Author Note;
Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for the awesome reviews I received for this story. It was probably my favorite to write and I am so glad so many of you enjoyed it.

Now I said I was thinking about doing a sequel, and I have started it. It's called. Part 2: Love and loss make the world go round. It starts with the gang in college and will follow them through it an through all the things that go with relationships. It will mostly focus on Quinn and Logan but there will be some Chase and Zoey and Michael and Lola. I know a lot of you were eager to see Mark get what he deserved after the last chapter, and I am here to say don't worry you will get to see that, it will be just be in flash back form and incorporated with some major drama. Yes Mark will be back and not in a good way. Lets just say if you hated him in the last story you will despise him after this one.

But thanks again for the reviews and adds and I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much!