6: A Single Step

Donald Blake walked the dusty ground below Asgard. He slowly came to a pile of stones that he had collected to entomb the body of Michel Joseph Anders the man who attempted to be Thor's assassin. He knelt down at the headstone he had carved by one of his Asgardian brothers.

"He let vengeance blind him." He spoke to no one in particular. "Before we met I was heading down the same path."

"Then it is a good thing that I chose you Donald Blake." Thor replied.

"Yeah I agree with you." Donald said.

"Let us return to Asgard."

"Very well." Donald said disappeared. In his place now stood Thor. Thor bowed his head in silence for a few moments before rising into the heavens to return to his city.

Dane and the others waited patiently for their summons to the palace. Leonard, Robbie, and Paul were still congratulating themselves on the battle last night Dane said across from Amora apart from them.

"So are you going to stick around?" Dane asked over his flagon of mead.

"Why would I leave?" Amora returned slightly puzzled.

"You and Thor have history I know how distracting unrequited love can be and will be glad to have you reassigned so you don't have to see him." Dane spoke into his cup not looking up. Amora's finger on his chin slowly raised his head up to meet her eyes. The green orbs held no malice or anger, which made Dane very nervous.

"You really do care about me Dane Whitman, Black Knight." He spoke softly.

"You are a member of my team and…and…" He stumbled.

"Yes?" Amora beckoned with her voice.

"You're my friend." Dane said.

"Is that all?" Amora frowned.

"Perhaps more." Dane clapped his hand over his mouth but the words had already escaped.

"Perhaps." Amora smiled and leaned over and kissed Dane on the lips. "You mean something to me too. I will stay." She drew away leaving Dane stupefied to the point that he didn't notice Valkyrie until she had drug him up by his collar and marched him towards the palace.

Thor sat on his throne, Volla to his left, Heimdall to his right. Marnot in the form of Hescarmer perched on top of the throne.

"My friends I am happy you have come for I have news which you must report to Stark." Thor spoke.

"What?" Dane asked.

Thor paused for a moment before continuing. "I am leaving Asgard."

"But why?" Amora called.

"I have lost my way in the world, and must find myself once again. I will search for the rest of my brethren with Heimdall. In my place Balder shall rule."

"I will tell this to Tony." Dane nodded. "And make sure he leaves you alone."

Thor stepped down and put his hand on Dane's shoulder. "Thank you. I give you and your team my blessing to operate in and around Asgard. They will give you what aide they can." With a flash of Lightning Thor was gone. Heimdall was also missing.

"Do you think he'll find them?" Amora asked as she and Dane strolled along the edge of their base.

"I don't know." Dane replied. "But a journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step."

"Thor was wise enough to take that step. Were that all were so wise." Amora said.

Dane turned to her. "I am wise enough." He said and stepped forward. Amora smiled and did the same they embraced and kissed passionately.

"It seems so." She smiled looking at him as the sun sank towards the horizon.