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"I'll be back later, sweetie love you." "See you later, kido. I'll bring her back safe." He winked at her and she giggled. They walked out closing the door behind them. I fell back on the stairs with a sigh. Renee had always been going out ever since her and Charlie divorced. We've moved around every time she slept with one of the guys and they ditched in the morning. She go into one of her three day depression things- yes three days it had become a habit, I had it tracked to the minute- and then we moved again. It would have given me time to say good bye to my friends, if I had any. We didn't stay in a place long enough for me to make roots. A sigh escaped my mouth. My mom acted like a child on a regular basis. She borrowed my clothes even for some of her dates. I was the one who took care of her. I didn't have a life let alone a childhood. Heck I didn't even have a love life. I rolled my eyes. My mom was right I did get more middle-aged each year. I wonder why?

Then again that was impossible too when after moving so much you finally just decided to settle into the background. It was easier that way. I like the comforting fact that I didn't have to explain my life story to anyone.

With that little piece of hope I carried myself up the steps and to my room. It rained in the background as I settle myself on my new bed inside my new room, inside a new house, in a new town, in a totally new state. Well you get the point. This time a moan escaped my lips. Our most recent escape was to a little rainy sanctuary named Forks, Washington. I had liked the last place a little more. At least I could see the sky from Phoenix, Arizona. And it was so green here. The sun, my only friend. How I missed him so.

I placed my headphones on my head drowning out pessimistic thoughts of starting a new school tomorrow. I was always the freak. I pictured myself blending in, having friends, most popular. This time I snorted. "Yeah right." Was the last thing I consciously remembered as I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

The sun blared in through the window and for a moment there was drowsy hope that I may still be in Phoenix. It was killed when I opened my eyes all the way.

I sat at the table eating a bowl of cereal with Wuthering Heights laid out in front of me. I was a sucker for the classics. Renee came down the stairs a bubble of joy. You could practically see the light glow from her. She went to the cereal cabinet. "How come you don't eat Lucky Charms anymore? I thought you liked them." She was wearing a pair of my skinny jeans. And then I remembered the question she asked almost causing cereal to squirt from my nose. I mean just the thought of Seamus Finnegan after my Lucky Charms made me laugh. She stared at me. "I'll never look at them the same way again." The words escaped through a fit of giggles. I also couldn't eat mayonnaise.

I rinsed my bowl in the sink and grabbed my bag and jacket. I would be late for my first day of school if I didn't get a move on it. Racing against time I hopped in my faded red truck and launched up the engine.

Forks high was very small. I could have lived with that if it wasn't for the fact that it would be harder to fade into the background here.

Grabbing my junk I headed for the office. It was easy enough to find. And I rushed into the small room. It was nice and warm in here. It made me uneasy. Quickly I got up to the front desk where a squat woman sat and asked for my schedule. She shoved it at me, apparently she could care less. That was a plus. The tingly bell sounded behind me as someone else entered. I took my schedule and left. Out of the corner of my eye I could see it was a guy. His green eyes watched me as I left. That was not a plus.

More cars were pulling in. I got in my truck and followed them around to the parking lot. Cutting the engine and getting out I attempted to find my first class.

It too was easy enough to find. Like I said the school was small. And after a short introduction I stumbled to my seat in the back next to a short pixie like girl with spiky black hair. "Your Isabella Swan right?" So much for my plan to fade in. "Bella." "Nice to meet you. My name's Alice Cullen." "Same to you." Overly friendly. "You're new here right?" She smiled showing a set of extremely white teeth. "Obviously." It sounded sharper then I met. "Can I see your schedule?" "Sure." I couldn't help but feel slightly shocked. Someone who showed interest in me was a new one. She looked it over and split into a huge grin. "Looks like we have some classes together." "That's cool." "Yeah. You can sit by me that way you know someone. And I'll explain everything to you. So well welcome to Forks. I hope you enjoy it here." "You sound like a welcoming committee." "You're funny. I have a feeling will be great friends."

A friend on the first day of school already my life was that much more bearable. So when does my bad luck kick in?

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