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Le sigh.

So here we are-

Because you didn't actually think that we would be going to heaven, did you?

Lying on the ground.

In hell.

…Man, I need more friends.

We both stared at the burning sky, voices screaming in the distance.

"You know…today seems better than it was yesterday. Satan seems a bit less hateful."

"A tad. He hasn't been using his powers to kill unborn babies."

"True." We continued to stare up at the sky.

"You know," Mello turned on his side, "I was a stupid jackass thinking we could actually get away with the Takada thing alive." I grunted.

"Yeah, pretty much. You were a dumbass, that's for sure."

"Eh…" I kissed him on the lips.

"Yes, but you're MY dumbass, which makes the title somehow more meaningful." He rolled his eyes.


More screams. God, will they shut the fuck up? They might be getting tortured, but they are ruining a perfectly good conversation of insults!

"I hope the meteor of death doesn't come and hit us today…"

"Aw dammit. Too late."

Here domes the meteor of death, once again hurting us.

This was going to be one long eternity.


"Matt…please…wake up…" I heard the voice of Mello, and random generic hospital beeps. I saw a white ceiling, and looked to a praying Mello.


"Matt. Are you…awake?"

"Uh, did I fall asleep?" Mello's eyes became a tad enraged.

"Yes! Takada's body guards shot you and you almost died! You were in a coma for, like, ever!"

"Did…I find my parents?"

"Yeah. They died in a car crash, remember?" He looked disheveled. His hair was tangled, and he smelled like crap. I guess he does give a damn about my well being.

"Dammit, that was one stupid idea, yes?"

"Very. Never do it again."

"Pretty much established, yes."


I guess this isn't the end after all.

Maybe it's just like those movies that are really good, and end up with a horrible sequel. (I'm looking at you, Speed.)

So maybe my legend will live on.

Legend or something.



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