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Sakuno's hair flowed as wind started to pick up. She was all alone again with no one in sight, except the Seigaku regulars practicing for a tennis match in a competition. Her eyes gazed at a certain boy who took no notice and used his Twist Serve on his opponent, Momo. Tomoka couldn't stay to watch since she needed to babysit her two little brothers.

I feel sorry for Tomoka, Sakuno thought with a little bit of guilt. No matter how much she insisted Tomoka wouldn't help her take care of her little brothers and said that it was more important for Sakuno to cheer on Ryoma. Tomoka really is a great friend.

Trailing her thought back to the past, she remembered how she couldn't hit the ball and would fall on her butt as she tried to. Ryoma would always tell her she needed to cut her hair and not bend her legs too much.

Truth to be told, she wasn't an amateur. Back when she was five she started playing tennis and learned all kinds of serves. Including the Twist Serve she'd often see used by Ryoma. She would try out the techniques of her senpais and though it took her almost one week to learn each one of them she managed. No one knew her abilities or that she could play. They only saw her as the coach's granddaughter who could never hit a ball the right way.

Sakuno had to admit she was clumsy. After all, she would always trip but someone was always there to catch her. She got small lectures and after a while she got used to it. The only reason why she played as an amateur was because of a promise she made with her first best friend before she met Tomoka, Aniko. Smiling at the memory, she recalled the exact word Aniko told her before they departed.

"Don't show your true strength until one of us shows up."


The sound of tennis ball being hit snapped Sakuno out of her thought. She saw Ryoma pulling his cap over his face a little and decided it was time to bring the foods she made for them. Before she entered the court, she looked where Fuji was playing and saw that his eyes were closed. He wasn't a bit serious considering it was only practice. His smile may be mysterious, but it made him even more handso-

Now, where did that thought come from? Sakuno thought laughing nervously. Her grandmother noticed her and shouted, "Everyone! My granddaughter brought us some food!"

"Alright!" Momo was the first one to grab a bento, actually five, from Sakuno's bag and began to gorge himself. The other regulars gathered around her and grabbed some of their own share thanking her politely except for Ryoma, who simply grunted 'hn' and walked away. Sakuno's heart gave a sinking feeling but later on lifted when she saw Fuji smile at her and grabbed a bento.

"Arigatou, Sakuno-chan," he said and sat with the other regulars. Sakuno smiled. At least there were others who appreciated her cooking.

She was about to hand the rest to her grandmother when she saw the stomping of footsteps coming closer to her and a deep, but hyper, voice shout from behind.


And before she knew it, she was tackled to the ground. Her elbow and the back of her head hit the ground first as pain shot through Sakuno's body. Someone was rubbing their cheek against her and a pair of muscular arms were wrapped around her in a tight hug.

"Itai….." she groaned making an attempt to push the person off her but they held on and shrieked her name all over again until a headache was start to occur.

"Akiyo! Get off Sakuno this instant or I will let her torture you!" Sumire yelled, a vein popping on her forehead.

Having heard this, Akiyo immediately got off Sakuno, much to her relieve, and laughed nervously.

"Gomen, I was really excited," he scratched his head and looked at Sakuno who was still on the ground. "Sakuno-chan, are you hurt?"

By now, all the regulars were watching waiting to see what would happen next. They expected Sakuno to be muttering apologies and bowing her head in shame but to their surprise, Sakuno punched Akiyo knocking him to the ground.

"Akiyo, you jerk! Didn't I tell you not to do that? You almost caused me a head injury!" she scolded, glaring at Akiyo who started laughing.

"Sakuno-chan, you haven't changed a bit," he chuckled.

"And so have you."

"Mada mada dane," Ryoma appeared behind Sakuno knocking her off her balance a little.

Akiyo shifted his eyes to Ryoma, and a wide smile spread across his face. It was the devilish smile that meant he probably wanted to do or get something.

"Ryoma Echizen, eh? Wanna have a match?" Akiyo challenged.

Ryoma pulled his hat over his face a little more before turning around. "Yadda."

Akiyo's eye began to twitch. Sakuno couldn't help but laugh at his expression and knew that he hated being denied. By now, all the regulars began to circle around Akiyo and Sakuno.

"Nya, is that your boyfriend? I thought you and ochibi were together," Eiji said putting a finger on his bottom lip.

Sakuno turned red at this. "He's just an old teammate."

"Saa, Sakuno-chan, you were in a tennis team?" Fuji asked wearing his usual smile.

"A-Ano…." Sakuno blushed and looked at Akiyo for help. He grinned and said in a loud voice, "Sakuno-chan's the second best in our team! That's why she's vice captain."


Sakuno started turning redder and redder every second. She wanted to disappear from embarrassment as her teammate boasted about him being the first best. It pissed her off a little but she knew he liked to show off.

"I'm not really good. I really suck at it. Even ask Ryoma," she said in defense.

