It was snowing that day. A light flurry of powder that slowly but surely coloured the world white. An ethereal landscape of monochrome, an image of indescribable beauty. It was a picture without blemish .. but for one. Blood. Your blood. Blood that soaked the pristine snow like a crimson flower as you lay dying.

That Day

Chapter I

By AshLikeSnow

I cried that night. Tears of anguish streamed forth, unnoticed and unchecked as I waited. And waited. And waited. I didn't want to lose you. No. I couldn't lose you. You meant so much to me. So much that my heart clenches and numbness spreads through my body at even the idea of you being hurt, and yet there you were on the other side of that door, your life teetering at the edge.

Though I knew they were all there, I had no mind for anyone else, only myself. Sitting on a low couch, hands clutched at my knees and head bent forward, everything seemed a blur as I stared without seeing at the gleaming white floor. Thoughts coalesced in my mind, random flashes of images and ghostly trails of words melding into one repetitive cycle such that no single fragment could be discerned. Time stopped for me. It dragged. A single second dilating into over a thousand. Over and over. And yet still we waited.

I felt a small shift in the bench. I hardly noticed. My thoughts continued to consume me as I stared unseeingly at the ground. A hand was placed around my shoulder and soft words were spoken into my ear. I slowly came out of my daze to see Chrono's face next to mine. A tired face, which was working hard to seem calm and collected even now, though the traces around his eyes and mouth gave him away.

".. if you were like this? She'd definitely tell you to stay strong. Not just for her but for yourself, and for us too. We all have to be strong together if we're to make it through times like these." Patting himself over, he seemed to be looking for something, but gave up and gingerly tried to mop up my tears with his sleeve. "I don't mind the tears but I'm not going to wipe up your nose" flashing me an expectant look and a small grin. He deflated slightly after a short while when no response came forth.

He had obviously expected a reaction from me, but for the life of me I couldn't seem to figure out what. I was trying my best to untangle the mass of words he had just told me, and yet his words were confusing. My mind didn't want to focus. Slow comprehension however, gave meaning to his words, but the words sounded hollow to me. The only thing that I could grasp onto however was the effort he squeezed into his voice to sound confident. I seized that small bit of reassurance and clung to it, hoping against hope that he was right and we – I – could pull through this. I leant onto his shoulder a little.

"Thanks nii-san." I murmured. Even my voice was raspy and sounded harsh-like. But my brother seemed to understand. "Un" was the only response I got, and then we sat in silence. And waited some more.

Author's Note

Wow. I can't believe I actually wrote that. To tell the truth I never really expected myself to be here writing on FFN so I'm actually quite astounded here lol. But yes, this is only the first chapter to this story, and I hope that you all enjoyed it somewhat. In addition to this being only the first chapter, this is also my first fanfic ever (lolzlz nub) so I was wondering if perhaps you could give me some reviews? I'd really like to know what people thought was good or bad, and where to improve. Thanks you muchly for reading, and I think I should be churning out a second chapter soon :3 Take care