"Two Sacks of Secret Love Letters"

It's Valentines Day! A special day when lovers express their love to each other; and James Potter was having problems just doing that. How is he going to tell Lily he loves her? Over a romantic dinner? In a card with chocolates and a bouquet of roses? No too ordinary. He had to come up with something but his head was throbbing; so he decided to clear it with a little Quidditch practice.

"Ah nothing like you favourite sport to clear mind ey, James?" he asked himself, as he released the snitch.

Once released, the snitch got out of hand and zipped up into the sky; James quickly followed it on his broom. He almost manages to catch it when it springs loose from his grip and crashes onto a window; into the Marauder's dorm.

"Oh great! Just great! Now I have to go back up again!" James fumingly retorted.

As he went up the flight of stairs leading to his dorm floor, he thought on how crappy his day has begun and how he wish it could've been better. Upon his arrival to the dorm floor, he passes by Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, who appear both heavily concentrated. Remus on a book and Sirius on what seems to be a mechanical pencil near his mouth. They hardly notice him or each other and soon go their separate ways.

Not wanting to bother with the peculiar sight he saw, James tried to focus on finding the snitch, ASAP. He enters the dorm and is met with disaster. Beds were overturned, pillows covered with feathers, everywhere, it was a mess!

Then he saw two sacks. They were the only things in the room that were uncharted, without damage. As if they were sacred and meant to be protected.

James then tried to fight the desire to pry on other's stuff but filled with curiosity, he opens both sacks. In each sack, he finds a bunch of love letters, filling it up to the brim. In the first sack, the letters were addressed to Sirius from Remus; and in the second sack, the letters were addressed to Moony from Padfoot.

What is this?! A shocking Revelation?! His two best friends are in love?! With each other?! All this time?!

Unable to deal with this right now, James tried to hide the sacks. But it's too late! Remus has entered the room, followed by Sirius! On ho! What should he do?! Oh no!

Unprepared for the event, James tries to do the only sensible thing he could think of. He pulls both sacks by his sides; one on his right, the other on his left. He then takes a letter from each of the sacks and hands it out to its rightful owner. Sirius and Remus remain with question marks over their heads and unreadable faces of shock, disagreement and joy?! Maybe even love. Either way they accept and received the letters and began reading them; soon an expression lit up on their faces. An expression of true love.

And out of that simple gesture, James Potter bore true love between his two best friends. All that from just accidentally finding two sacks of secret love letters…