached the far wall, potato held loosely in her left hand, the throbbing stopped entirely, and the lights flickered out.