It was a bitter cold night in the month of February. Fresh snow covered the ground making the usual busy town one of great beauty and silence. The silence of the night was broken as a couple made their way down the street laughing and dancing together as the white crystals fell from the sky. Soon the couple came upon a rich hotel and stared at the tall, dark bricked monument with gold trimming, with wonder. Wrapping an arm around his female companion the male started towards the entrance but was stopped by the hesitation of the beauty.

"We should get you home. You're not exactly sober enough to make the best judgment tonight." The blackish brown haired woman with caramel highlights to accent the many styled layers. Hearing a rare laugh come from the tall man who had pressed his forehead against her own, the young female allowed a tiny smile appear on her face. His warm breath warmed her cherry nose that was from the winter winds.

"I am indeed sober enough to know what I want. For tonight the one thing I want is you and me alone in a warm hotel room…undisturbed." His rich baritone voice whispered into her ear causing the petite woman to almost lose her ability to stand.

"I…I don't think that's such a good idea, we barely know each other and tomorrow you and I may regret…" His lips stopped her train of thought before she could analyze it any father. Running his hand down her face being mindful of his sharp talons he smiled lovingly at her making any attempt of leaving forgotten.

"Forget about the future…indulge in what is now…spend tonight with me and see if you are unsatisfied tomorrow." He spoke poetically running his thumb against her bottom lip. He knew he won as she closed her eyes and leaned her head against his hand enjoying his touch. Wrapping an arm around the young woman's waist he led her into the elaborately decorated hotel lobby.

The hotel lobby was decorated to the finest accord. The floors were made of the purest marble, and polished so one could see their reflections. There were red running carpets laid along the floor to keep the floor from being scratched and to lead the occupants of the hotel to their destinations. On the left side of the room was a water feature that created a pleasing sound that could be heard within the room. The cherry wood front desk stood in the center of the room in a square shape. Three men and women were stationed ready to help the next customer. Looking from his associates monitor, the manager's eyes widened as he saw the couple walk through the doors. The black haired, brown eyed man who wore a blue dress shirt with black dress pants, and a black sports coat to complete the outfit, rushed to greet the couple who were admiring the beauty of the water feature.

"Mr. Matsuno, how wonderful it is to see you again in our hotel, if there is anything you require please let me know sir." The manager said giving the golden eyed male with a silver mane that fell freely to his waist his best smile. His emotionless eyes fell upon the manager and nodded once before leading the young girl towards two dark rich wooden elevator doors trimmed in gold. The doors automatically opened as the couple stepped into the elevator car and waited till the door shut.

"What level will it be kids?" The elevator operator asked keeping his gaze forward not bothering to look around him.

"Level 40" Was all the man spoke as he gave the operator the specialized key that would take them to the designated level. Placing the key into the slot the elevator soon came alive and lifted the trio towards their destination. Blinking a couple times, the beauty looked around finally coming to her senses, and felt her heart speed up. 'Oh my god what am I doing here...with him of all people. I need to leave, this isn't right...this isn't...' Her thoughts were stopped as the silver haired god leaned down to face and placed a kiss on her neck whispering words that made no sense but some how had a hypnotizing effect on her. Wrapping her arms around his neck the young woman gently sighed into the air once more under the seduced spell. The elevator bell rang twice alerting the couple they were to leave the elevating car. Wrapping a masculine arm around her petite waist, he led her out and to her amazement the elevator's doors opened to the penthouse suite itself. The operator handed the amber eyed man the key and shut the doors and went about his work. Inserting the key into a slot that kept the elevator doors shut and gave him full access to the economies. Looking for his companion he spotted her gazing out the windows with a peaceful smile on her face. Walking up to her he wrapped his arms around her body pulling her to lean against him.

"What takes your interest from me my dear?" He whispered into her ear as he slowly unzipped her jacket.

"I have lived in this city my entire life…until now I never saw its true beauty." As she spoke her voice sounded like a song from a bird; soft, beautiful, one he could listen to all day and night.

"The city has been cleansed this night, the filth, sin, and sadness has been cleaned for this night, showing the true beauty." Turning the beauty to face him he cupped her face, as he gazed into her innocent eyes. The innocence only he would possess. Leading her to where the cold fireplace stood alone and silent, he twirled her around so that she would be wrapped in his arms. Bringing his clawed hand to her bare shoulder he allowed his talons to run down her arm sending shocks of pleasure throughout her body, goose bumps formed upon her bare arms. As his hand reached hers he laced his fingers within her own and raised her hand extending her index finger to push a black button next to the fireplace. A roaring fire appeared immediately warming the room. Turning into his embrace the young woman smiled and rested her head on his chest listening to his slow heartbeat.

"I will return shortly. Do not move. I promise you, this night has only begun." His deep voice held truth and meaning, and there was nothing she could do about it for she was a slave to her passion. He returned to her moments later his arms filled with pillows, and blankets of different types. Arranging a makeshift bed in front of the fire he smiled before grabbing her body quickly and pressing her against his own, causing her to squeak. He then lowered her to the mass of pillows of blankets, where he soon joined her. Pressing his fine lips against hers, the normally cold hearted man who thought himself better than anyone felt a pang of hurt in his ice block of a heart. His hand cupped her right cheeked as his eyes memorized the young woman's features and smiled as she leaned into his hand nuzzling it as if she were a kitten wishing to please its master. Chuckling, the silver haired, golden eyed man sealed the young woman's fate for that night with a breath taking kiss and proceeded to make love to her throughout the night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Warmth, security, and fulfillment was how the young woman felt as she awoke from her blissful dream. 'That had to be one of the most wonderful dreams I've had in a while.' She thought as she cuddled into the warm muscular body that lay next to her. Sitting quickly into the darkened room causing her bed companion to groan in protest losing his heat source but stayed asleep. 'This can't be happening!' Glancing around she saw through the well decorated imported French windows that the sky was navy blue and that she was not in her tiny pink bedroom that she grew up in. Wrapping a strong arm around her petite waist the silver haired man pulled her back into the makeshift bed tempting her to just cuddle back into his warm body and go back to sleep.

'I slept with the hottest guy in the university, and he probably doesn't even care for me, in the slightest bit.' She thought sadly pulling away from the sleeping form wincing at the dull ach between her legs. Crawling away from her secret love and the bed they shared for one night. She quietly gathered her clothing and dressed. Her eyes widened in surprise as she noticed a crescent moon glowing faintly in the darkness on her right hip. 'That better not be what I think it is.' Putting her hair into a high sloppy ponytail she looked one last time at the sleeping man who looked innocent and free of care. Smiling sadly she walked over to where he slept, kneeling before him she kissed his cheek. Pulling a small green silk handkerchief from her pocket with the letters embroidered in gold K.H. she placed it into his hand. Whispering to him hoping he may hear it,

"If this is true…then find me I have given you a clue to who I am." Wiping a tear from her cheek she left the suite and prayed she was making the right decision.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A.N: I've done it again, and couldn't resist staying out of the InuYasha fan fiction community for long. I hope you enjoy this story. I'm hoping it'll be one of my best stories. Of course you the fans need to figure out which brother did Kagome slept with? He will be revealed in the next chapter but I think it will be fun to see who you think it is. Like always I will depart with my same motto. Stay warm or cool where ever you are. Ja Ne ShellBabe