Sighing, the red head slumped down the street. It had been an extremely long day at the café and she had had enough.

The orders has been sky high and mint and lettuce were both ill from flu, leaving her with pudding and Zakuro. Her head was pounding from having to listen to the hyperactive blonde screaming and jumping around the café.

Zakuro was also in an extremely foul mood due to her photo shoot cancellation and Ryou was getting annoyed and stressed. Even Keiichiro was acting less polite than usual back in the kitchen since his cooker refused to let him bake anything, causing plenty of complaints from the customers.

To top everything off the aliens had attacked at closing time and as always, Kisshu tried to get the Mew leader to become 'his.'

Ichigo walked up her drive, contemplating what to do when she got in. The house was quiet. Silent.

The cat girl wandered into the kitchen, seeing a note attached to the fridge from her parents. Sighing she picked it up, reading what it said.

Her parents had to go away for a few days because her grandma has gotten sick and needed someone to take care of her.

Walking up the stairs she decided to take a bath. Ichigo started running the water then went into her room to get her pjs for after she got out. She picked them up and turned around then jumped.

There stood everyone's favourite green haired alien with his trademark smirk spreading across his face. "Hello Koneko-chan." Then, without warning, he closed the gap between them and kissed her.

The red head glared at him. He smiled warmly at her, ignoring her glare. "What do you want Kisshu?!" She demanded, taking a few steps back to distance herself from him. Kish chuckled.

"We've been through this far too many times. You already know that it's you that I want."

"Get out kish!"

"No." He replied unhappily.

"GET OUT! LEAVE!" She turned away from him and stormed out of her bedroom and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She turned off the bathwater then securely locked the door before taking off her clothes and getting in the bath.

The alien smirked inwardly, knowing that his Koneko-chan was going in the bath. The smirk grew to a menacing grin when he realised that he was going to join her… Weather she liked it or not.