Digital Escape

Chapter 1

I sat down at my computer so that I could play Flyff for a bit. I needed to level my ringmaster character, Etsura. Leveling ringmasters could be hard sometimes. With no real attacking abilities I had to rely almost completely on FSing, and for that I would need to find some one to FS. After logging on I waited around Darkon for a while looking for a partner. Standing at the edge of town to avoid lag I waited. As usual there were hordes of vendors standing inside the city. I wondered what it would be like if I could actually enter the game, if I could actually feel the things that they sold. Some of the places in the game were absolutely lovely. It would have been awesome to visit those places.

As I waited on the bridge I got a message. It was very odd indeed. All it said was to go to the giant Aibatt and say the code n0t2g0t. Having no clue what was going on I decided to go through town and take a blinkwing to Flaris just to check it out. With only Aibatts around I took off my helmet and gloves and got out my Heart Stone. There was no point in worrying about my stats. After all, Aibatts were only level 1-2 monsters.

Walking through the trees I looked at the mountains that surrounded the location. What I wouldn't give to be able to climb them. Looking for the giant I wondered if it would ever be possible to actually enter any game. Once I spotted the giant red blob I spoke the code. I started to walk away because it didn't seem like anything was going to happen. It seemed that it was just someone trying to prank me. "Well, that was a waste of time." I thought.

Suddenly a menu popped open. It was titled as "Digital Escape." The game had just been switched to V11, maybe this was just some kind of new option, like the backpacks. It was asking me to type in my character's name and entrance code. It didn't seem dangerous so I typed the information in, the menu changed. It now had two options "exit" and "escape." Was that supposed to be a trick question? Wouldn't both those options do the same thing? The window was called digital escape so I pushed escape.

In a flash the screen went dark. Groaning I though that I had just set I virus lose on my computer. To my surprise digits began to scroll past. What was going on? The screen shone brighter and brighter. Sound began to blast through my headphones. I tried to mute the sound but nothing happened. The light was making me dizzy and the sound only made it worse. My best guess was that I soon passed out.

As I came to I felt the grass under me and the wind gently blowing around me. Wait, I had just been in my room sitting at the computer, shouldn't I be on the floor is I passed out? Soft screeching sounds were coming from all around me. My head was still hurting from the seeing the bright lights and hearing the loud sounds. Managing to sit up I opened my eyes a little. At first everything was a bit blurry but as I got used to my surrounding I saw a light blue sky with fat clouds lazily rolling by. I could see the sun shining out from behind the colds. There were trees spread out across the area. The grass around me was a deep shade of green. It didn't seem like any place on Earth at all.

Catching a glimpse of dark purple object flying by I automatically tried to catch it. Being a bit dazed, I only managed to catch what appeared to be the tail and I pulled it towards me. The blob tried hard to fly free from my grasp. When I had finally had the main part of it in my hands I turned it around to get a better look at its face. Yelping in surprise I let the creature go and fell backwards. Now I knew exactly where I was. I had somehow been sucked into the game and the purple blob had been an Aibatt. I looked at my hands and blinked. My hands looked different, like they weren't mine. I stood up and walked over to the edge of the continent. Looking at the lightly churning waters I leaned in for a better look. If I hadn't stopped myself I probably would have fallen in.

Not only had I been sucked into the game I had also been transformed into my character. I lifted a hand to my face to see if this was really happening. As I looked closer at my hand I noticed a watch like device on my wrist. It was my status display. It listed the amount of HP, MP, and FP I had left. It also listed things like my level and the amount of Exp that I had.

This didn't make much sense, when I had played the game on my computer I could open several menus at once. How could I do that here? Maybe the watch could show all the other menus too. I examined the watch for any kind of buttons, and noticed several raised bumps located on the circumference on the watch. As I pushed on one of the bumps the watch display changed to show the quest menu. Well, at least I could monitor my quests now, but it would take some getting used to before I could operate the watch properly. I would have to learn what button opened what menu.

I now realized something, if I was in the game, then what was in the real world. I needed to get back to the real world soon. Who knows how long I had already spent in the world of Flyff. The question was, how was I supposed to get home. Pushing on all the buttons on my watch I couldn't find the Digital Escape menu. I began to pace around and think. If I needed a code to get in maybe I needed a code to get out as well, but it had taken me months to get the first code. There was no way I had enough time to find another code. For now I would have to try the same code. It seemed logical for the code to be a two way pass. If I pressed exit this time maybe it would return me back home.

Seeing no other option I tried what I had planed. Walking over to the giant I spoke the code. My watch began to glow and it showed the digital escape menu. It had been just like the one I had seen from outside the game, but the buttons were reversed. Now the exit button was on the right and the escape button was on the left. Taking in a deep breath I summoned up the courage to push exit. I pressed my finger to the button and waited. At first noting seemed to happen, but then I watched as my feet began to become translucent. Slowly the rest of me began to do the same. Once I had become completely transparent everything just went black. This time when I opened my eyes I was back at my computer. Looking at the time I saw that I had only been gone for a few minutes, that was a relief. My character was just where she had been when I first typed in the code. I could tell that I had just stumbled upon something really strange, but I didn't have time to investigate. I decided that I would try to enter again tomorrow, and if I could do it again, then I would starts asking around to see what was really going on.