Jumper Naruto

Disclaimer: I do not own Jumper and Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, not me. If I was, Naruto would be stronger (half way betwean Kishis' Naruto and Sasuke) and posesed an averige inteligence of the Narutoverse instead of being an orange wearing idiot that he is portrayed as in Part I (don't even get me started on all the bull of Part II)

This is my first story so please don't flame to much. English isn't my first language so forgive me some slip ups. I'm doing all I can to avoid errors but some may get past me. Sice I have read storys where spelling was really horrible I'm doing all I can to avoid that, so any error I make wont be a great eyesore. Since this is AU some things will change like the Kumo delegation arriveing when Hinata is 5 instead of 3 since Naruto was born a few hours earlyer meaning more Konoha Shinobi survived Kyuubi's assault and Konoha had more forces to keep Kumo at bay, Kimimaro saving an injured girl from his clan and running off in a direction that won't cross paths with Orochimaru again and ending up in Wave until Team 7 bring them to Konoha with them or some thing like that.

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Chapter 1: Origins of Power


Namikaze Minato, Konohas Yondaime Hokage, the man whose talent in the arts of sealing enabled him to create a jutsu so uniqe that gave him an almost Godlike power that even he himself could not grasp the extent of it's abilities and consequences of its creation. The "Hiraishin no jutsu" that earned him the nickname "Konoha's Yellow Flash" allowed him instantly travel betwean seal markers. However, this technique when used emited bursts of space-time radiation that, while not being harmful to the user, interacted with the users chakra changeing it and attuneing it to the space-time forces operateing the jutsu. The more one used the technique the greater the radiations influence on the users chakra. A prolonged exposure to it changed the very nature of the users chakra resulting in a completly new form of chakra – Hiraishin chakra. This new chakra had a golden colour when flared ( think Goku when he goes Super Saiyan ) and channeling it through the body allowed the user to speed up and dislocate himself from normal timeflow. The user sees things in a slowed down state but is able to move normaly, while to outsiders he suddenly sped up 50 to 100 times his normal speed ( think of it like Bullit time from The Matrix ). This new chakra also allowed to use the "Hiraishin no jutsu" without the special three pronged kunai – the only requirements were: chakra, having the destination in sight or having been in that place before, so the greater the distance the more chakra was needed to perform the jump. Small jumps within a 10 mile limit weren't very exhausting to a person with Jounin level chakra reserves while a jump from Konoha to Suna, Kiri, Kumo, or Iwa could even make a Kage risk death by chakra exhaustion ( 10 miles is an easy jump "N" but for a 100 miles jump the chakra requirement will be 10N 1 so instead of useing 10 times the chakra you end up usenig more than that hence the danger of chakra exhaustion). The last two benefits of this chakra are: the ability to reverse time on injuries when used as a medical jutsu (like Orihime's powers from Bleach) as well as an increased resistance to Genjutsu – The stronger the Genjutsu, the higher the chakra's resistance to the illusion: low level ones like D-rank Genjutsu will most likely capture you in the illusion but you will be feeling a tingling that is a sighn of a power strugle betwean the Hiraishin chakra and the Genjutsu casters chakra that is anchoring itself on to you. With higher level illusions things will become blurry ( C-rank to B-rank) or the jutsu won't anchor itself to you or be reflected to the caster ( B-rank, A-rank or S-rank).

The birth of this new chakra could change the fate of a person, and since fate loves to stick it's nose into destinys buissness – it did. When Minato found out his wife Kushina was pregnant he did what every selfrespecting man would do in his place – he fainted. After he regained conciousness he was crazy with joy for weeks and begun preparations. Unknown to him the Hiraishin chakra that was transfered to his son begun reforming parts of Naruto's DNA to be able to sustain itself, in essence createing the first carrier of a new chakra based Kekkei Genkai like the Hatake's white chakra or First Hokage's Mokuton ( a fusion chakra element of Suiton and Doton natured chakra) and the Hyouton creation bloodline belonging to a clan in Water country (a fusion of Suiton and Fuuton natured chakra). The Yondaime like every father was a very happy man to know that he will have a son to pass down his most prized techniques and begun to writte down several scrolls containing firstly the most rare of jutsu that he knows and later jutsu that could be tought to a Genin or Chunin. Being a sealmaster he did not forget to writte down things that weren't available in books contained in Konoha's librarys. While there were many scrolls on the basics of Fuuinjutsu and some on advanced knowledge on sealing there weren't enough detailed information on what would happen if one did this or that.

