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Past Spirits

Chapter Ten: Alterations

Cheresea's P.O.V~

"Guys!" I called. "Guuuuyss! Kratos! Yuan!"

Where were they? I hadn't seen them since Trethe left...I hope nothing bad happened.

"Dad, have you seen Kratos and Yuan?" I asked.

Dad barely opened his mouth when Chala came down the stairs, frowning.

"I haven't seen them either," Chala stated, "...perhaps they went outside."

"Right!" I said.

I raced outside and looked out just in time to see both of them coming back toward the house. Oh good! They're okay-! ..Wait, did they go

somewhere? And why do they look kinda...disturbed?

"Guys?" I asked. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"What IS that guy?!" Yuan asked.


Kratos covered Yuan's mouth.

"Don't listen to him, he's a dumbass," he said.

Yuan glared at him as Chala walked up to us.

"Really? ...What 'guy' are you referring to, may I ask?" she asked coldly.

"I told you, he's-" Kratos started.

"Cheresea may be dim enough to fall for that, I however, am not," Chala hissed.

"Hey-!" I shouted.

Kratos glared at Chala, and for a minute I could've sworn he was Grampa-...which he is, of course,, nevermind. He looked really scary,

let's just say, even Chala fidgeted a little.

"...We're going inside, come on, Yuan," he said.

"W-what? But-"

Kratos glared at him instead.

"I'm going, I'm going!"

Yuan and Kratos walked right past us into the house. Once Chala had a second to recover she shook her head and followed them, I'm pretty

sure she was going to give them hell, but...



I turned around, nothing behind me but trees.


"Cheresea, in here, help," the voice said.

What the-? Who...? I don't know anyone who...

"Psst! C'mon, help!" it said.

"Trethe?" I blinked. "What are you doing in there-?"

I saw a tail twitch.


"Trethe? Are you okay?" I said, walking into the woods.

"Of course I'm not 'okay'!! Look at me!"

"Where are you then...?" I said slowly while I walked in further.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and turned around.


He covered my mouth.

"Okay okay, I know, just keep it down!!" he said.

Trethe had a tail...? ...And ears? Sure, I'd seen the fangs before, and I'd seen him 'fox' before, but I hadn't seen him in between like this. ...With

cute little ears and a bushy tail...

"I-...are you blushing?" he stared at me.

I shook my head as he slowly took his hands off my mouth-...claws? Since when?

"What happened?" I asked. "I thought you were going home-?"

"I was!" he said. "I was and then they mugged me! ...Well, okay, they didn't 'mug' me but-"

"Who mugged you?" I stared.

"Those two dicks inside!" he pointed toward the house. "Kratos fucking knocked me out and then-!"

"Kratos and Yuan knocked you out?" I said slowly.


"Aren't you supposed to be a ninja?" I asked.

His eye twitched.

"Th-that's beside the point-"

"So two boys your age without any training whatsoever...came up behind a ninja with angel senses...and knocked him out..." I said even more

slowly, beginning to get worried.

"...I was having an off moment!" he snapped, flushing a bit.

I'll say- wait, they knocked him out?

"Why'd they knock you out?!" I asked.

"Because they asked me about-...uh...they just wanted to ask me stuff," he finished.

"...Stuff?" I tilted my head to the side.

"...Yeah, just stuff, that's not important though!" he said. "The jerks threatened me and then Kratos- geez, no offense, but did you know your

grampa is totally nuts?! He started shouting at me for no reason!"

"Uh-huh..." I said.

"...What's with that look?"

"For no reason?" I stated flatly.

"YES for no reason!" his eye began to twitch. "And he- he-!"

He looked down at the ground, his teeth gritted.

"...I...I got mad, and then this started happening to me..."

"What-? They didn't see, did they?" I asked, worried.

"...They saw the teeth," he muttered, "...but then they let me go. ...Well, Kratos let me go. ...Something's not right with him, Cheresea, did you

know that?"

"What do you mean by that?!" I snapped. "There's nothing wrong with-!!"

..Well, okay, he did hear voices and all...but...but there had to be an explanation for that! Right?

"Oh wake UP!" Trethe scoffed. "He's...he's creepy, Cheresea, that's the best way I can put it. Sure, he's creepy enough in this time, but he's


He stopped suddenly and one of his ears twitched.

"Aw SH-!"



Trethe jumped and hid behind me. Kratos had just found us-? ...Oh no.

"I KNEW it!" he shouted again, pointing at Trethe. "You-!"

"You try to grab me and I'll gouge your eyes out, got it?" Trethe snarled.

