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"Man where the hell are these things?" Dean whispered, irritated and uncomfortable from the half an hour of being in the same position. Sam, who was crouched next to him, rolled his eyes.

"Gee Dean," He mocked. "I don't know. Maybe they didn't get the invaqtations we sent." He whispered harshly. They sat in silence for a moment. They were crouched down behind a dumpster in a dark dank alley...waitng. Footsteps broke the silence. Dean peered around the corner slowly.

"How many?" Sam asked.

"Just two. A guy and a chick. The girl's holdin' something'." The brothers pulled out their guns and squeezed them tightly.

"What do you think it is?" Sam said.

"Don't know and honestly don't care." Dean said. He stood slowly, gun pointed at the man. "Hey gorgeous," ha said. The man turned around quickly. "How'd that pretty blond girl taste last night?" Sam has his gun aimed at the woman who was clutching the brown bundle in her arms tightly. Suddenly the man charged at Dean, who shot repeatedly at him.

"Alright," Sam said slowly to the woman. "Nobody has to get hurt." She smirked.

"I'm not going back to hell quietly." She said.

"Have it your way then." Sam grimaced. The woman set the bundle down gently, then pounced on Sam, eyes black and smirk in place. She dug her nails into Sam's chest.

"Ah!" He yelled. Dean was prying the male demon's hands from a rather large knife when he heard Sam.

"Sammy!" He kicked the demon in the chest, hard and sent him flying. He ran over and grabbed the woman by her hair.

"Sorry sweetheart," He said, pulling her off Sam. "We stop serving dinner at 9:30." He threw her into a pile of crates. He stretched his hand out and Sam took it.

"Thanks." He mumbled.

"You okay?" Dean asked. Sam put a hand on his bleeding chest.

"Yeah I'll be fine." They turned and saw the two demons getting up.

"Well," Dean said, raising his gun again. "This has been fun. Sam, if you will."

"Spritus Imundi," Sam began the well rehearsed exorcism. The man grabbed the woman's hand. She looked from him to the bundle, her eyes pleading with him. The man shook his head, the woman bowed her head. Then they released themselves from the human's bodies.

"Whoa!" Dean yelled. He and Sam ducked down from the thick black cloud that hovered above them. In a few moments it was gone. "That was wierd." Dean said. Sam nodded.

"Yeah, really wierd." He agreed. He glanced at the bundle the woman had so unwillingly parted with. "What do you think's in that?" Dean started walking down the alley toward his car.

"Again little brother, don't know, don't care." Sam walked beside him.

"Dean it might be important." He implored.

"Yeah and it might be dangerous too genius." Dean said.

"I'm going over there." Sam huffed.

"Fine!" Dean said, throwing up his hands. "Go kill your- what the hell is that noise?" Sam listened. A light wailing was slowly filling the alley. They glanced around, trying to find the source.

"It's coming from that." Sam gestured to the bundle. Sam slowly walked toward it.

"Sam no." Dean warned. Sam ignored him. He bent down cautiously and pulled back the tattered blanket.

"Oh, my, God." Sam said.

"Oh god what is it? It's a head isn't it?" Dean asked. Sam shook his head. He looked into the creatures black eyes.

"Dean it's a baby."

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