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Chapter Warnings: Slight language, mentions of sexual situations.

Gift of the Heart

Chapter One
A Whole New World

The brunette wasn't entirely sure what world they had just crash landed on. He wasn't sure what had had happened to Riku and Kairi. He also wasn't sure that all of his limbs were working since he was sprawled in a rather odd position. The one thing he was sure of was who the blond head of hair and the equally brilliant blue eyes belong to. There would be no way he could not know the body of his other.

Wait… His other had a body? Sora shot upright completely mindless of any injury his body might have sustained. He hadn't felt any shooting pain so he must be alright enough. "Roxas!" he exclaimed. The exuberant keyblade wielder nearly pounced on his other but just managed to restrain himself in time.

What just happened? Roxas wasn't quite sure. He looked up with hazy vision as he lay on the ground, a pain aching through his back. "Ow..." his voice groaned, as he sat up placing a pale hand into his spiky blond locks. He scanned the area and saw his other sprawled out on the ground next to him in an equally strange position.

Wait a minute... The boy felt his head begin to hurt when he tried to think the situation out. "Sora?" he chimed as the other boy began to move about. He soon heard his name bellowed and was almost tackled by the other keybearer. The blue eyed teen landed on his back again from the force of his other and he only smiled at the other boy. "Happy to see me?" he chimed with a sarcastic attitude.

"Yes!" Sora could not contain his enthusiasm this as he immediately rapped his arms around the blond and started to chatter as he sometimes did when he was overly excited. "Riku, Kairi, and I were attacked in our gummy ship on the way to the next planet! I'm not sure why I'm telling you that cause you kinda already know, but we crash landed and the next thing I knew I was here and you were there! With a real body! I can touch you! Like physically touch you! Like not just in my mind touch you!" He chattered in a very excited tone.

Roxas couldn't hold back the chuckle that was building in his stomach as the boy began to ramble as he did most of the time. "Yes Sora. You can touch me. Do you realize you're heavy? If you'd get off of me I could hug you back." he said staring up at his somebody as he lay on the ground beneath him.

"Oh!" Sora exclaimed as if he only just realized that he had pinned his other to the ground. "Sorry!" He scrambled off to sit just beside Roxas. He took a few seconds to glance around at the scenery and found nothing remarkable about it.

The blond sat up arching his back again cracking his knuckles for a moment. After stretching himself out he looked to the brunette at his side and gathered the boy into his arms holding him tightly resting his chin on the boy's shoulder. Blue eyes fell closed at Roxas just took in the feeling of his other in his arms; the real feeling of his other in his arms. He let out a soft coo, showing he was content as his lips curved up into a soft smile. "There. That's much better."

Immediately Sora rapped his arms tightly around his other. He couldn't get over the fact that he could feel him. Really feel him. At Roxas words he pulled back and grinned. "Not yet!" Quickly he dove in and pressed their lips together. His smile was nearly splitting his face when he pulled back. "Now it's better."

Roxas let out a contented sound when his other kissed him. He opened his eyes half way to give his other a sly smirk before he pressed his lips to his other's once more. He pulled back and licked his lips, still smirking. "You've been eating sea salt ice cream again haven't you?" the boy teased as he licked his lips again.

Sora grinned. "Only cause you like it so much. We picked some up at Twilight Town remember?" He leaned in a stole another quick kiss and then jumped up before he could get distracted. "Let's go explore!" he declared as he reached down and offered his hand to Roxas.

Roxas smirked. "You spoil me." he purred out, taking Sora's hand to stand. He dusted himself off and moved his joints again. "This having a physical body thing is going to take some getting used to." the blond joked sliding his slender digits into the sun-kissed ones of his other. He tangled their fingers together letting his body be pulled forth by the other boy's seemingly endless energy.

"We gotta find Riku and Kairi. Won't they be surprised to see you!" The brunette exclaimed.

"I'm sure they will." he chuckled following behind his one and only, Sora.

Wasting no time Sora poked around among the greenery and rock. "Look at these cool symbols!" He declared pointing out a few on a nearby rock before moving on. The further they went the more jungle like the area seemed to get.

Roxas smiled and simply followed where the brunette lead him. There were no complaints coming from him. No. Not when he got to spend this time with Sora. He wasn't about to complain in this bliss. Just watching the boy, he smiled. He couldn't help but let his lips curve up into a grin.

Sora spent a few more moments poking here and there before he turned to his other. "Hey Roxas? This doesn't feel like its just temporary does it? I mean do you think that you'll fade away soon?" His blue eyes colored with sadness at that thought.

