Lips Of An Angel

She's watching the sunset when he arrives, the last rays of light bouncing off her chocolate brown hair and making her resemble an angel. He scoffs at that thought at first, until he actually compares her with one. He matches a lot more of her qualities with the heavenly creatures than he'd have ever expected and her beauty is only the beginning.

She is smart and kind and funny and she always looks out for others before herself, even in the most dangerous of circumstances. She has a heart of gold and she lights up every room that she enters with a radiance others can only hope to find equal of.

She also has a knack for knowing things, things that the average person would not see, nor care to see. He loves that about her.

She is warm and soft and she is everything he has ever desired.

He walks up to her from behind, hands circling her waist and head resting on her shoulder. She doesn't flinch from the sudden contact, but rather melts into it as if she knew he was there all along.

He whispers her name into her ear.


She slowly angles her face so that she can see him and he can see her. Her lips seem almost to invite him and he accepts readily, leaning in closer and melding their body together as one.

She returns the kiss; their shared passion threatens to keep the sky alight.

It feels like an eternity has passed when they finally break free and he smiles.

"It's good to be home."