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It was simply horrifying.

Little chunks of the poor thing falling limply out of the carnivore's mouth as it feasted.

Why, oh why must it be so!

His brother, Dean Winchester, sat across from him at the small table in the whole in the wall motel that they were staying at, eating… eating MUFFINS!

"So I'm thinking, if we leave by 10 we can be in River Stoke by 6. That'll give us time to get something decent to eat and get settled in." Dean said through his mouth full of blueberry goodness and then glancing up at his brother when he didn't get any sort of response.

Sam stared slightly open-mouthed at his brother, fear and sadness filling his face.

Dean's brow furrowed, "Sammy? You okay man?"

Sam snapped out of it and nodded before hiding his face by looking down at his own breakfast, which he was simply shuffling around in its tray. He had lost his appetite.

"Okay, let's get moving then?" Dean declared before moving to grab yet another defenseless muffin out of it's tray as he got out of his chair.

Sam couldn't take it. He couldn't let it happen again.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Sam yelled passionately as he jumped from his chair, roughly push his brother's searching hand away from his victim, pushed the lid of the muffin tray shut before pulling it to his chest, rapping his arms around it and glaring at Dean. By this time Sam's eyes were watering.

Dean was staring at him with wide eyes. "uh… Sam, what are you doing? …Are you crying?!"

"Yes Dean, I'm crying! I'm crying for muffins! I'm crying for every single innocent muffin you've ravaged and shoved down your throat!!" Sam spat at his brother through his tears.

Dean stared.

Sam continued, "Why don't you give muffins the respect they deserve?! WHAT DID THE MUFFIN EVER DO TO YOU TO MAKE YOU HAVE THE BARBARIC-NESS TO EAT IT? WHY? WHY OH WHY OH WHY?!" He was yelling by the end.

Dean was speechless. His brother had most obviously fallen off his rocker! But startled by Sam's sudden yelling, he went to try and comfort his mentally unstable little brother.

That was a mistake.

Seeing Dean moving towards him, Sam immediately jumped back and intensified his glare which had been gradually dieing, "NO! STAY AWAY FROM US! I WON'T LET YOU ANYWHERE NEAR THEM AGAIN UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN THE ERROR OF YOUR WAYS!" Sam declared, hugging the container of muffins closer. "MUFFINS ARE OUR FRIENDS! WE SHOULD TREAT THEM THAT WAY! THEY SHOULD BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AND ALL THEIR MUFFIN-Y GOODNESS!"

Dean stopped. Okay, maybe calling the nearest insane asylum would be the way to go. I mean, What. The. Hell.

With one last look at his brother, Sam's sobs intensified and he ran from the room, muffins clutched tight to his chest, yelling about respect, cannibalism, and muffins.

When Dean found his brother several hours later, he was sitting on a bench outside of a superstore, surrounded by muffins of all kinds, having 'liberated' them from 'stupidstore'.

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