His eyes dropped to the side at the boy's question. It wasn't something he wanted to think about but it was all too true. Soon enough though, Roxas cracked a grin that his somebody always gave so well and rested a hand flatly atop the other teen's heart. "Sora, no matter what I'll always be right there. So no matter what happens to me I'll always be with you. You know that." he said giving the boy a sad smile before his hand moved to the side of boy's face as he leaned in and pressed another tender kiss to his lips.

"I know," Sora said softly when the kiss was broken. "I just like being able to touch you. I mean I can kinda touch you when I sleep but it doesn't feel real half the time. Not like this feels real... I never got a chance to know you like this..." Sora pressed his lips to the blonde's again mostly just for the desire to kiss but also for the effect of silencing himself from the somber thought he was muttering

Roxas pulled back only for a moment. His eyes dropped to slits as he smirked purring his words. "Oh. That. You will Sora. You will." he spoke his breath resting on Sora's lips as he only pulled away enough to speak. He leaned back into the kiss, pressing against the other boy passionately.

Roxas understood what he meant all too well. It didn't feel real half the time. Hell for Roxas it always felt like a dream that ended too soon. Breaking the kiss, he wrapped his arms lazily on the boy's shoulders and leaned to his ear and whispered. "Don't worry Sora. I won't fade away until you have your wicked way with me at the very least," the blue eyed boy purred the words hitting the boy's ear with each soft breath. He came back landed a soft kiss on Sora's cheek before he clenched his hand again and began to pull him along. "Come on Sora." he started looking over his shoulder. "Let's go find Kairi and Riku. They're probably worried sick."

One of Sora's classic grins spread across his face at Roxas' words. He easily wrapped his fingers with the blonde's own and met him stride for stride so they were walking together. He just couldn't resist voicing the thought that had popped into his head. "Gee Roxas, I never knew you liked other people to watch when we do things," he said in a seemingly innocent voice.

Roxas shot him a glare instantly at his words as he looked to his side. "Don't you even try it pervert. You know what I meant. Besides we have no idea how long this is going to last. I'm sure if you tell Riku and Kairi that we're going to find the ship or something, things will work out," he said in his 'you're an idiot' tone. His lips quickly faded back to a smile and the blond found himself grinning. "We just have to make the most of it Sora." he chimed brightly, as his hand swayed back and forth keeping pace with the other boy.

'Make the most of it, huh?' Sora thought to himself. A mischievous grin spread across his face as he pulled his hand away from the blonds. He took two steps backwards before screaming, "Piggyback!" and jumping up onto the blond. His legs instantly wrapped around his nobodies' waist and his arms around Roxas shoulders. "Carry me slave!" he declared giggling as he set his chin on the blonde's surprisingly soft spikes.

"I outta drop you on your ass Sora." The blond chimed, smirking after a loud "Oof" was released from his form. "I am not your slave. I am your other half. I so should just drop you," the boy grumbled rolling his eyes moving to adjust the boy's weight. He leaned forward forcing the other to make sure his grip on his shoulders was steady. The blond proceeded forward blindly for several minutes before he asked. "Do you even know where we're going?"

"Yep!" Sora declared excitedly. "Forward!" He added an exaggerated pointing motion in a forward direction to his declaration. After a moment he dropped his arm back to Roxas' shoulders and nuzzled his face into the teen's soft hair. He inhaled deeply breathing in a sent that was surprisingly all Roxas' own. Sora couldn't place what it was but he found that he rather liked it. Smell wasn't something that he had ever experienced with spending time with Roxas in his mind.

Roxas paused a moment, stomping a foot forward to brace himself has he jumped Sora's body repositioning the keyblader's weight again. "Alright I trust you." the blond smiled, his lips only grinning wider when he felt the boy nuzzling into his blond locks.

After much walking Roxas could see what looked like a town? "Sora what is that?" he chimed wondering where they were. "You've been all over the place. Does that look familiar?"

"Nuh uh, haven't seen any of this before," Sora said nonchalantly. He was simply gazing around at the surrounds when he saw what looked like a shadow flicker of movement. "Roxas, put me down," he said softly uncurling his legs from his other.

"Yes your highness." Roxas said dropping the boy less than gracefully. He rolled his eyes but there was a flash of shadow as if it was a figure he couldn't see. "Heartless?!" he said alarmed ready to summon his keyblade if need be.

Sora just nodded summoning his own keyblade to his hands and trying to locate the shadows he saw. The moment the weapon appeared there was a flurry of movement and they were suddenly surrounded by things with incredibly strange faces with very pointy spears pointed at them. Sora shifted slightly to be back to back with Roxas and lifted his keyblade the barest fraction of an inch as he attempted to figure out what strategy might work best. It was only then that he realized the color of the skin of the hand holding the spear. It was a rather tanned flesh tone.

Wait a minute... Heartless didn't have normal colored skin. Upon further inspection there was very normal skin running up the strong arms and down legs and even covering bare feet. No heartless he knew looked like that. "I don't think they are heartless Roxas," he said very softly.

