A Rose among the Lava Lilies

by: manic-munchkin15

(A Bionicle fanfic)

A/N: This is done kinda like the book Flipped (the one with the upside-down chicken on the front). One chapie is in Jaller's P.O.V. and the next is in Hahli's P.O.V.

Just so you know

Chapter 1 (Jaller's P.O.V.)

I woke to the sound of banging on the door.

"Jaller! Get up!"

Groaning, I rolled over. It wasn't like Takua to be up this early. Slowly I rolled out of bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, and shuffled sleepily to the door. I opened it up to a beaming Takua.

"Good morning sleepy head!" he said cheerfully. I was about ready to slam door in his face.

"Why are you up so early?" I inquired with a yawn.

"Oh no reason…except that it might be…the day of the biggest Kohlii game of the season!"

My eyes snapped open. Oh no! I had forgotten about that! When Takua said that it was the biggest game of the season, he meant it. Today's game was Le-Koro vs. Ko-Koro vs. Ta-Koro vs. Ga-Koro vs. Po-Koro vs. Onu-Koro…basically it was every team on the island. We were the Ta-Koro team and had been practising for months, making sure that we were ready for it. We didn't want to look like fools, getting totally annihilated by five other teams.

"Hold on," I told Takua. "Gimme a second to get my stuff."

I shut the door and ran to the back of my house to collect my kohlii equipment. I caught my reflection in my kholii shield. Dear god! I'd seen rahi that had been dead for a month that looked better. I looked like the walking dead! I quickly rubbed the rest of the crud out of my eyes and straightened my mask. At least I didn't look quite so bad now.

I ran back out to Takua who was waiting by the road with Pewku the Ussal crab. He smiled at me as I came out.

"You ready?" he asked with a smirk.

"I was born ready." I replied brazenly to him. Then I noticed the lava board under his arm.

"What's that for?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you've already forgotten that Hahli asked us to take her lava surfing after the match? That's the second thing I've reminded you of in the past five minutes. You're forgetting everything today! That's not like you at all."

Shoot. He was right. I was forgetting a lot of stuff today. It was way too early to be up and about.

"Oops! Right! I better go get my board too."

I rushed back inside, grabbed my lava board and rushed back out again. I also grabbed my backpack, which had a little something in it. I wasn't about to tell Takua that I had a present for Hahli in it. It was also her birthday today. Hah! Takua was wrong. I hadn't forgotten everything today. I had remembered something he hadn't.

"What's in the bag?" asked Takua as I came back out of my house.

"What…oh nothing." I replied absentmindedly. We began walking towards the kholii stadium.

I wasn't about to tell Takua what I had in my backpack. If I did, I knew that he would tease me, saying I liked Hahli as more than a friend. I'm not saying I don't, in fact I think that she's one of the most gorgeous Ga-matoran ever, but Takua wouldn't have given me a moments peace and would never let me live it down, so I wasn't about to tell him.