Mating Season


By Kellyq

Yellowish-red possessed eyes surveyed the area. Cat-like ears twitching every so often for any type of sound. Soft brown fur blew in the wind. His crooked tail twitched as he watched a jackrabbit hop by. The cat demon sniffed the air to make sure that there was no other demons after what he was after. He growled when he smelled another aroma of a demon close by. The cat demon sniffed the air again to get a better idea what his opponent was going to be. The aura he smelled wasn't hostile at all; it was pure, strong and sweet.

"It's that same female demon who keeps following me around," the male demon muttered. This demon had several names for himself: Haou or Judai. He wasn't the only demon with more than one name, there was another – what was it? Y-Yubel or was it Johan?

Now that was a demon that Judai wanted to meet. He had heard things about that demon, and he wanted to know if what he heard was true. Judai got up and walked to the riverside, wanting something to drink. When he got there, he saw another demon there. This demon had an appearance of a large white house-cat, with the most beautiful embroiled green eyes Judai had ever seen. Next to the cat demon was the Jackrabbit that he thought about having for dinner. Judai blinked when he smelled the demon's scent. It was the same scent he got before.

"You've been following me around for a while now. Who are you?" Judai asked.

The white cat demon picked the Jackrabbit and placed at Judai's feet. "You might as well eat that before someone decides to take it away from you."

Judai blinked again and watched the cat demon leave. "Who are you?" he asked again.

The white cat stopped. "I have many names but call me Johan."

With that, the effeminate male cat was gone.

Chapter One

It had been one week since Judai's encounter with Johan. He got together with some of his friends - Sho, Kaiser, Manjyoume, Asuka and her brother Fubuki. Judai needed someone to tell about his encounter. Fubuki's wolf like ears perked up as Judai tried to describe the cat demon.

"Are you going to mate with her?" Fubuki asked. Everyone stared at him for a moment. "What?"

Asuka looked a little annoyed. "You haven't really been listening have you?"

Fubuki pouted. His ears went back to the side of his head. "I have to," he whined. "He was saying he met a beautiful demon ..."

"You are hopeless sometimes! We don't know if this demon is male or female, right?" Asuka asked Judai.

"I guess," Judai sighed. He rolled onto this back and stared at the sky.

Sho studied his friend for a moment. "Are you alright, aniki?"

Judai sighed and rolled around, trying to get his back to stop iching. "I'll be alright Sho," he reassured. "I'm going to go for a walk." with that, Judai got up and walked away.

"Don't forget that mating season is almost here," Fubuki reminded his friend. Asuka hit her brother on the head. The wolf demon yelped and gave his sister a confused look. "Why do intend to hurt your poor defenseless brother?"

"Just leave Judai alone," she scolded. "When Judai feels ready to mate with someone, he'll do it." The others nodded their heads.

"I was trying to help," Fubuki whined. "I know he's lonely and I just want him to be happy. He should have a mate that will give him things that he always wanted."

Asuka smiled, knowing that her brother has a good heart, even though he could be annoying at times.

Judai sniffed the air, hoping to catch Johan's scent. The brown haired demon mentally kicked himself for becoming attracted to a demon he hardly even knew. With a frustrated growl, Judai got up and walked back to the riverside to clear his thoughts.

Once he got there, he didn't realize that there was someone else there – bathing. Judai could make out a male figure in the water. His back was turned, so Judai couldn't make out who it was, but he could tell that it was a demon by the cat ears. Judai's heart stopped for a moment. He looked nervously around for a place to hide. Judai saw a bush, but he to what type. Without thinking, the brown haired demon jumped into the bush and felt thorns pricking his skin. Judai yelped in shock and pain as he crawled out.

"Ow. Ow. God! I hate it when I do that!" Judai mumbled, accusing himself for doing something foolish.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Judai looked up to stare at a beautiful male teen with turquoise hair, peach tinted smooth skin, and beautiful embroiled green eyes. Judai's first thought was Johan. He sniffed the demon and sure enough it was Johan in his human form. Judai flushed, trying not to have perverted thoughts. "Y-yeah ..."

A smile made it's way to Johan's kissable lips. "Good." he turned around and grabbed his things. "Oh. One more thing. Was the Jackrabbit enough food for you?"

"It wasn't too bad," Judai admitted. Johan nodded his head in approval and transformed into his demon form. "Wait! I'm going to see you again, right?"

Johan turned so that he was facing Judai. "Do you want to met here at this time tomorrow?"

"Yes I do! I – I mean! I would like that."

Johan smirked as he walked up and pulled several thorns out of Judai's face and licked some of the blood off his cheek. The brown haired demon blushed even harder as he watched the white cat leave.

Perhaps he wouldn't be alone during this years mating season after all.

To Be Continued ...

I want to thank my editor for helping me out! He's soo cool!