The debate of fate and freewill is a never ending battle. From the time of the great Anglo Saxon lord Beowulf to the present scholars who spend their lifetime gathering facts, and furthering their research into a topic that will forever be discussed. However if the need be strong enough both the power of fate and freewill will work together in order to achieve their objectives. For the young woman who was currently rushing through the crowded streets of Tokyo she had no idea that her freewill would soon push her into her fate.

Entering through the Tatsuoka gate Kagome ran against the snow covered stone paved road towards the Asano main gate in the distance she noticed the Tokyo University red bricked clock tower which stood proudly for all to gaze upon. The Takeda building came into view, sighing a breath of relieve she slowed to a walk knowing she would have plenty of time before class started and would be able to avoid the bane of her issues.

Running long fingers through her loose blackish brown hair noticing soon she would either have to dye her hair or renew the caramel highlights. The moment's distraction felt nice to the beauty as she continued to walk however it did her no good when she bumped into another that was lost to his thoughts. Losing her balance due to the unbalanced pavement Kagome braced herself for the impact that never happened. Looking to her savior the coco eyed beauty's blood ran cold as she stared into the golden eyes of the one she was trying to escape from.

"Try to be more careful Higurashi this Sesshomaru will not always be around to catch you when you fall." His deep baritone voice which always commanded respect and pride now sounded tired and worthless. Even his once beautiful amber eyes held a shadow of fatigue as he helped her to regain her balance. 'What is up with this guy, Sango said he would be able to detect me if I came near him and yet he's treating me normal?' Straightening his attire the demon dog looked at the tiny woman who stood before him. Her scent was enjoyable, he learned when he met her that her scent would chance as her moods did, this is why he would constantly engage in a conversation with her to try and discover which new scent would, she produce.

Yes, Kagome Higurashi was a mystery to him, one that he enjoyed solving. Unfortunately he was mated now to some mystery female, the time for toying with other women was over. His present commitment was to find the unknown woman, court her and pray that she wasn't some mindless bimbo that his beast thought fit to join with for all eternity.

"Thank you Matsuno for your help, it was truly appreciated, however I must be off to class now have a nice day and thanks again." Kagome said quickly giving him a respectful bow as she entered the building in search of her classroom leaving a stun Sesshomaru. Normally the two would banter for a moment's time yet today she seemed to be in a hurry to get away from his person. Shoving his hands in his pockets for the first time in a century Sesshomaru was perplexed by a human female. Feeling the softness of a fabric he removed his hands from the lined pockets and saw it the silk green handkerchief his only clue to his lost mate. Noticing the fine golden embroidery it all made sense that very moment to whom his mate was. The previous nights activities came flooding back to his memory as a realization occurred that his primitive self planned it unconsciously.

Walking into the red bricked building Sesshomaru contemplated what he would say to his new mate, how he would get her to accept his courtship and become his. If she refused he could always chain her to his bed so she could never leave him. That thought alone caused him to give a rare toothy grin as the object of his desire came into view, it seemed that she was leaving the classroom with today's work in hand.

"Kagome, this Sesshomaru wishes a word with you if you will?" His rich voice called out to the young woman softly startling her enough to drop their course materials for the day. Knowing this would not be easy he took great strides towards the frantic female and kneeled to help gather her belongings. As she reached to grab her last notebook Sesshomaru covered her petite hand with his much larger hand.

"You should be more careful Kagome one day you may forget something important." He spoke softly to the shaking female before pulling her into a deep embrace. Nuzzling his nose into her raven locks her scent lulled his once raging beast into a dormant sleep. The building stress of the day's events had finally caught up to Kagome as her ridged body became limp in Sesshomaru's arms into a deep slumber. Sesshomaru peered upon the dainty form of the slumbering woman.

Lifting her feather like form the great prince of the west walked the hallway carrying his newly found mate away from where they had first met.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Darkness was all that she felt, all that she saw cold, unwavering, drowning. Just as she thought that she was to be swallowed alive warmth flowed through the darkness and wrapped itself around her pushing away what was empty and allowing light to fill. Slowly opening her eyes she found herself pressed against a navy blue silky substance upon further evaluation she found that she was laying against someone's night shirt. The owner of said shirt's breathes were even as he held her to him. Kagome knew immediately who held her, the silver hair was a dead give away however she did not feel the need to push away. However her bladder had other plans, as she moved to escape his grasp only to have his arms tightened around her petite form to stop any plans of escape.

"You shall not escape me again my lost mate." His voice soft from slumber spoke to her causing her to stop any movements. Raising her head to the one that had the vice grip upon her body she was shocked to see the same expression as the one he gave her the night before. Warm, soft, alluring, the beauty almost lost all rational thought until her physical need brought her back to the real world.

