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Gift of the Heart

Chapter Six


As the light faded, Sora felt tremors begin over his body. He could feel it inside him. He felt whole. So much more whole then he had felt since he had unlocked his own heart. It was very right and very wrong all at the same time. No longer could he hear Roxas in his head or feel the other half of him. The keybearer was just himself, purely and truly whole, once again.

Tears ran in streams down his face and his hands came up to clutch at where his heart would be located. His breath came in little gasps as he couldn't seem to wrap his mind around what had happened. It felt so very wrong. "Roxas..." he gasped in terrified fear. After getting so used to having the blond as a constant presence in his head and with him, this felt like the exact opposite of what anyone would have expected being whole to feel.

Outside the room Aireth had returned to collect the damp clothing and she couldn't help but smile at the fact that Roxas had listened to her despite his hesitancy. The young woman knew Sora had gone in the room and had been wearing equally wet clothing. So after gathering Roxas's clothing into her arms she cracked the door open quietly.

Reflexively she gazed at the bed and let out a soft gasp at what she saw. Sora was sitting with the blankets pooled in his lap and his hands clutching at his bare chest. His clear blue eyes, wide and clouded with panic and instantly fell on her when she opened the door. Aireth dropped the load in her arms and rushed to brunette with a cry of, "Sora!"

"R-Roxas… G-gone.." was all he could gasp out as tears continued to pour from his eyes. Aireth didn't understand but it didn't matter. She pulled the boy into her arms heedless of the fact he was entirely nude.

She immediately began running her hand through his hair and pulling him closer to her body. Instinctively she started a slight rocking motion intended to sooth him. Sora curled into her and buried his face in the shoulder of her dress. "Sora what happened?" She asked very softly urging him to talk.

"R-Roxas and I were talking and-and I don't even know what was said, but suddenly there was that light again and he was gone!" As Sora finished he heaved a great sob.

"Gone how?" Aireth asked in an attempt to get down to the bottom of what had happened. If Roxas had been stolen she would need to tell Leon and Cloud immediately.

"Gone! Gone back into me! I'm whole again!" Sora said in a broken and keening voice. Aireth wasn't sure she understood but she feared to press him for more information. "I don't wanna be whole," Sora moaned out brokenly. "I want to be with Roxas, but not like this… Never like this…" Anything further he may have said was cut off by another broken sob.

With the burenette's face buried in the woman's shoulder and the streams of tears flowing from his oceanic eyes it was doubtful he was aware of the blue aura surrounding his form. Soon enough in a flash there was a loud THUD on the floor opposite the side Sora was facing. Eye blinked and looked around the room. What the hell?! Soon the blue orbs filled with salty tears and a scared broken sob came from the blond boy on the floor. He was scared, but at the same time so relieved he couldn't describe it. Nor did he even notice every one of the markings on his body glowing brightly.

Sora couldn't hear anything besides his own sobs. Aireth on the other hand gasped lightly when Sora began to glow and her eyes immediately fell on the form of Roxas. She didn't know what had happened but she had learned over the years never to question the power of a heart. "Sora," she said firmly forcing the brunettes face up with one hand. "Roxas is still here. He is right there," she directed the boy's head to gaze in the direction of the blond and then removed her hands.

His sobbing was pierced by another gasp and he blinked as if he couldn't believe his eyes. He felt right again and he let out a little cry and dove straight from Aireth's arms to the form of the other half of his heart on the floor. He tackled him and enveloped him in his arms, muttering incoherent words. His tears began anew but this time for an entirely different reason.

Roxas didn't move. He wrapped his arms tightly around the other boy and pulled him close nuzzling his face into the boy's shoulder as he sobbed. "Sora. Sora. Sora. Sora." he said quickly repeating the boy's name just because he could. "I'm so sorry. So Sorry. I'm so Sorry." he said repeating himself again in a scared panic of mixed glee. "I'm soo soo soo sorry," he said as he pulled his head back from the boy's shoulder - completely unaware of the woman's presence- and forcefully pressed his lips to the other boy's with all the passion his whole form contained for the island child.

Eagerly Sora returned the kiss unmindful of anything else. Everything else could wait. On the bed Aireth blushed lightly and a small smile spread across her face. The boys had just confirmed something that she already knew to be true. As quietly as she could, she rose from the bed, moved to the door, and slipped out pulling it closed softly behind her.

The blond boy let out a moan into the kiss and passionately pushed back. He broke it momentarily. "Sora, I'm so sorry." he chimed again pressing the issue making sure that boy knew just how sorry he was. He pressed his lips to the boy's again holding him tightly pressing his chest to the other boy's.

Sora wanted to say so many things, but he wanted this contact more. He had been sure that he would never even hold Roxas again and that had terrified him. Now that the blond was back he didn't want to let him go. He was fairly certain that Roxas wouldn't protest. The brunette pushed the blond to the floor and flicked out his tongue to deepen the kiss. His naked body pressed firmly into Roxas's still clothed one trying to get as close as he could, physically.

Roxas felt his back hit the floor and he knew what was going to come soon enough. For as much as he wanted to kiss Sora back with the same passion he broke the kiss for a moment. "Sora, the bed." he said in a half sentence enough to get the point across. If Sora was going to take him again they could at least be decent about it. His pale fingers wrapped about the boy's naked form, and the blond only heaved out a moan when he felt Sora's hardened length rubbing against him. "The Bed, Sora." he chimed again hoping that would at least slow the boy down slightly.

Sora pulled back from Roxas's body gasping. His eyes swam with the multitude of emotions he was feeling and tears continued to run unchecked down his cheeks.

