Sorry guys but the story with be on hold until I finish the amv I'm making. It might take a couple of days since I'm a beginner at Sony Vegas and I have my mind set on it. I'll post the link to the video on my profile once I'm done and the video will be a SakuFuji amv. No one else made on so I thought I'd step right in and get started. It takes me several minutes just to find the right clips but I sorta have it all planned out in my mind.

Thank you for being patient and I'm happy that you enjoy reading my stories. For now, I have a bit of a writer's block so it might take me a while to come up with something. And the next chapter might be the last. Well, I might include specials but it might be a little late even though the holiday will probably be over. Even if this story is over I will continue on with writing others. Though I hope my computer won't crash(happened four times).

Please rate and review. It makes me happy reading your opinions. ^_^ Anyway...


Have a great holiday.