"Well, well, well, it appears Ms. Granger has decided to finally make an appearance." Voldemort laughed at the small witch huddled in a ball on the floor before him. Hermione said nothing, her mind was already closed, and felt completely helpless.

"How long have you been under our care? Two months now or has it been three?" he asked.

Hermione remained quiet, looking to a spot of blood that was on the floor, no doubt from some innocent that had not been lucky in the fight to live.

"YOU WILL ANSWER ME WITCH!!" Voldemort yelled, causing the three death eaters in the room to cringe.

"three months" she whispered, not daring to look in his direction.

Hermione had been captured three months ago as she walked through Diagon Alley. She didn't have time to react as a body bind curse hit her from behind, quickly followed by a disillusionment charm. Diagon alley wasn't very crowded, but someone would have noticed it had the attack not been so quick. The unknown death eater quickly grabbed her and disappeared with a pop, landing her in a small cell in the dungeons of an old manor, where she had remained the last three months. She was sure Harry and Ron knew something was seriously wrong, but had no way of knowing or communicating with them, no way to tell them where she was and that she was alive, what she did know is that they thought she was dead. The first month of her captivity, she was fed only small meals once a day, but remained in high hopes that the order would find her before her treatment became worse. During the second month, a death eater came into her cell and cut off a good portion of her hair then sliced her palm with a small dagger, allowing the blood to flow over the clump of hair.. At the time, she wasn't sure why he had done it, but her question was answered three days later when the paper was tossed into her cell, baring and article/ memorial of her life. Her heart sank at that moment, they figured her to be dead and would not come looking for her, in her opinion, she might as well be dead. Hermione quickly lost hope, realizing her will to live was growing weaker and weaker by the day, wanting nothing more then to close her eyes and go to sleep, never to wake again.

In the weeks following, her meals became heartier, and three times a day, she was also granted some clean clothes, a blanket for when she slept and a shower every other day, escorted by one of Voldemorts trusted death eaters, mainly Lucius Malfoy. Lucius never touched her, but she could feel him staring as she undressed and stepped in to the water, knowing by the look in his eyes that he was lusting over her. In most ways she was repulsed at the thought, but every so often, for some unknown reason, she would become slightly heated, wishing that he would just take her, probably to prove to herself that she could still feel something in her days of numbness. Lucius never spoke to her, other then to order her to get out or come along, the urge for some kind of human contact was starting to become unbearable.

She remained in her cell until today when Lucius came to fetch her for the Dark Lord. She wasn't scared or intimidated, she was numb, not caring what happened to her.

"Three months? Time flies when your being held prisoner." he laughed again

Hermione inwardly rolled her eyes, wishing he would shout the Avada and be done with it, ending her misery, but luck was not on her side.

"Rise before me witch." he ordered.

"Maybe if I lay here he will give up and just kill me." she thought to herself, but that didn't happen, instead, two of the death eaters pulled her to her feet, forcing her to Face Voldemort. Hermione finally tilted her head up, looking him straight in the eyes, unblinking, unmoving, just staring at the man/snake before her.

"I see no fear in your eyes witch, why is that?" he asked, curious as to why she would so boldly look at him when his own death eaters found it hard to do the same.

"Why fear you? I'm going to die anyways, I've already resolved myself to that." she answered flatly.

"I see." he replied, looking back into her eyes,"Unfortunately for you, I was not planning on killing you, not yet at least." he smirked

"Then why the hell am I here?" she yelled, finally having enough of this fiasco.

"Tsk, tsk, Ms. Granger, It's unbecoming of a lady to use that kind of language."

"Oh stuff it." she huffed

Voldemort shook his head at her, "Lucius, Take Ms. Granger to the chambers beside mine, those will be her new home."

"Yes my lord" Lucius bowed, taking Hermione by the arm. Lucius practically drug her down the hall, with Hermione feeling like her old self for the first time in weeks.

"Do you mind not ripping my arm off?" she asked sarcastically.

"Mind your cheek, if you know whats good for you." he growled, obviously upset about something.

She decided to ignore him for the time being, wanting nothing more then to get to her new rooms and go to sleep. Lucius pushed her roughly into a door, closing and locking it behind her. Hermione gave him the single finger wave before turning around and observing her room. It was definitely bigger then her cell, but only held a medium size bed and a wardrobe. The walls were blank and stark white, making her cringe a bit, the floor was covered in black carpet that was completely worn out and frayed.

"My own little piece of heaven" she snorted, plopping herself down on the bed, which was a huge improvement from the floor. She looked briefly around the room, making special notice that there was absolutely no way out and decided to just rest for now, there was no telling what Voldemort wanted.

"She's locked in the room you requested my lord" Lucius said with a bow.

"Very well, Lucius, you are dismissed."

"My lord, if I may be so bold to ask, Why didn't you kill her like planned?" Lucius asked, fear he was going to be cursed.

"Theres something about her, something in her eyes that intrigues me." he replied, apparently in one of his more cheerful moods. Lucius gave a quick nod, "Thank you my lord" and disappeared with a pop.

Voldemort at back in his chair, thinking of the young witch, "What is it about her that intrigues me so?" he asked himself.