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The recreation of the Digital World was making slow progress. Andromon noticed human activity. Ever since the Sun Goddess had permanently made her home in the Digital World peace was assembled between the human world and the Digital World. DATS was still functioning however just in case of Digimon attacks. Thomas and Yoshino constantly not only worked as Royal Guard members but as DATS members as well.

Andromon went down to see the children. Sure enough it was the Digidestened they were reincarnated!

"ANDROMON it's great to see you" The reincarnated Tai said.

"Indeed, this world has been saved thanks to the Sun Goddess" Andromon replied to them.

"Sun Goddess, who is she?" the reincarnated Davis asked.

"Thats a secret" Andromon replied smiling.

TK looked at him "Can you show us where the Sun Goddess is?"

Andromon nodded "Sure follow me"

Kari as Sailor Sun sat alongside her husband Marcus as a Pawnchessmon white made his report.

Kari was the Neo Queen of the Digital World and her husband Marcus was the king. Both nodded at the report.

"That is good news" King Kenshin said.

Neo Queen Kari looked at him "Indeed, it is we should be able to make good recovery process during the next year."

The king turned to his wife "Do you think we'll ever have another evil Digimon attack?"

Neo Queen Kari closed her eyes "I certainly hope not but who knows"

Just then Zhuqiaomon knocked on the door "Humans needing to see you Sun Goddess"

The Neo Queen had indeed gotten used to her name being called Sun Goddess "You may bring them in"

The doors opened and the Digidestened rushed in. What they saw startled them. Two humans looked down upon them.

"Uh where's the Sun Goddess?" Davis asked.

"She's me" Neo Queen Kari said.

"K.K.K.Kari?" Tai asked shocked seeing his sister as a queen.

"WHOS THE MAN?" a very annoyed Davis asked.

"My husband King Kenshin!" Neo Queen Kari said.

She looked at the Digidestened then smiled as she gave each of them a hug.

"Kari...It's good to know your alive...I just never imagined for you being this Sun Goddess. Care to tell us everything that happened to you?" Tai asked still shocked.

Neo Queen Kari smiled "Indeed, I will but first allow me to tell you the reason why you've been reincarnated. Neo Queen Serenity a queen above myself, and I met together and talked about this issue. We agreed to give you guys a new life. Thanks to Neo Queen's Silver Crystle, we were able to give you the gift of life again."

"Thanks Sun Goddess" Izzy said.

She then grew serious as she told her tale to the reincarnated Digidestened. At the end of her speech she looked at the group.

"Yes, I am a Sailor Solder, this is the Crystle Tokyo time frame. You have been brought back to life in order to help protect the Digital World. That being said only Neo Queen Serenity, Sailor Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto know about this world. That makes the Digital World part of Crystle Tokyo! They know the risk if the Digital World gets invaded again by an evil Digimon."

She looked at Kenshin who nodded at her.

"This may be a weird way of putting it Digidestened, but I'm about to give birth"

Tai looked at his sister "You mean I'm an Uncle?"

"You are Tai" she said.

"Congratulations Sun Goddess!" Davis said then he turned to TK "Hey TC don't even think about getting her attention! She's married to Kenshin here"

"DAVIS" the Neo Queen said to him scolding him.


"So is it a girl or a boy?" Tai asked her.

"A girl" Kenshin said to him.

"Were naming her Mia" Neo Queen said.

Joe looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

"Don't be your old self Joe" Gatomon said appearing.

Joe looked at the Queen "Thank Goodness, I'm here then, I'd say that your almost ready to give birth about one more month away."

The Queen smiled at the doctor "Joe, I would like for you to be our doctor"

"I accept that!" Joe said.

"It's ironic" Kenshin said.

"What do you mean?" Kari asked him.

"Oh it's ironic that you and Neo Queen Serenity are giving birth to children the same day. Ami told me that she's also one more month away from giving birth."

"That is strange" Neo Queen Kari said to him.

The Digidestened agreed to work alongside DATS in order to protect the Digital World. They were now ready to save both worlds and willing to meet the Sailor Solders. Neo Queen Kari and her husband looked at a picture on the wall above them. In it contained all Sailor Solders and the Sun Goddess's Royal Guard.

The end

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