It was strange how all of a sudden, I understood things. The threads of the universe were splayed out below me, the tiny threads of lives crisscrossing into an intricate tapestry. There was Bella's, right there, a barely visible ivory at first, then later on, a deep crimson; it seemed never-ending, as was the one intertwined with it--Edward's. I jumped; the knowledge had leapt into my head, seemingly randomly, but the longer I frowned at the golden strand, the more I knew that my intuition was correct.

Phil was dead too. Or maybe he wasn't, not quite yet, but he would be soon. Time didn't seem to work the same way here; this web seemed to know exactly what would happen when, but at any rate, Phil's demise came shortly after mine. Good, I thought, jerking my chin into one quick nod—the motion sent me spinning, twirling the network of strings into a colorful kaleidoscope. I jolted to a stop in mid-air—it was then that I realized that I hadn't been touching the ground in the first place—stopped by a pair of arms.

Isn't it funny how sometimes you dread something all your life—take death, for example—but when you actually get to it, it isn't bad? It was warm here, a golden glowing warm, and there were angels—I knew there were, because who else but an angel could have such a brilliant face as the man beside me?

He smiled at me and took my hand. "Everything will be alright now," he told me, with a voice like the sun; strong, bright, beautiful. And he led me away from the web, to a place where everyone who had left me so long ago was waiting for me.

A/N: Yes, I know it's short, but more is coming in about an hour. I didn't want to tack another POV onto this chapter; I like it really well by itself.