Title: Truth

Author: Dark Roswellian Angel

Elizabeth McDowell

Disclaimer: You know, I really miss this show. I still think about it a lot, especially when I'm roadtripping.

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Rating: T

Synopsis: AU- no Liz or Tess YET, Telling their families the truth is just the beginning as the teens find themselves fighting unknown foes while trying to find a new Destiny.

A/N: This has taken me entirely too long to finish. However, I still love this fic (for the most part anyway- you can definitely tell that it was started when I was first trying to figure out how to write fanfic). I plan to put out the last few chapters during the next few days. Please let me know what you think.

Shared Thoughts

Still trying to figure out what they could do to save themselves, Max was motionless for the next full minute until he heard Maria gasp. Sure that these were the last few minutes she'd have on the earth, she had found her mother's eyes in an attempt to nonverbally send all the love she felt for the woman who had given her life and love while raising her. But while looking for Amy, Maria's gaze had overshot their mark long enough to notice the man with a gun trained on the back of her mother's head!

Feeling that something was wrong, Max's eyes followed Maria's and soon found the agent. Realizing the danger Amy was in, Max spun around to search the crowd around his own parents. It took a precious few seconds, but he found the two agents with their guns mostly hidden under their jackets two rows behind and a few seats to the side of Phillip and Diane. Another visual search and he had confirmed that another agent was targeting Sheriff Valenti and two more were on Kyle.

This is a nightmare! It's going to be a bloodbath!

Max, was that you?

Maria? You can hear me?

Yeah, we both can.

Michael? You too?

All of us can. You're talking in the middle of the guy's speech. Keep it down up there.

Kyle? What about Isabel?

I'm here. What's going on?

It must be the stress. The danger you're in must have triggered another ability.

Dad? What about Mo-

Yes, Honey. I can hear you too.

What's going on?

Who was that?

It's Jim. Amy's here too.

Mom? Maria's eyes filled with tears. At least she'd be able to tell her mom how much she loved her before-

Yes, Baby. I can hear you. I don't get how, but I can.

So, who all can hear this?

I don't know. We need to sound off one by one, Great Leader.

With a dirty look in his Second's direction, Max turned back towards the speaker and thought, Roll call- Max.








And last, but certainly not least, Kyle Valenti rounding the roll call out for everyone. So what's up, guys?

Oh not much man. That is, of course, unless you consider being about to get murdered something.

What? Four parents' and one teen's voices thought.

There are at least 16 agents in the audience that we've seen so far. This thing isn't going down sometime in the future. It's going down right now!

I knew it; I knew it. We can change the details but not the outcomes.

What thing? What details? What's going on and why can I hear everybody's voices in my head? Am I going crazy?

No, Mom. You're not. Can you please just… can you just chill? I need you to chill while we figure out what we're going to do.

Well, go figure, but I'm having a little bit of difficulty believing this is actually happening, so you can just watch your tongue Maria DeLuca. I mean, is this for real? Could you just wink at me or something to let me know if this is really happening?

Maria winked at her mother whose eyes were hidden behind binoculars. Then she gave a small wave and motioned with a slender finger for her mother to be quiet.

Oh. My. Gosh. This is really happening, isn't it?

Yes, Mom. Now, we need you to be quiet so that Max can figure out how to stop everybody from being shot.

Wait a minute. Max, she means the four of you, right? You're the ones in danger, aren't you? Not that it would make things better, it's just that-

No, Sheriff. Each of you has a gun pointed at you. And more guns are pointed at the five of us down here. But most of them are pointed at the four of us.

What? There are guns pointed at my baby? And us? Me? Amy was becoming terrified and the group knew that a panic-stricken DeLuca would not be a good thing to try to deal with right now.

Shh, Amy, it'll be alright. We'll think of something. Jim got up from his seat and came over to sit next to Amy. Maria thought she could see him take her hand and reassuringly squeeze it. Amy visibly calmed.

So, what do we do Max? There are too many of them for us to be able to take out one at a time, even if all of us were to focus our energies on individual ones.

We need a diversion. Something big enough to make them lose track of us.

Isabel, you're brilliant! Okay, I'm going to draw their attention. Then, while they're focused on me, each of you leave as quietly and as quickly as you can. We'll meet in our spot in Frasier Woods.

Max, we don't know where that is.

Dad, you and Mom will come with me. Meet me out by the drinking fountain next to the first floor ladies' bathroom.

Mom, I'll meet you-

No, Maria. I've got your mom. I'll get her there. The fewer of us who have to stop and take the time to meet up, the better. And, for now, the smaller the units are that are going out to the woods, the better. You okay to find it on your own, Son?

Yeah, I'm good Dad.

But what about my baby?

Don't worry, Ms. DeLuca. There's no way I'm letting her go. I'll bring her with me.

Thank you Michael.

Yeah, thanks Spaceboy. Maria could feel his mental hug.

Okay, we're all set. What are you going to do Maximillian?

Don't worry about that. Just get ready to go and don't look back. Ready?

A chorus of "Ready"s answered him.

The lights in the auditorium suddenly went out and for a moment there was chaos in the pitch black. The noise almost drowned out Max's shouted, Now! The group immediately made a dash for the doors. They didn't even turn around when a spotlight turned on behind them.