Six years later...

"Uncle Harry, Uncle Harry." a four year old little boy yelled as he ran to his favorite uncle.

"Have you been a good boy for your Mum and Dad?" Harry asked

"I'm always good." Thomas replied with a giggle.

Harry smirked, he knew Thomas was a hellion and gave his Mum plenty of stress.

"Really now, And where is your Mum and Dad."

"Up stairs... They are trying to get the baby to sleep." Thomas replied with a laugh, "Mum says the baby has dads temper."

"I wouldn't doubt it" Harry replied while carrying the little boy into the house.

"Uncle Harry?"


"How did my mum meet my dad again?"

Harry sighed, he had been over this story many, many times and Thomas never grew tired of it.

"They met in school in our last year." Harry answered, hoping it would be enough.

"Did they kiss?" Thomas asked, "Because kissing in yucky."

"They did."


"You wont say that when you are older."

"Yes I will... dad says girls have cooties."

Harry quirked an eye brow, "So you think you mum has cooties?"

"She not a girl... she's a mum." Thomas replied in a matter of fact voice, "But before she was a mum she was a girl and then she did have cooties."

Harry couldn't help but laugh. He gave the brown haired boy a tussle of the hair and sat him down.

"Go tell Your mum and dad to Come down here."

Thomas nodded and ran up the stairs. A few minutes later, A stressed out looking Hermione and a smirking Tom came down the stairs.

"Thank god you are here." Hermione huffed, "Between the pair of them – I'm being run ragged."

Harry laughed, "I figured... the baby has a good set of lungs"

"You have no idea." Tom answered, "Her voice is shrill and sends a shock right through you."

"Well I'm sure Mrs. Weasley and my mum can handle her." Harry replied

"Are you sure about this Harry... I mean, the have loads of energy." Hermione asked

Harry sighed, "You and Tom need a break for a while and I'm positive with my parents and all the Weasleys around, they will be in good hands."

Hermione nodded, she knew she needed a break and if Harry was offering to take the children to the Weasley dinner, she'd let him.

A few minutes later, Harry was holding a six month old Sarah in his arms and a 4 year old Thomas by the hand.

"You two get some rest... I'll bring them back in a few hours." Harry stated before stepping into the floo.

Once Harry was gone, Hermione turned to her husband of five years and smirked, " So what do you want to do with our free time Mr. Riddle."

Tom smirked back, "I have a few ideas"

He then grabbed her by the hand and led her back upstairs and into the bedroom.

"Have you figured out my idea yet?" He asked

"A nap...yesssssss." she squealed and flopped down onto the bed.

Tom raised his eyebrow and walked towards the bed, "A nap is within reason... but I think I would like to have my way with my wife without fear of a child walking in."

Hermione grinned and wiggled her eyebrows. It then only took 10 seconds before a 23 year old Tom striped down completely naked and climbed into the bed.

He wasted no time in crawling up her body and smiling, "Ready Mrs. Riddle" he asked smoothly while rubbing his erection at her entrance.

"Always" she replied with a growl as he sunk into her.

Tom couldn't believe how right they felt, even after six years and two children. Their bodies fit like a puzzle and she still infatuated him much like she did when they were in seventh year.

"Do you every wonder what life would be like if we had never met? If the world had been different in some way?" he asked while steadily pumping into her body.

"I cant even imagine" she replied with a moan.

"Me either" Tom replied before taking her mouth into a deep, sour searching kiss.

They soon slowed down, wanting to take time with each other. Their bodies moved in a gentle but steady rhythm, feeling, touching and savoring each other. They new they had forever, they were meant to be together and when he felt her world shatter around him, he looked into her eyes and thanked every god, Ancient and Merlin for bringing them together.

He soon couldn't control his body and spilled into her, enjoying the sweet mewing sounds coming from his wife as he did so. With a final thrust, he bent down and took her into a kiss again.

"I love you Hermione" he said as he pulled away

"And I you Tom." she whispered back.

The End