Gazing around the room Kagome was shocked as she brushed her caramel highlighted layers away from her face with her hand. She had thought the almighty Sesshomaru's chambers would be huge and grand but his room looked like someone with little to no money save on some of the expensive furniture. The walls were a plain almond color. There were two windows that let in the night's darkness but showed off the impressive landscaping. From what she could tell they were in the countryside and far from the city. Almost hidden was a tiny glass door framed in a black lacquer wood which led out to a balcony. 'Ok that's not something any normal person would have.' The beauty realized for the first time that she was not lying on a traditional western bed but a palate. A black and grey duvet covered the heavy down bedding keeping the young woman warm against the winter's harsh coldness. The room's wooden floors were polished to perfection bringing out the beauty of the blonde oak. The only furniture Kagome could make out through the blinding darkness was a low sitting table with various colored sitting pillows that were scattered about.

"I have to pee." She said softly moving from his slackened arms in search of the latrine. Pushing himself into a sitting position he watched her movements like a hawk would its pray. A rare smile etched itself onto his porcelain face as his sun-kissed eyes traced the beauty's tempting curves. The dog demon prince knew they had much to say before they could be physical, not that it stopped them the previous night…but no relationship was perfect. His thoughts were disturbed as his vixen appeared back into his view walking towards him and their bed. 'Their bed', he liked how that sounded in his mind, they would be considered a very young couple in both demon and human societies, but what the hell he had a new intelligent, beautiful mate who wasn't trying to murder him…right now.

"What takes your interest from me my good sir?" The doe eyed beauty mocked him as she climbed under the warm bedding. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders he swiftly pulled her tiny body to lean against his own noticing how her body stiffened but soon relaxed after a few moments.

"We, have much to speak about my wandering vixen." Looking down at the woman-child curled against him playing with a lock of his silver hair.

"Why are you comparing me to a female fox, Mr. Puppy?" Giving her best imitation of a puppy that was just kicked. Something about this woman brought out the gentler side of him, the side that he hid from the world in a protective concrete vault. Rolling his eyes he flicked her nose breaking the puppy eyed look.

"When dealing with a dog demon it is useless trying to unleash your pathetic excuse of a pup's look for we are immune to them by instinct." Pressing his forehead against her own he kissed the tip of her nose.

"You are my beautiful vixen Kagome." Rolling her eyes she tried to push against him but he held her firm. "Cleaver, mysterious, great at disappearing and staying hidden until you want yourself to be found, yet you allow yourself to be caught by the hound, something I shall never understand about you…something that will be discovered throughout time." Taking a hold of her left hand he stared at her vacant ring finger.

"That is something this Sesshomaru shall rectify at his most convenient opportunity." To say he was shocked when his vixen shoved his person out of their palate was an understatement of when he saw fire burning in his mate's eyes.

"How dare you think I would marry you, you pompous asshole!" "Did you even think of asking me if I wanted to marry you?!" Screamed the fuming woman as she reached for the nearest object which was Sesshomaru's feather filled pillow and chucked it at the stunned dog demon that was lying on the wooden floor.

"Is that your way of shutting me up Sesshomaru, is to buy me a ring that symbolizes that I took a tumble between the sheets with you, GO TO HELL!" Kagome leaped from the bed and headed towards the door only to be stopped when an arm wrapped around her waist, spinning around the beauty balled her fist and nailed Sesshomaru into his chiseled jaw. No one had ever hit him and ever lived or was badly maimed and here he held his angry mate who looked ready to kill. Inhaling slowly he calmed his raging beast, as angry as he should have been at that moment he couldn't have been prouder for her feistiness; at least she wasn't a boring mate.

"Before you go around hitting other people learn how to make a proper fist, your thumb is never to be tucked into your fist you could end up breaking it." "Another thing I don't give my conquests jewelry, I throw them to the curb and never look upon them again, Kagome, I was talking about getting you my new mate an engagement ring…that's one of the things human males do when they want to wed their chosen female is give them an expensive ring…correct?" Seeing his puzzled face Kagome laughed before wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him close. The tender moment was broken as her stomach rumbled loudly declaring that it wished for food.

Entwining his fingers within her own the demon prince led his new princess out of their room and down the halls towards the kitchen. The couple that was so fairly new to each other yet fit each other as a glove would a hand. As the couple reached the darkened Italian designer style kitchen the young woman stopped him and placed a kiss upon his cheek.