"I think you're right." the blond muttered back holding his hands up in a 'I surrender' fashion as he stood back to back with his other. His eyes were wide and nervous as he had the blade of one of the spears shoved very closely to his slender neck. "Sora who are they then? Everyone loves you, tell them we're not bad." Roxas chimed again in a low mutter over his shoulder, not taking his eyes off of the blade.

Sora let his keyblade disappeared and held up his hands like Roxas had. "Uh. We're friends. We aren't going to hurt you," a spear was thrust closer to his face as it had been with Roxas. There was chatter in what appeared to be in another language before one spoke to them. "To the city. We go. Do not try to get away," the man that spoke gestured with his spear to the city that they had just been able to make out. "Uh right. No trouble we're going," the brunette nudged Roxas, turned, and began a slow walk towards the city in the distance.

Roxas kept his hands in the air walking in front of Sora as he was lead to the city by sharp tips of metal. He swallowed hard a few times, obvious discomfort shining in his oceanic orbs. "Sora" he whispered under his breath. "I love you. I just want you to know that before they kill us." he continued not turning around. The last thing he wanted to do was make one of the strange natives angry. The blond however was sure they were walking into certain death.

"I love you too Roxas," Sora said automatically. He wasn't certain if they were going to kill them or not but he wouldn't die easily and he knew that Roxas wouldn't either. As they entered the city it was evident that what looked like a much smaller rundown town was a bustling area of activity. Sora had always been fascinated by different world and this time was like all the others. Even though they could be walking to their deaths he was still fascinated. Roxas took in the sights as Sora did, finding himself curious but worried.

The coolest thing by far was the blue glowing thing suspended in the air. It was surrounded by what looked to be floating rocks with faces on them. As soon as Roxas' eyes fell on the mass of blue energy in the sky he felt drawn to it in a way.

Sora marveled at it he realized they were climbing up towards it. Standing directly underneath it was a woman with a slender yet strong build and white hair. There were a few men around her along with Riku, Kairi, and Namine. Wait...

"Riku! Kairi! Namine!" he shouted before he even stopped to think about it. To his surprise the men around them only looked to the women who said something in their own language before turning to Riku, Kairi, and Namine. "They are friends of yours?" she asked in heavily accented English.

"Hey guys..." Roxas said, his voice droning as his head tipped up locking on the mass of energy in the sky. He stood slack jawed and just stared at it unable to look away. The life started to fade from his eyes moving to orbs of pure blue. The boy was in a trance and the world around him seemed to fade away. He didn't even notice the line of small blue markings that ran down his neck and seemingly his shoulder and maybe further. His clothes hid the rest. They weren't there before were they? They began to glow only as Roxas got closer to the object in the sky. The closer the boy came the brighter the markers shined.

Namine and Kairi watched as their friends came up to the same place they were brought. It wasn't surprising to see Roxas was with Sora. Kairi was surprised to see Namine in her own separate form but not upset. The markings that appeared on Namine when they were brought to this spot were showing themselves on Roxas, and Namine understood. Soon Roxas would too. She only smiled at her blond friend as she watched the same thing that happened to her begin to happen to him. His eyes were already faded. He was lost inside of himself, probably speaking with the being by now. "Sora. Catch him. He's gunna fall in about five seconds." Kairi quickly told the brunette remising to what had happened to her nobody only a few hours prior. True to Kairi's warning, soon the dazed blonde's knees buckled and Roxas began to fall as his eye fell closed.

"What?" Sora asked confused before he glanced over to his other. "Roxas!" he exclaimed catching him just before the teen would have hit the solid ground. He took note of the shining lines and in the back of his mind found them rather intriguing. For the moment however he was much too worried about the state of the blond. "Roxas!" he called shaking the teen in his arms lightly. "Kairi what happened?" he asked as he glanced up at the seemingly quiet woman.

"Calm down Sora. Roxas is fine. He'll wake up in a few minutes. Just give him time." Namine spoke up holding a small sketchpad close to her chest. There was a small set of softly glowing markings covering the girl's form that were all too similar to Roxas'.

"Sora, are you alright? We've been worried about you." Kairi spoke as well, as she walked to the side of her spiky haired friend.

"Yeah," he replied still distracted by the limp teen in his arms. "You guys are alright?" he asked looking around.

"Yeah we're fine," Riku told him.

Sora, now confident that everyone either was ok or would be shortly, nodded. "Where are we?" he asked.

Taking it as her cue to answer, the women with the white hair and strange markings of her own stepped forward. "Welcome to Atlantis!" She said with a smile. "I am Kida and you are all welcome here."

