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Think Twice- The mutant community is coming unraveled as the Friends of Humanity push the government toward the dreaded Mutant Registration Act. Innocent lives are at stake as the X-Men face yet another hurdle. One of their own wages his own life for another, shielding an innocent. Is it the call of duty...or more?



She was completely and utterly surrounded by a horde of cursing and belittling men and women that looked at her as though she were some sort of animal. Their faces all seemed to blur together as she tried to rip herself through the crowd, using her shoulders and her momentum to carry her further and further out of the gathered group. But for every step that she managed to take forward, she was shoved at least three back. The whole street appeared to be packed with angry men and women that all preached the same slogan.


Like a fish caught in a net, Aubrey was trapped and could find no logical way out. She wanted to throw her head back and scream at the top of her lungs, to draw even more attention upon herself so that they could see what they were putting her through. And yet at the same time she wanted to simply collapse and surrender, give into the weakness that was creeping over her body and simply hang her head and cry. She wanted to cry a whole river of tears that would be strong enough to wash the pain away, to push back those that wished nothing more than to see her beg for her life.

Aubrey felt as though she were being sucked further and further into the crowd as people milled about her, using a concoction of rope and tape in order to disable her completely. They dragged her toward a stage that had been set up in the center of the street ceremoniously, drawing attention from everyone gathered as they dragged the filthy mutie to where others like her were already gathered and contained.

She'd assumed that it couldn't get worse, that being publicly humiliated would be the highlight of her miserable day. But when hours passed and those like her that surrounded her began to drop like flies, Aubrey realized that she'd completely underestimated the reality of the situation.

The Friends of Humanity were taking the next step in their goal of mutant extermination by literally exterminating them one by one. And from the looks of things, she was next.


No amount of training could ever prepare any man to face a crowd of at least five thousand militant men and women. Many of which, it appeared, were armed in one fashion or another. While it wasn't exactly out of the ordinary for the X-Men to respond to such a volatile threat, it was a bit strange to be dealing with strictly humans and no mutant involvement. While their weapons could not harm him, the Russian known as Colossus to both his teammates and enemies, could very well harm those in the crowd with merely a shrug of his shoulder.

His teammates, his comrades, moved through the crowd like lightning, trying to contain the riot before it could spread and cause more damage. But he felt as though they were getting nowhere. He was merely twenty feet away from the stage where a number of men stood with assault rifles, talking into microphones that allowed their voices to be amplified through a number of speakers that littered the vicinity. It occurred to him that the words that he heard reminded him of the old reels he watched as a young boy in Russia that told the story of a sick-minded man that had attempted genocide.

That's when he decided that the Friends of Humanity were no better than Adolf Hitler himself, and that their ultimate goal would leave only scarred souls and bloodied hands.

The com-link attached to his ear kept insisting that the rest of his teammates were still moving in, and that they had already managed to contain most of the riot. The field leader specifically ordered Colossus to maintain a respectable distance from the stage, as the sight of a silver giant would probably do little to ease the minds of the fools that held a number of mutants hostage. But the rarely angered Russian found himself proceeding even quicker to the stage.

Stump-sized arms cleared his way as he continued his short trek, his eyes focused on the group of men that were shouting and pointing their weapon in his direction. He couldn't quite understand why he was disobeying a direct order and deliberately attempting to draw the unwanted attention of the gun-wielding psychopaths, but he did know that he needed to get to the stage before the next person lost their life for the sake of the dastardly organization. It completely enraged him to the point that he found walking to be simply too tedious, and thus launched himself into the air and landed upon the makeshift stage with an earth shattering smash that had abruptly made the stage collapse on top of itself.

"Do you see what these monstrous mutants are capable of?" The man wielding a large microphone managed to stay on his feet as he waved an accusatory hand in the large metal man's direction. "This freak of nature dares to put a stop to our God given rights, my friends! What say my brothers and sisters to this spawn that dares to mock our presence?"

Only shouts and a few gunshots responded as the men and women in the crowd urged the crazy man to eliminate all forms of resistance, particularly that offered by the metallic giant that merely stood in place while bullets bounced off of his organic silver skin. His face, even in his metallic form, looked as though it had been sculpted by the gods. His attention, however, was focused on the sight of a man dragging one of the bound mutants to their feet. The field leader insisted that the slumped figure was the last remaining hostage alive, which caused the giant's fists to clench angrily.

The next few minutes seemed to pass by in only a few split seconds as the entire X-Men sprang into action. A ruby red blast caused the man wielding the microphone to fall to his knees abruptly, the microphone clattering to the debris-ridden stage and a ripple of horrible noises echoed across the entire area. Rain pelted down on the huge crowd in what could only be referred to as a freak spring rain shower. The gathered crowd suddenly kicked into panic mode as the giant of a man stepped toward the slumped over hostage, his eyes focused on the still form. An armed man held the muzzle of his rifle against the back of the hostage's head, as if daring Colossus to take another step forward.

Much to the man's surprise, Colossus did. His movements were so quick and precise that the man could only gasp at the sight of his suddenly empty hand. His rifle lay crushed in Colossus' fist before it clattered to the stage, making a dull sound due to the rain. Frightened, the man released his grip on the hostage's hair and jumped off of the stage, pushing his way through the crowd and shouting at the top of his lungs.

Within simply a matter of minutes, the entire street had cleared of rioters, leaving the X-Men alone with the less than lucky hostages and a few injured Friends of Humanity members that happened to get a bit fresh with their resident Wolverine. Colossus gently took the still breathing hostage into his arms gently, finding that he had to transform into his usual state in order to make things a bit more comfortable. The rain came to an immediate stop as surprised gasps echoed through the gathered X-Men as all eyes focused on the form of the woman in the giant's arms.

It was a young woman.

An extremely pregnant young woman.

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