Kratos started to say something and then just barely noticed I was here.

"...Cheresea, get away from him," he said darkly.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"Because...because just get away from him!" he said

"Please, just calm down-" I started.

"What is your PROBLEM with me?!" Trethe snapped.

"Listen, fox boy, I-"


Trethe walked up to him, glaring.

"Call me that again, I dare ya, tough-guy..." he snarled...quite literally.

"Fox. Boy." Kratos said, glaring right back at him.

Oh no. That's not good.

"That's it-!"

Trethe went to hit Kratos right when I tried to get in between them. And, of course, because I suck like that I got hit...and then tripped and fell

on the ground.

"Ouch-!" I said.

"Cheresea-!" Trethe blurted. "Are-?!"

"Are you okay?!" Kratos asked, helping me up.

"Y-yeah...I'm sorry," I smiled, trying not to wince. It did hurt a bit...

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" Trethe started.

Kratos glared at him.

"You BASTARD!" he snapped.

"I didn't mean to-!"

"Please don't-!" I started.

"I'll kick your ass for that!" Kratos snarled.

"I TOLD you I didn't mean to-!"

Kratos flinched, like something hurt him.


Then he punched Trethe in the face. Hard. I yelped.

"You little putz, I knew I should have chased you off when I had the chance!" he snapped.

Kratos flinched again, shaking his head. Trethe was already on his feet- ...well actually, all fours.

"I'm going to beat you into the ground!!!" he snarled.

I saw him lunge for Kratos and I began to shout at him to stop-...and then Kratos had his hand around Trethe's throat? I stared and then

rubbed my eyes before looking back. What?! How did-?!

"Oh my g..." I gaped.

Kratos' hand was scales, like a dragon or something. Trethe stared at him like I did, both of us were completely shocked.

Kratos noticed, obviously.

"...Wh...what are you staring at?!" he snapped at Trethe.

He looked at his hand and then gasped.

"Kratos...?" I whispered.

He looked at me-

And his pupils were slitted.

"...Oh my g..." I whispered.

Kratos gasped and then let go of Trethe, who stood there staring at him. I knew I shouldn't have stared, I know that would just make it worse,

but...but this didn't make sense. Why was he...?

"D-don't look at me-!" Kratos stammered, moving backward.

"Kratos-" I started.

He turned and began to run off when Trethe grabbed him.

"Woah woah! Hold on a minute-!"

"Let me go-!"

Trethe snarled and then grabbed his shoulders with both hand, turning him to look at him.

"I SAID hold on!" Trethe roared. "Look, we're not gonna-"

"Don't-!" Kratos looked away.

"Don't look at you?! Are you crazy!? Look at ME!" he shouted. "I've got a tail, and EARS! If we're not freaking out about this, what makes you

think we'll treat you any different?! What makes you think I'm gonna call you a freak or something when I look like this?!"

"Y-you- Just- just shut up!" he shouted.

"Listen you-"



Kratos broke free and then when to hit Trethe with his...'hand'...

"Wait-!" I started.



Trethe jumped backwards and I almost fell over (yes, standing up...) when Grampa appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Kratos, holding him

back with an arm around his torso.

"H-hey! Let me go yo-!"

Grampa quickly took a small object and put it to Kratos' mouth, forcing him to drink the stuff that was in it- Hey, that stuff was...Genis gave

Grampa a thing of that stuff once.

"B-BLEGH!" Kratos spat. "What the hell was that?! Are you trying to poison me or-?!"

"I told you to stay away from them, did I not?" Grampa hissed at him.

"W-what-? Well I-!...Hey..."

Kratos looked at his hand and we all watched as it...melted. Well, it didn't really melt, but it kinda...shifted, shifted and then it looked just like a

normal hand again. He gasped.

"W-what the-? How did you-? What was that stuff?!" he asked.

While they were distracted I noticed Trethe trying to sneak off-

"Trethe," Grampa spoke up, "I'd advise you not to move."

Trethe stopped right in his tracks.

"What was-!? Where did you come from anyway?!" Kratos snapped up at Grampa.

"From elsewhere, obviously," he stated.

"...What just happened?" I asked.

Everyone looked at me and I found myself unable to say anything else. I was confused...why did Kratos have a hand like that? And the eyes

like...? I didn't understand what was going on.

"...Cheresea, go inside," Grampa said, "now."

"B-But..." I looked at him, then at Kratos and Trethe.

"Just go," Grampa said again, "we'll be in right after you."

Well...I knew I wasn't going to get my way in this, so I'd have to listen to him for now...

But darn it, I WAS getting an explanation for this. One way or another!

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