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Author's Note: This happens after the Elves of Cintra, so do not read it if you do not like spoilers!

A spectral form had appeared floating over to the motionless body of Logan Tom, the knight of the word, who had been in a coma for many days. The form knelt beside him. A hand extended, almost hesitantly, and pushed back his hair. A gasp escaped Logan Tom's lips. He blinked slowly and squinted up at the face looking down at him. The concerned face of a young girl looked down at him, smiled slightly, and then disappeared. Logan Tom sat up slowly. He was on the ground near the Lightning. Just then the Ghost's realized that he was awake and swarmed about him. The little girl was momentarily forgotten.

Meanwhile, the above mentioned, little girl had moved to the edge of the makeshift camp. Her eyes flickered and looked about the camp, taking everything and everyone in. Then she settled down for a long wait and braided dead strands of grass together.

It was not until dinner that someone finally noticed her. That someone was Candle. Candle walked slowly over so as not to frighten her.

"Who are you?" Candle said.

"Ellie, who are you?" Ellie said boldly.

"Candle," Candle was at a loss for words, so the pair sat quietly for a bit. Suddenly, Ellie spoke up.

"Do you believe in magic?"

"Yes!" Candle said thinking of the voices and Logan Tom's staff.

"Do you want to hear a story?" Ellie asked.

"If you want to tell it," Candle said wondering what the girl was going to say. Candle felt uncomfortable as Ellie looked at her as if measuring her worth, suddenly the girl smiled.

"There is a creature in this world; its only job is to take away pain, or to help fight it. It chooses its family, who it helps. It has to obey the orders of the person," Ellie paused "If you were this creature would you help your family?"

"I would," Candle said immediately "Because-"Candle was brought to a halt as Ellie raised her hand.

"Hold on," Ellie said. Candle watched in disbelief as Ellie pulled out a dagger and slipped away.

There was a chilling scream, like that of a croak. Afraid, Candle ran to Owl and told her that she had found a child. A rustle of the grasses alerted the camp to Ellie's return. Everyone turned to watch a she entered. Blood dripped off the shiny metal of the dagger she carried. Then as she bent down to wipe the blood off of her dagger, Panther pounced at her; he grabbed her arm and stepped on her wrist to stop her from bringing up the dagger. There was an audible crack, and Ellie grimaced, tears slipped down her face. Then she began to fight back.

"Don't hurt him," Hawk and Logan Tom cried out. Ellie's struggling faded. She hung her head defeated, and then suddenly she looked up into Candle's face.

"If I could do it over again, I would not help your family," Ellie hissed venomously, and then she passed out. Candle went white and despite prodding refused to explain, till Hawk said it was vital to know. Ellie was left slumped on the ground.

"I… found her, and she told me a story about a creature that helps people and… whoever it helps it has to obey," Candle sniffed. The Ghosts sat back and contemplated what had been said.

"This means that we have to assume that she helped either Logan or Hawk," Owl said.

"It would make sense that she helped me," Logan said. The group turned to look at Ellie, who amazingly was struggling up. Panther leapt at her, but halted when she grabbed her dagger.

"You must listen to Hawk," Logan shouted. Ellie looked over at him, shooting him a venomous look. Then to everyone's surprise she changed, she grew older about 16 years of age, a dark cloak shaded her face, the dagger became a wicked looking gun. Then she whirled about and stalked off into the gathering darkness.

Owl glanced at Hawk, "You are going to have to talk to her eventually, she may be… important,"

"I know," He said.

"I wouldn't do it too soon," Logan advised. Hawk nodded faintly.

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