"Urgh... Sora?" Roxas chimed as his eyes opened the life returned. The markings on his body faded to a dull fade as he brought himself to stand on his own. He could clearly see the worry in his other's eyes, - they really couldn't hide much from the other half of you- he smiled at him tenderly. "Sora, I'm alright. I just have a much better understand of what's going on. I'm fine, really," the blond tried to reassure him

Sora passed him a look that clearly said 'Tell me later? He moved over to where Riku and the others were standing. "Atlantis huh? Cool," he marveled to himself then he turned to the woman who had called herself Kida to discuss 'business'. "So have you seen any heartless around here? Black shadowy things?"

"No. None of those. We are protected by the heart," Kida told him smiling. There was something about her that made her look young yet wise at the same time. "Come we will eat," she declared leading the way off the platform and down towards a large building that Sora could only assume was the palace.

Roxas quickly followed behind the others sliding his hand into Sora's just not as intimately as before. He grinned when he watched Namine do the same thing to Kairi. "She's talking about the thing in the sky Sora." Roxas whispered to his somebody leaning in close to his ear. "That's the heart she's talking about. I'll tell you what's going on later. Well what I know at least." His middle growled and the blond placed his free on it, blushing ever so slightly. Speaking of food he was hungry. He was sure Sora was too. He was a bottomless pit after all.

"Ok," Sora said softly. He trusted that Roxas would tell him later and he squeezed the teens hand lightly. He was just a bit distracted by his stomach now that someone had mentioned food. Riku followed the others quietly. If he noticed the hand holding he didn't say anything about it.

Soon the teen found himself in side a huge building with his friends. He was impressed by its structure but at the same time it wasn't too different. He'd retrained vague memories of the world that never was after all.

Kida eagerly lead them through the rather open building to a low table where food was already sitting for them. "Sit and eat," she told them settling on a soft cushion at the head of the table. She picked up a fork and smiled at it. "We even added forks a while ago. Milo wanted these utensils." Sora wasn't entirely sure what she was meaning but he was not going to pass up food even if it looked a little strange. He didn't need another invite to settle on one of the cushions in front of a plate.

His hand tugged Roxas down to sit by him and with a smile released the blonds hand and began to dig in. Riku settled to Sora's other side in a much calmer manner and was taking his first bite when Sora exclaimed "This is good!" around a mouthful of food. The silver haired teen had never understood how his best friend had always been able to talk clearly around a mouth full of food, but Sora seemed to have perfected the talent.

Roxas sat next to his somebody and laughed at his actions. That was just like him. He could always be so cute. Roxas followed suit, eating at the same pace as Sora. Soon he too grinned. "This is really good." he spoke mimicking the actions of the other keybearer instinctively. Kairi and Namine giggled at the boys setting on the other side of Riku eating at a much slower pace, actually taking time to taste their meal.

After going through more food than they probably should have, Roxas stopped. He looked to Sora to see if he was still going, and the blond rested a hand on his contented middle, letting out a loud yawn. His eyes were half lidded with a contented smile on his face. "So what are we doing now?" he chimed pleased for the moment.

Namine giggled at him looking up from the doodle she was currently working on. "I don't know about us, but you look set for a nap Rox." Kairi joked to the blond, who only stuck his tongue out at her in reprimand.

Sora did a mock stretch. "Well since there isn't any heartless here. I could use a nap," he declared hoping Roxas would follow suit. Riku raised a brow at the thought that the boundless energy boy could be tired, but he didn't say anything about it.

"I can show you to rooms if you want," Kida offered.

'You are not tired Sora. There is no way in hell.' Roxas thought to himself having no idea whether or not his somebody would be able to hear his comment or not. His small frame yawned again and he smiled at this girl called Kida. "Sounds fine to me." he spoke lazily. Namine giggled at him again. "What?" he chimed at her, and she stopped her doodle again looking at him innocently.

"Nothing." she spoke with a smile and looked to Kairi, both giggled again.

"Yeah I wouldn't mind settling in for a few hours. Riku? What about you?" Kairi said to the white haired woman with a bright smile. Riku shrugged as his answer and Kida took that as a yes.

She rose, "Come follow me." She walked down a short hall and gestured to rooms on either side. "You can rest in any of these."

"We'll take this one thanks!" Sora declared grabbing Roxas by the wrist and ducking into the nearest room.

Riku sighed and rolled his eyes. Something was defiantly up with those two. "Thank you," he told Kida softly before taking the room next door leaving the women out in the hallway.

Kairi and Namine giggled like school girls when Sora drug Roxas off. Kairi gave Namine a knowing look and smirked. "You think so?" Kairi asked her blond counterpart and the girl only flashed her drawing in response. "Oh nice. For sure." the burgundy haired girl smiled before taking a room on the other side of the hallway, her nobody following behind. "Thank you." she said.



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