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"So that's all I have to do to get a date with Bella?"

"Tis is brave knight. Shall you accept the quest you can win fair haired beauty."

"I shall accept and rescue fair maiden. For one night."

"Lovely. Now let's stop. And what's with the lingo?" I glared at the black haired pixie and the black pony boy. Hehe pony boy.

"Stop raining on my parade Bella. The good news is that Jake will help with the next part of my plan."

"So your okay acting gay for one date?"


"Jacob Black was it?" I laughed. Alice had to cut in.

"Who's up for an exciting game of basketball today?"

"Very exciting." Jake eyed us suspiciously as we cracked up.


Later that day at the basketball game

I headed to the court and started to talk to my buddies about
which plays we would use when a tall boy with long hair walked over to me. He had a very weird look in his eyes like he had something up his sleeve.

"Hi." He smiled batting his eye lashes. Was he trying to be seductive. Not wanting to be rude.

"Um... hi." I gulped. The eyes from my teammates were boring into the back of my head. He looked excited and cheerful and then his eyes went all sad and he took a serious tone.

"How come you never called me?"

"Huh? What?"

"We spent several amazing nights together and then you just disappear? And for what some blonde slut who might be good with her tongue? She had no clue what she was doing did she? She couldn't please you the way I could." He started advancing on me and I backed away running into the wall. The adrenaline was pulsing. He placed his hands on either side of my head.

"Lucky for you I'm a very forgiving person and I am willing to take you back. If you get on your knees. Yeah you know what I'm saying." He grazed his teeth along my neck. Ewwww!!

"I'll sit in the front row. We'll talk after the game." He pulled on of his hands away.

"I see my little friend is loyal still." He wrapped his hand around my HARD?! member? What the hell?!

"Bye love." He finally walked off. I fell off the wall and onto the floor gasping and gurgling.

"Dude what the hell?" One of the teamates.

"My own brother and I didn't even know." Emmett gasped.

"None of us knew, Emmett." Jasper.

"Knew what?" I spat.

"That you were gay." Another teammate.

"I am not gay." I stood up brushing myself off.

"You seem to beg to differ." The first player held back a laugh.

"Shut it, now."

"Wow. This is front page new. Basketball conspiracy."

"Huh?" I turned around before a flash blinded me. Camera flash. Crap.


They did not just get that on camera. They so got that on camera. Oh my gawd. That was freaking awesome. Haha.

They got that on camera? That is so sad. I feel really bad now. Wait a minute he's a jerk. Ha I don't feel so bad now.

The game yesterday went perfect. Jacob was flirting very well with Edward and
because of all of the adrenaline from the game and me in my outfit; we got a
very good response from him.

Today is going well, too. Jacob has not left Edward alone all day. I kind of
feel bad for Edward. I mean his face was not only red from embarrassment all day, but everybody at school now thinks he is gay. I don't know if this was
right. I was not very happy today. He barely smiled, although I wouldn't
expect him to in his position. I just hope we didn't go too far.

"I AM NOT GAY! LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" I heard from the table next to mine. I looked to see the source of the outburst and saw Edward fuming and looking at Jacob with pure hatred in his eyes. "I… I have a girlfriend. Yeah that's right. I have a girlfriend. So leave me alone."

Jacob was smiling from ear to ear. "Oh yeah, honey bunch, who?"

Edward looked around him and his gazed rested on me. His eyes softened.
"Bella," He said with such conviction that I almost believed him and I
certainly knew I was not his girlfriend. I looked at Jacob and he was
frowning, but you could see the humor in his eyes.

"Yeah," I said and everybody looked at me like I had three heads, even
Edward. He was probably expecting me to deny it. As a matter of fact I had no idea why I said it either. Why did I say that? I don't like him do I? I'm
not supposed to. I mean he's a jerk. What's wrong with me? "I mean yes. I think. You're not trying to steal him away are you?" I rested my hand on the desk and cupped my neck smiling flirtatiously. Jacob opened his mouth to speak but Edward rushed it out first.

"Of course not. We're still up for the movies on Friday right?" He smiled hoping I'd play along.

"Yeah unless you have other plans." I winked doodling in my notebook again.

"No of course not." He shook his head like a little kid caught lying.
I looked over at Alice and saw her smiling mischievously. What is she
planning now?

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