A Beginning and an End

A Beginning and an End

Days later Hawk could feel a change in the air around him. Shifts in the wind brought tantalizing scents from the garden that he was to deliver these people too. He was getting closer to his target.

Then suddenly one day he was there. Actually it was just an abandoned cornfield that had long ago quit producing food. He could feel it though; this was where the gate to the garden would be. Magic coursed throughout his veins and he could feel it wanting to be released. Focusing on the garden with his mind he released the magic.

It raced about shimmering strands weaving together to form a sort of opening between this world and the in between garden. His people entered swiftly, first the humans, next the elf who claimed to carry the entire elven nation around in a stone, lastly the two knights of the word and Ellie. Yet even as he entered and the portal closed behind him he had a feeling that something else had entered too. Ellie answered his unspoken question.

"The feeders were summoned too," She said smiling almost sadly. The old man was speaking now calling the feeders too him.

"Release the magic now, the Lady commands you," He said and for an instance everyone saw her as a bright light, a lady who sparkled with an internal fire. The feeders appeared as just shimmers in the air but Hawk got the sense that they were opening like flowers and giving off a sort of power or pollen. It was being released and it was forming the new world.

The old man called him over and when he peered into the pond where the man stood he saw the new world. It was flowing together; the smog was being rolled up and tossed out like an old rug. Flora covered the earth, first in a blanket of green, then in a sprinkling of other colors. Fauna appeared as small shapes began to move about the land. It was happening and it was all because of the feelings the feeders had collected. The man spoke to the whole assembly.

"The feeders were the founders of this world. There are no feeders now so this is the human and elven populations' last chance to survive. If this world is destroyed there will not be another, so take care," He said, and then he let them go to the new world.

It was the beginning of the four lands and the end of Earth.

Author's note: This wasn't the best ending but I needed to finish it before the next book came out, and I had slightly lost the thread of the story… Oh well. Please review!