"So is this where we live happily ever after?" She softly asked as he placed both of his hands on her hips and pulled her close to him. Just as the two were to share a passionate kiss the fan lights above flickered to life shocking the couple as the oldest Matsuno stepped into the kitchen chuckling.

"No my dear daughter, this is where you two live." Taking a hold of each of their hands he looked at them with his aged amber eyes that had seen their fair share of life.

"There is no such thing as a happily ever after my children, as happy as I was with my mate, your mother Sesshomaru there were times when we hated each other. Yet it was the good times that got us through the tough times and after she passed onto the next life it was the times that we fought I remember fondly because it brought us closer together." Releasing their hands and headed towards the doorway. He looked at the couple and smiled before retiring for the night. Pulling the young woman close to him Sesshomaru buried his nose into her silky hair taking in her scent. Pressing her hands against his chest she was only able to separate them so that she could look into his eyes.

"There are some conditions you know." "First off I'm not in love with you Sesshomaru, that will take time; second I refuse to marry you until my education is completed if anything that is the most important thing for me at this moment; and third we are not engaged as of yet, I want to at least go on a few dates with you before I decide to dedicate my entire life to you." Looking completely dumbfounded all the great prince could do was nod to the tiny female's wishes. He knew that in the end they would be together all they had was time.

Smiling down at the young woman he placed a tender kiss upon her brow before the two rummaged through the pantry looking for something suitable to be called dinner. Squealing in delight Kagome broke free of her mate before handing the confused demon prince four eggs, imported shredded cheese from America, a half stick of butter, and a loaf of fresh bread that the housekeeper had made earlier that day. Staring at the chosen ingredients, the great demon Sesshomaru, who five hundred years earlier had successfully ended forty-seven civil wars throughout three continents and never once faced defeat, had been confused by a tiny human woman. Seeing his perplexed expression Kagome giggled and took the ingredients from him so she could prepare a quick meal.

Sitting at the center island Sesshomaru watched the beauty gracefully move about the kitchen preparing food without fault and with such precision. Smiling at her completion Kagome placed a cream colored china plate before him. Looking down he saw two toasted slices of bread with a chicken egg that looked to be cooked sunny side up in the middle. Never seeing an odd meal portion such as this, he raised a thin silver eyebrow to his grinning princess.

"What is this that you have created vixen?" He softly asked knowing to tread gently with the subject of a female's cooking. Giggling pretty towards the confused dog demon, the young beauty held the concoction to his mouth with a hopefully look in her doe brown eyes, that he would trust her cooking. Inwardly sighing the demon prince took a bite hoping to please her; after chewing for a moment's time, his sun kissed eyes widened at the impeccable taste of something so simple. Looking down to his little female he noticed the nervous look on her face. 'How odd, she wishes for my approval on something so minor.' He thought before wrapping his left muscular arm around her tiny waist pulling her close to him.

"You have prepared a delicious midnight snack for this Sesshomaru my dear mate, what do you call it?" The male asked while taking another bite, noticing Kagome's aura grow with her happiness. "I believe the British call it 'Egg in a Basket' it's known as a breakfast dish." She smartly replied before she too joined in the devouring of the snack. Nodding his head the meal was held in silence as the couple enjoyed each other's presence.

After the meal was through the demon lord took the female's tiny hand within his large one and led his mate back to their room. Upon entering the couple felt a rush of cold air flee from the room causing Kagome to shiver against her demon mate. Wrapping his arms around her shaking form Sesshomaru quickly moved them to lay under the heavy covers of their oversized palate, hoping their body heat would soon take away the chill of the night. Soon the young woman's shivering ceased as she molded her body to fit perfectly against her mates perfectly chiseled body.

Listening to her soft breaths become deeper as she fell into a soft slumber within his arms. The demon lord stared at the night sky where the many stars from far away galaxies twinkled in contrast against the blackness. Burying his nose into the crown of Kagome's head, the demon prince inhaled his new mate's scent which was interlaced with his own; he was glad that damned 'block' the slayer placed upon his soon to be wife was finally gone. Now they could finally live together, hopefully happily, perhaps even peacefully, but his father was indeed correct they would live.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A/N: This chapter took so long I had to rewrite it so many times and then I wasn't happy about how short it was so I had to enlarge it; basically this chapter took close to seven months to write properly. The facts about Tokyo University are correct. I had to do so much research on the school itself. This isn't the last chapter close though, who knows what's it store for our couple. I may just throw in a plot twist to make the story longer, or I'll just write an epilog. Right now all is well between our characters but will it stay like that? Good news is I'm taking an English class this semester that way I can improve my writing skills. Stay warm or cool where ever you are. Ja Ne ShellBabe