Title: Kazekage Legacy
Rating: T (13 )
Anime: Naruto Shippuuden


The sun fell casting its last orange rays of the day upon the stone steps of the abandoned temple. The first stars of the evening could already be seen in the transforming sky. A small breeze swept through the summer stained landscape catching the last of spring's sakura blossoms in its grasp. The brooks water trickled over stones and pebbled causing the air to be filled with light hypnotic gurgling noise and the rustling of tree leaves.

"Sho," Kankuro's voice broke roughly through the hypnotizing silence "Sho, we need to return now."

Sho half opened her eyes and glanced in the direction of Kankuro's voice, groaning. Opposite her desires, she stood stumbling awkwardly on the stone steps, using the wall as support, as she tried to wake herself from her day dream.

"Sho," Kankuro broke through the trees and spotted Sho leaning against the temple wall near the cracking steps rubbing her hazed eyes. "Gaara-Sama has been asking for you." He paused and looked her over as Sho stretched her arms. "You know, you need to stop running off when there is work to be done."

"Yeah," the comment came in the form of a yawn "I heard that one this-morning too. But if you checked you would know I already finished my paperwork."

"Yes, true, but," Kankuro stepped aside for Sho to walk beside him toward the village "I'm also tired of having to come find you whenever Gaara has the desire to speak with you."

Sho looked at Kankuro from the corner of her eye than looked away "I'm sorry I have become an inconvenience to you, but why would I stay when there is nothing to do. Besides," The trees began to become more separated around them. "Sometimes its nice to just get away and think in peace."

Kankuro smirked.

Sho noticed.

"What?" She questioned with an uncomfortable curiosity.

"Gaara-Sama has said that you felt that way."

Sho hesitated before smiling lightly, the desert moon lighting the path as they left the oasis and stood before the Village Hidden in Sand.