Tonitrophobia -

the fear of thunder.

A streak of lightning spanned across the sky as a torrent of rain poured down from the heavens. The city below seemed undisturbed and at peace despite the utter chaos that appeared to have enveloped the area. With a clash, thunder boomed deafeningly and within the dark Kira task force headquarters, a single man sat crouched on the cold floor, trembling in complete fear.

His messy raven hair, wide, doe-like eyes the color of coal, and the various quirks that seemed to define the man had long since been drowned out by horror. The handcuff that had been wrapped around his wrist quivered, irritating the iron chain connecting the man to another, who was asleep in front of a dormant computer, a blanket draped warmly around him.

A boom sounded again, followed by an even louder squeak.

The sleeping male stirred and opened a pair of mahogany eyes, sitting straighter in his chair and shaking the auburn hair out from in front of his face. Pulling the quilt off of him, the obviously younger one gazed down at the shivering silhouette of his colleague.

"Ryuzaki?" he whispered softly. "L? What's wrong?"

L merely shook his head, starting again when another crash rang out around them. The insomniac cried out as the heavens unleashed raw fury on the mortal world and brought his knees closer to his chest.

"Light-kun…" mumbled L weakly, blinking rapidly as though trying to rid himself of an image in a childish manner.

Light crawled out of the swivel chair and appeared beside the slightly older man. His slender arms snaked around L's waist and the student nuzzled his face into the crook of his neck.

"What are you afraid of, Ryuzaki-kun?" murmured Light.

A silence engulfed the two, the only noises being the rain hitting the windowpanes and the occasional clap of thunder. The latter forced L to press his knees closer – if that was even possible – to his chest.

"T-The th-thunder…" The detective rarely stuttered, and when he did, Light's grip became tighter and much more protective. He kissed the pale flesh closest to his lips and looked up at the shuddering mess that was L.

The sleuth's eyes were wider than ever and his mouth was quivering violently.

"You're... You're really frightened, aren't you?" Light breathed, but his voice was covered by another bang. L jumped, toppling over and landing on the younger one's torso, body tense and goosebumps evident on his milky white skin.

Skinny arms held the man tightly and Light rested his chin on the top of L's head. Light needed to get him to calm down, that much was obvious. And without a second thought, the raven-haired man was forcibly turned around and facing the other.


Light leaned forward and placed his lips on L's nose, then moved to each cheek, his forehead, his jaw, his chin, and then finally planted a small, chaste kiss on L's lips. He cupped his face with his hands and stroked the skin with his thumb.

Thunder erupted around them and the insomniac leaped forward, embracing Light tightly.

"Breathe, Ryuzaki-kun," Light cooed into L's ear. "Focus on my breathing and nothing more." Light brought L closer to him and noticed a small change in the detective's stature after a couple of minutes passed. He was a bit more peaceful now, obeying Light and attempting to ignore the heavens' anger personified as vociferous rumbles. "Just breathe…"