Harry Potter

1. He was never afraid of Draco Malfoy, even during the worst of times. Lucius Malfoy terrified him from the first moment they met.

2. It was Tonks who taught him how to "kiss a girl like she wants to be kissed." Even though she was drunk at the time, he has never dishonored her memory by wondering what business a 21 year old woman had teaching that to a fifteen year old boy.

3. He's never realized that part of his initial attraction to Ginny was simply because she was a Weasley and he was desperate for a family. Any family at all would have done. It was only later, when their relationship became more than a simple crush, that he began loving her for herself.

4. Harry took Ron along to a Muggle jewelers to find the perfect engagement ring for Ginny. Harry suspects that if Ron had any understanding of Muggle money, he would have fainted at the ring's price. As it was, Harry didn't even blink at the cost.

5. Ron and Hermione have always believed that he was asleep the night they surrendered their virginities to each other in the tent. He was asleep all right… when they began. By the time they were finished he was, unfortunately, wide awake. He's been to embarrassed to ever say anything to them, though.

6. He misses being a Parselmouth. He doesn't care that other people think it's a sign of being a Dark Wizard… talking to snakes was cool!

7. It took more convincing that anyone would have expected to get him to accept that his fame gave him a certain amount of power… but he has since become quite good at using the name "Harry Potter" as a blunt instrument when he really needs something done.

8. Once a month, Harry and Neville meet. They talk about old times, share a couple of drinks, and spend at least four hours dueling each other. Their only rule is no irreversible damage. Both men think their wives don't know they do this. Both men are wrong.

9. It was his idea to name their second son Albus Severus. He had to wear Ginny down before she'd agree to it, though.

10. It really, truly wouldn't have bothered him if any of his children had been sorted into Slytherin.