"Ah, but you're already getting much more better," Fuji said making Sakuno's face turn even redder. He liked seeing her face turn as red as a tomato and enjoyed teasing her. She was very adorable when she was embarrassed.

"Che," Ryoma carried his racket over his shoulder and walked to the bleachers pulling out a Ponta. Kaidoh hissed when everyone, except Fuji and Tezuka, kept on questioning Akiyo while Sumire sighed and shook her head. She knew that Akiyo was here for a reason. Perhaps to compete in the competition. That had to be it. If so, where were the others?

"Akiyo, where's your other teammates?" Sumire asked.

Akiyo turned his head to her. "They're at home. The don't know that I came to visit Seigaku school and that they're coming here next week to sign up for the competition."

"May we have a practice match against them?" Oishi asked.

Sakuno nodded. "They won't mind. But you guys should be careful, they're really strong."

"Fssshhhh," Kaidoh hissed and walked away. Akiyo looked at him oddly and mouthed to Sakuno 'Is that guy a wannabe snake?' in which Sakuno returned a glare as her reply.

"Say, Sakuno-chan, let's have a match, I'm bored," he yawned and dragged Sakuno to the court.

"Eh…? I'm not that good," she tried to pull away but he kept his grip on her arm and stopped when they reached the net.

"Sakuno-chan," he said in a whiny voice. "Don't be chicken, just play. I'll go easy."

Sakuno sighed and noticed the regulars watching with a grin, except for certain people, amused to what would happen next. She saw Ryoma look at her with bored eyes and blushed, picking up a tennis ball that fell to the ground. Akiyo didn't say she had to use her full strength, even thought it was her promise, so Sakuno decided to play like the amateur everyone thought she was.

Raising the ball, she tossed it up in the air and pretended to miss while falling on her butt. Momo couldn't help but snicker, and Sakuno knew she looked absolutely ridiculous. She saw Ryoma shaking his head, her act was very convincing. Even Akiyo was laughing on the ground.

"You really do suck! Hahahahaha! C'mon, no time for jokes!"

Rolling her eyes, Sakuno tossed another ball up in the air and whacked it. The ball had hit Akiyo on the face making him yelp in pain. This time, Fuji had a smirk on his face. He was a sadist after all.

"Whoops," Sakuno laughed this time. "The ball slipped."

Akiyo glared at her. He grabbed the ball that hit him on the face and tried to whack it at Sakuno but Sumire stepped in the middle and grabbed the ball before it can reach any further. Akiyo was surprised but he had forgotten how good Sumire's reflexes were.

"Akiyo, I will not tolerate this behavior," she said sternly.

"B-But she hit me!"

"It was bad luck you got hit!"

"You did it on purpose like you always do!"

"It's not my fault you started it!"

"No you did!"


Eiji began to cheer on Sakuno but Oishi shook his head at him and told him he shouldn't be encouraging them to fight. Momo and Ryoma looked at each noticing how childish they were acting. Inui was merely writing on his notebook taking notes on the fight, Kaidoh continued to hiss and muttered something about annoying people. Fuji smirked more and watched the fight with interest as Tezuka opened his mouth but Sumire beat him to it.

"Akiyo! Sakuno! Enough! 20 laps around the court right now!" she yelled with fury. The two immediately stopped arguing and stared at Sumire.

"H-Hai.." Sakuno bowed her head in shame and started her laps along with Akiyo who put on a pout. But they still argued while running.

"Akiyo hasn't changed one bit," Sumire said shaking her head.

"Is Sakuno really the vice president of their team?" Oishi asked.

Sumire nodded making the regulars exchange looks. Who knew that the klutzy Sakuno was the vice president of a team. Sakuno, I still don't get why you didn't show your true strength even thought Akiyo's here.

Sakuno collapsed on the ground with Akiyo clinging on the net even thought they weren't slightly tired at all. The heat of the sun had made them sluggish and Sakuno closed her eyes not realizing she had fallen asleep.

"Sumire-san, Sakuno's asleep," Akiyo said noticing Sakuno's deep breaths.

"Not again, and didn't I tell you not to call me that?" Akiyo only grinned.

"I'll wake her up," Fuji said smiling like usual.

"Okay, tell her to come to the front gates. Everyone is dismissed," Sumire said and walked out of the courts with everyone following. Even Akiyo tagged along but not before smirking.

When everyone was out of sight Fuji hovered over Sakuno's face and was one feet away. Opening his mouth to say something, he saw her eyes opening slightly.

Brown, was all Sakuno could think of when she attempted to hold the brown thing just several inches away from her face. She was half asleep and felt her hand touched something warm and smooth. She enjoyed the feeling and pulled the object closer until it was only one inch away. She felt the object struggle a little and knew that it was a living thing. That's when she snapped her eyes wide open and saw that the object was Fuji's face. His eyes were open and Sakuno could perfectly see well that his face was too close. Way too close that their lips almost touched. She could see amusement swimming in his eyes and Sakuno did the only thing she could think off.


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