Summery: They met and became instant friends with a similar past

Summery: They met and became instant friends with a similar past. Years later, hard times strike and they move in hopes to find a new life and a better life for their kids. When they get here, they find that their past had beaten them there. MerMark, Bang

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Author's note: This is kind of a cross between two of my other stories, Leaving Seattle and Never Able To Forget, rewritten together to make this story! (Don't worry. I'm still writing both of those)

"You could at least pretend to listen." Her friend's agitated voice came, but she didn't look up from the picture she was looking at to answer. "Or out of common courtesy, you should at least let me know I should save my breath, Mer."

"I don't feel like talking." She replied sternly, but not too harshly as she placed the pictured in the box.

"You can't just keep this all…"

"Christina!" She sighed. "Just not now."

Slowly, Christina nodded. "Just let me know when you're ready." She said quietly before turning to walk out.

She sniffled wiping any tears that linger in the corners of her eyes. She could hear the soft talking in the other room, but didn't move to join the conversation. Taking a deep breath, she taped up the box and slid it across the room, so it was out of the way of the movers that would be coming the following morning.

Her mind was numb as she walked into the new hospital. She tried to put a stop to the memories of the last few weeks, but they seemed so burnt into her mind that she couldn't forget. Hurrying down the hall, she found the place where the chief was giving his speech about the next five years of hell they would endure. She barely listened to his words as her eyes scanned the crowd and could help but wish he was there. She couldn't help but wish his arms would wrap around her.

She shook the thoughts from her head as the chief instructed them to go to the locker room to meet their residents... She turned and started to head down the hall when he called. "Welcome to Boston Memorial, Doctors."

That's when it all sunk in. She wasn't just going to be a doctor. She was a doctor with a messy past and a secret. Her heart froze as she pushed the door open to the locker room. After a second, she was able to brush the feeling off long enough to find her locker. Sitting down on the bench in front of her locker, she looked around at the interns who were starting up the internship with her.

"Nine women out of thirty." She scoffed shaking her head.

"Yeah. That's got to help with the whole this is a man's field thing." A doctor behind her said.

She needed to know someone in Boston. Turning to face the other doctor, she decided that she might as well make one friend. "Meredith Grey."

"Christina Yang."

Meredith walked into the cafeteria and sat across from the one and only person she had really had the time to meet between running labs and rectal exams.

"How's booty duty going for you?" Christina asked. Meredith rolled her eyes. "At you don't have a stuck up, preppy girl who won't stop whining about what would happen to her cheerleading career if we have to amputate her foot."

"That would screw up a cheerleading career…" She sighed. "Well, at least you have a patient that isn't an ass. Not like a jerk kind of ass, but a literal ass."

"Hmm…" Christina nodded as they continued to eat in silence.

"I don't think I can even stick my finger up another person's ass." She groaned trying to keep her mind from floating back to the dark and twisty mess that her personal life has turned into. But, when she looked back up at Christina, she found her in a daze and staring off into space. "You okay?"

"Huh? Yeah. I'm fine." Christina said brushing her thoughts to the back of her head and resuming her conversation with Meredith. She, too, needed something to distract her from her personal life.

It wasn't for two months later that she got the full understanding of that blank daze that the person who would grow to be her best friend, practically sister, or as they called it her person. It wasn't for another two months that they really got an understanding of what their friendship would mean to one another. And the hell they would endure for the first year of their internship had pushed them to the breaking point, but their friendship held strong.

"Mommy, are you coming to tuck me in?" A small tired voice came from the doorway. She quickly wiped her eyes and glanced over her shoulder at the small boy. His light brown hair fell into his green-blue eyes.

"Yeah, I'll be right there, Sweetie." She smiled lightly.

"Okay." He turned and hurried away back to his room.

She sighed, leaning against the wall as she rubbed her temples. After a few seconds of composing herself, she pushed off the wall and walked out. Her son didn't need to see his mother with tearstained cheeks at such a young age.