Many of the scrolls simply said to this or that, not always explaining what would happen if one were to do things a bit differently, so some time ago he begun work on a book that would explain Fuuinjutsu much better than sources available in librarys. He had been workig on it since before he was appointed as Yondaime and thanks to occasional help from his sensei Jiraiya he had finished detailed explanations on the basics and was nearing the completion of the chapter on advanced sealing. Since he had Kage bunshin going over his daily paperwork he had time to spare to visit his wife and have a clone working on the book that will be complte barely two months before Naruto will be born. He included several seals that he made like a chakra reservouir seal that he has been working on in his spare time when he wasn't occupied with other tasks, as well as a seal that Jiraiya found notes on that increased a persons body weight to help in training. But most of all he made a scroll containing his best jutsu: Rasengan and The Hiraishin allong with a sword he orderd from Takumi no sato that could: extend itself like Kusanagi the sword of Orochimaru the Snake Sannin, channel the owners chakra that made it deadly if it was a wind user like himself or his wife and absorb the enemys chakra.

Than terrible news came – one of the nine great demon lords, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was approaching Konoha. He knew what he had to do and it saddened Minato that he won't be able to see his son grow up, but at least he would have his mother and the scrolls that he will leave with the Sandaime and Jiraiya to give them to Naruto when they think he will be able to use them safely. And on that fateful october day the Yondaime gave his life to call upon the power of the Death God to rip the soul from the demons' body and seal it away in his son. Unfortunetly his wife Kushina died not to long after him, whether she died due to complications or foul play remains unknown.

Author's note:

Sorry if the chapter is a bit on the boring side but I wanted to introduce the whole Jumper concept and how it came to be and keep it as much as realistic and in accordance to the laws of Narutoverse. After all the manga doesn't say how bloodlines came into existance. Some could be a result of a contract with a lesser demon or results of sealing it in a human. Some may be a simple genetic mutation or results of a Jutsu going differently than expected, so that is what I did. Now I kow what you're thining: Another Naruto gets a bloodline and is anle to beat a Jounin when he passes the academy exam. Yes he will be stronger than in canon, but Itachi and Kakashi were Jounin or ANBU by that age, and you cant deny that some of the credit goes to the Sharingan- I mean come on a guy can steal and learn Jutsu fast with that thing: why else would Orochimaru want it. Bloodline carriers usualy become strong more often, but that doesn't mean that aperson without one can't be strong, after all Sandaime, Jiraiya, Tsunade and others were one of the more powerful shinobi. And Naruto has no one to teach him how to use that power. He will be forced to use the trial and error method. The Jumps will be an instinctual thing so it will happen and that's how they learn of it . The "Matrix Bullit Time" will be discovered when they try to channel chakra like other ninja to gain speed. Genjutsu resistance when trying to learn genjutsu or learn to detect it and break it. Medical Jutsu thing when learning some basic stuff for first aid. Thay will discover things as the right moments present themselves. It all depends on chance. Naruto learned of the Fox because he flunked the test, if he had seen a genin practicing Tree walking he could ask Iruka or the Hokage about it and that could lead to him learning a different clone jutsu or Kage bunshin from Sandaime and pass, or have just enough chakra control to pass the bunshin test by a fluke. So just because he gets a Bloodline that allows him to Hiraishin where he wants at a cost of chakra if he can do it like he can use Shadow clones than it's enough, after all no one but Iwa complained when Blondaime could Flash all over the battlefield and kill hundreds of Rockheads why cant his son .