The Digimoon cronicals

Chapter 1: The Fateful fall

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Kari Kamyia and her Digimon, Gatomon were running away for thousands of of what she they thought Digimon, some of the Digimon that even Gatomon didn't even know about. Kari had never ran in fear before. She ran while Gatomon bravely fought the Digimon in her second attempt to stall them. Kari fell and twisted her ankle [Darn it why did this have to happen she thought as she tried to get up. Gatomon saw her injured partner and ran to her aide.

"Kari are you okay?" she asked.

"Gatomon, I'll be fine, I just twisted my ankle"

Gatomon looked around no Digimon had been following theme at the moment and thought [I must've stopped them that time. But I know evil Digimon they will be back. Now with Kari's injured ankle we may not have the chance to make a clear mistake

"Gatomon...why did this happen?" Kari said her eyes filled with tears as she remembered how they had occurred in this matter.

Flash Back

"What's up big brother?" Kari asked Tai.

"Izzy picked up something...Something big"

"Probably the Sailor Senshi fighting again" Izzy argured with him.

"I doubt it entirely. Sure these Sailor Senshi have defeated many monsters but that wasen't this big thing." an orange small dinosaur monster said appearing.

"I'm glad Agumon felt it. In fact he was the one that picked this up and came here" Tai said.

"True" Izzy said sitting down at and pulling out his lab top.

An insect Digimon that looked like a huge version of a lady bug came down

"Anything Tentomon?" Izzy asked the insect.

"Nothing out of the ordinary" the Digimon called back.

Kari looked at her brother then to her Digimon Gatomon. Both then exchanged nods then looked at Tai.

"What's going on Kari? Did you see anything? Tai asked her.

"We felt an errie presence before rushing up to get here" Gatomon purred.

"Really where?" Tai asked.

Kari, TK. Patamon, and Gatomon turned and ran in the direction of the presence. Tai, Izzy, Agumon and Tentomon broke into a quick run after them

"Here" Kari said once they got to a dark alley "It's still here and I'm getting the chills just standing here."

Tai and Izzy felt it as well. The two took glances at each other then Izzy spoke up "I believe this is a section of the Digital World"

Tai looked confused as he had always done when Izzy spoke words like this. They had noticed that the now small meeting had turned into a group gathering.

"Oh hey guys" Tai said.

"Tai this is a strong evil feeling" Sora said.

Suddenly Gatomon got into her fighting stance.

Only Kari noticed this stance before she could ask what the stance was about a big blast came out hitting and exploding on all of the Digidesten and Digimon. Only T.K and Kari were the only Digidesten that were living. They looked at the destruction all of the Digidesten's Digimon were gone. Gatomon gave a deep hiss and Kari gasped at the sight of the Digimon that had wipped out most of the team "Machinedramon!"

"Makes scene" TK said as he and Kari broke into a run.

"Get them! They cannot escape! Ginga Canon!" Machinedramon shouted.

The big machine dragon Digimon fired two cannons at TK. Kari gave gasp as T.K and Patamon were hit and sent towards her. Kari and Gatomon carried the their two compainons.

"TK..." Kari said looking at her boyfriend's bleeding form.

"Kari, run for it!" TK asked.

"No, I won't let you go" Kari said.

" must live...I cannot go on. Learn to love again. Revenge us" TK said closing his eyes.

"NO!!!!!!!!!" Kari shouted tears flowed in her eyes.

"Gatomon...Protect Kari...Do your best" Patamon said to his fellow Digimon

Gatomon watched and clenched her paw in hers as her friend desolved into data particles and disappeared "Kari, we can't help them here we must escape. Machinedramon must've thought that we have died as well.

"Your right" Kari said getting up. The two then noticed errie red eyes in the forest.

"Uh, we should run!" Kari said wide eyed with fear knowing what the eyes were.

The two broke into a run.

End of Flashback

Gatomon and Kari heard an evil laugh the two looked up to see Machinedramon backed up with the thousands of Digimon they had escaped from.

"Oh-no" Kari said knowing her time had come.

Gatomon clenched her fist "Kari I'll always be you're friend. It has been an honor"

"Gatomon!!!" Kari shouted as she grabbed her Digimon by the tail.

"Kari let me go! Save yourself"

"No your my friend, if something happens to you I will never forgive myself."

"Kari all Digimon have fought to protect you. It's my duty...So sorry" Gatomon said as she sank her claws into Kari's hands. Kari let go as she backed towards the cliff.

She looked down [Theres no where to run and plus I don't know if I could make it

Machinedramon grabbed Gatomon and threw her towards Kari. Kari saw her chance and grabbed Gatomon.

"Giga Cannon!" Machinedramon shouted firing his cannons.

Gatomon watched as the cannons glew her eyes looked at Kari with sadness [I failed she thought.

Before Machinedramon could fire his cannon attack at them Kari jumped off the cliff.

"Are you mad?" Gatomon asked as she held onto a tree root.

"Shh. Thank goodness you've caught on to that" Kari said as the cannon attack whissed by harmlessly.

Kari grabbed her Digivice "Let's get out of here while we can, Digi Armor energize!"

Gatomon caught onto her friend's plan right then "Okay. Gatomon Armor Digivoulve to Nefertimon the Angel of Light"

As soon as Gatomon digivoulved into a flying white sphinx Kari grabbed hold of the root as Nefertimon flew away then under neath Kari. Kari let go and landed on her Digimon.

"Let's retreat for now...We need a new team of friends and Digidesten. It seems that there is a new threat involved and once again...I get the feeling the Dark Master Digimon are back. Plus a newer threat"

"Correct some of those monsters were definitely not Digimon. I fought two when I was Gatomon and they just turned into dust and disappeared for good" Nefertitimon said.

Suddenly a Giga cannon from Machinedramon hit Nefertitimon.

"He can hit us from far range?" Kari asked as Neferitimon groaned from the attack and continued flying.

"Sure looks like it" Nerfertimon said as another blast hit her rear end.

This blast caused Kari to fall from Nefertimon's body. In response Kari grabbed onto her friend's back legs then reached, grabbed her front legs and held on for dear life.

"Uh Kari, this is too heavy for me in the front plus theirs not much time for you to get onto my back when you let go" Nefertimon said.

"Um...This may be a bad question but is this a bad thing?"

Nefertimon made one last look before noticing a big building [Hikawa Shrine "If you think crashing into a building is fun then no" Nefertimon said sarcastically.

"Uh-oh" Kari said as she let go of Nefertimon. Kari hit the ground and blacked out while Nefertimon tried her best but crashed into the temple leaving Nefertimon's print in the shrine before changing back into an unconscious Gatomon whole lied unconscious near Kari and leaving one priestess and her grandfather puzzled at the new marking on the shrine...

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