Sora let out a disgruntled moan as his the lips were pulled away. "I don't… This is Aireth's house…We can't… not here…" Despite his words his lips feathered kisses along Roxas's jaw. He was too emotional to think of much of anything other than the fact he had almost lost Roxas forever and he never wanted that to happen again. The brunette just needed to be close to his other half right now.

"So~ra!" he moaned out closing his eyes and moving his hands to the boy's hair. He wasn't concerned about much more than the boy on top of him at the moment, especially after hearing the boy's words.

"Roxas…" he murmured. "I need you…" Sora meant that in so many ways besides the immediate physical one that was pressing upon him. "I'll get the lotion, you lose the clothes. Meet you on the bed," Sora punctuated his ordered plan by offering the blond a deep kiss before climbing off him and scrambling to his previously discarded pants. The moment he was no longer touching Roxas he felt panic wash over him. Sora had to turn and look to make sure the blond was still there before hurriedly shifting through his pockets. Thankfully the bottle of lotion was water proof, now if he could only find it.

Roxas let out another gasped moan before he picked himself up off the floor once he was "released". He pulled himself out of the garments quickly and moved himself to the bed now ready for Sora to "have his way". "So~ra" he purred out narrowing his eyes at the other boy, "I'm wait~ing."

Sora's fingers closed around the bottle and he was diving back towards the bed before he even got it free. His pants followed him half way across the room before dropping wetly to the floor. "Roxas," Sora sighed out as soon as he reached the bed and could touch his other half again. Instantly his body was on top of Roxas's pressing and sliding. "I'm sorry Roxas. I can't wait. I need you," Sora breathed out, already opening the bottle of lotion and dipping in two of his fingers.

"Then hurry it up already! Both of us shouldn't have to wait!" the blond ordered back more than ready to take Sora inside. He looked the boy over and his stomach caved, He let out a low purr and licked his lips, his eyes filled with a lustful gaze.

Sora didn't say anything. He simply pressed his lips to Roxas's while his two fingers pressed gently inside the blond. Only for a few moments did he let his fingers work there. Then he was pulling them out, adding a coating of lotion to his erection, and pressing against Roxas entrance. He murmured quietly as he slid inside the blond. Normally Sora would be afraid to hurt his other but at this point the need to be close to him over ruled that. "Roxas," he moaned out once he was fully seated in his lover. Gently the brunette pressed their lips together. Tears were still flowing from his eyes, however at a much slower rate than they had been. Sora couldn't wait, and only a moment later he was beginning his first backstroke and slow thrust into the blond.

Roxas's head went back as he let out a loud drawn out moan of pleasure. His body arched as Sora touched him completely. "So~ra!!!" His hands were buried in the long brown locks of his somebody the other boy locked lips with him. He kept moaning, but into the other boy's lips now, his cries of blissful pleasure muffled. His own tears were flowing uncontrolled. He was just so happy to be able to feel the one he loved more than anything else with everything that had recently happened

The brunette knew he wouldn't last long because of the state he was in. Every sensation seemed to be magnified. Every thrust felt like one million. Without breaking the kiss, Sora's hand drifted down Roxas's body and wrapped around Roxas's erection. He began to stroke the sensitized flesh in time with his thrusts into the blond. To further increase the blonds pleasure Sora shifted slightly so he was brushing directly on Roxas prostate. A long moan fell from his lips only to be swallowed by Roxas mouth.

Sora's moan was swallowed by the blond and giving right back to his lover due to the boy's actions. He was so spoiled by the other teen. Spoiled so much. Roxas didn't know why but the whole experience seemed different from the last time. Maybe it was the heightened emotions affecting it. Roxas didn't care. He gave Sora another moan and moved just so he could feel the boy inside of him, effectively rubbing Sora's member on his inner walls.

Tearing his mouth away, Sora immediately moved it to the blonde's neck. He buried his face there offering pleased sounds to the soft skin as the movements of his body picked up speed. Knowing he wouldn't last much longer, he sped up the motion of his hand on Roxas's member. His other hand found it's place along Roxas's sensitive sides stimulating the flesh there. He refused to climax before being certain he had brought Roxas equal pleasure.

The tears welled in Roxa's eyes and small whimpering sounds escaped his throat. "Sora...." he let out meekly. "I....I can't... I'm going to...." he started to plead to let the teen know he was at his breaking point. His body at that point broke. With the combination of Sora's hands his small frame could take no more and with a load moan he caved to impulse. "SORA!"

Sora climaxed only moments after Roxas and offered up the blonds name in a loud scream as well. Panting he collapsed on the blond, nuzzling into him affectionately, and his hands beginning a slow lazy pant. Despite the fact that they were both sated at the moment, Sora didn't want to with draw from Roxas body. He needed this closeness at the moment, for all he could think was that Roxas would disappear again. "Roxas," he murmured softly.

Roxas closed his eyes softly his lips turned up into a smile as he wrapped his arms around his lover and held him close. The blond was unbothered by the fact the brunette had yet to withdraw himself, in fact the young nobody was more than content with the feeling of fullness it gave him. "Shhh Sora. I'm not going anywhere." he purred affectingly stroking a hand through the boy's hair.

"I was so scared Roxas. So scared you weren't going to come back. I didn't know what to do. I don't want to be anything but what we are now…" he stated softly. A combination of their closeness and the hand moving through his hair was finally having a calming effect on the boy and he released a little sigh. He had no clue how Roxas was back with him but he didn't care. This was the way they were supposed to be.

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