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I have one other fanfiction I'm currently writing and I was just curious of what people would think of this very different style of writing compared to my other one. This is more of a hardcore romance than the other. This one will not be funny like the other, but instead I wanted to put more detail and take time in planning it out. For right now, this is just a test to see how it will be accepted.

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They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love.

William Shakespeare

I sat in the quiet room with the stone walls seemingly as cold as my heart. But not anymore. That's what I had to believe. That the pain that I had carried with me my whole life would soon be gone. I would be changed. I would once again be part of something. Part of a group for the rest of eternity. And that small thought brought a small smile to my face.

A quiet knock on the door, made my eyes snap up to the creature standing there. A creature that once only existed in the pages of fairy tales told to small children.

"Bella, is it alright if I come in?" the voice asked gently. I smiled up at him. Vampire royalty and he was asking a mere human permission to enter a room.

"Of course, Aro." I said.

He glided over to me and sat next to me on the extravagant bed they had provided for me. A bed that I would no longer need in a mere few weeks.

"You seem sad. Are you regretting you decision?" he asked me in a fatherly tone. Yes, fatherly, like I was his daughter. I suppose that once he had changed me, I would be kind of like his child.

Aro had found me alone in a forest in Italy after I had run away after the death of my family, leaving me alone. He had brought me to Volterra, where he had explained to me what he was. He said that I possessed a special talent. That his usual mind reading abilities had no power over me. Others tried their power as well, an few worked on me. After hearing of how I was alone with no friends or family, not to mention the fact that I had been diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer and only had months to live, he had proposed the idea of changing me.

I was frightened at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I was tempted to agree. I was being offered a chance to go beyond reality. To push past the barrier that normality created and do something that was only dreamt about (whether it be in nightmares or dreams, it was still an undeniable fantasy).

I had agreed.

"No, I'm not regretting my decision. I'm excited for a new beginning. To be part of something again." I answered honestly. There would be no need to lye to the man that had offered me a second chance at life...or death, as it were.

"I love you, Bella. Soon, you will be as much my daughter as I can make you. I will be able to protect you."

I smiled, thinking how good it would feel to have a father again. To have someone care for me.

"Thank you Aro. Are we still planning on the change happening in 2 weeks?" I asked. I was sick of my lonely human life. The sooner the better.

"Yes. I have decided to throw you a death day party." he said with a smile.

I let out a small giggle. "A death day party?" I asked.

"I want to invite all of my vampire friends. I want them to meet my new daughter. And, I hope the Cullen family will arrive. Maybe you can find out more about their eating habits." he explained.

When Aro had first brought me to the castle in Volterra, he had told me about his old friend Carlisle Cullen and his unusual vision for feeding. Being human, I didn't like the thought of killing innocent people to quench my thirst and I became intrigued with the Cullen family. Apparently there were 7 of them in the family. Aro had said he would try to get them to visit so they could teach me their ways.

"I would really like that." I said with a smile.

"And, I think Felix is a little anxious for you to change as well. He's quite taken with you." Aro added.

I rolled my eyes. "I highly doubt that. He just has to be near me for my 'protection'." I said to him.

Felix was a member of the Volturi and had started talking to me quite a bit after I was brought to the castle. He was my body guard of sorts. Since I was still human and very fragile (not to mention quite clumsy), Aro thought it would be best to have Felix guard me and make sure that no other vampire wanted to suck me dry.

Aro laughed. "You act as though you don't need protection. I hate to tell you Miss Isabella, but you are a bit of a danger magnet."

"But not for long." I said with a smile.

"We'll see. Anyways, Heidi wants to take you out shopping for the party. Get ready and she'll meet you hear in a few minutes." He got up, kissed my forehead and existed my room with the grace that I hoped in a few weeks I would have.