Disclaimer – I don't own X-Men Evolution nor G.I. Joe: Sigma 6. Inspiration for this fic comes from Red Witch and her Mistfits series. I wanted to do things a bit differently. This is a rewrite of that piece so that I can continue the series.

Human on the Team
Flights of Fancy

Logan sat in the X-mansion minding his own business in his own way. The very old mutant leaned back in the chair, putting his booted feet up on the coffee table. His teeth ground together, knowing full well he wasn't tasked today with training Jean and Cyclops in the danger room. Instead, Storm ended up taking on the task. He couldn't care whether it was his job or not, but knew the storm creator had other thoughts on her mind at that point in time.

Evan pinged on the radar, yet they couldn't pinpoint what kind of power he had. She spoke at length over the phone with her nephew, but knew that she would need to make an actual visit to her family home after a few days. The young teen didn't wish to listen to the voice of reason regarding the emergence of his powers, but then again teens weren't known for listening to the voice of reason. Thus what ended up being one Ororo's strong points ended up having no effect what so ever.

Not that Logan looked forward to actually babysitting any kids, liking the fact Scott and Jean actually had some form of maturity that most teens didn't have. Scott in some ways reminded him of an old friend, and yet in comparison he was a stick in the mud to the point he was almost boring. There was nothing to do today, having even fixed up his bike already.

"Logan, there is a phone call for you," the Professor called out in his mind. Logan let out a grumble before rubbing the back of his neck, extending and retracting his adamantium claws. He walked over to the phone, picking up the device in his rough hands.

"This is Logan speaking," he growled into the phone.

"Hello Logan. Long time no see." The voice on the other side rased through the voice box on the phone.

"Who is this?" Logan wasn't in the mood.

"Down to business. This is firs sergeant Conrad S. Hauser." The voice spoke in a calm and collected tone.

A groan escaped Logan's lips. "Conrad, how exactly did you get this number and how did you know where I was."

"I got the number from Shield." The man spoke as if it were no big deal, but considering the group he was a part of…

"I had to ask." Wolverine ground his teeth together. "Let me guess. You need my help with some special mission or another?"

"You could say that I do need a favor, but not that. In reality, it is Abernathy that needs the favor Logan."

"Yeah, well why can't the General ask me himself?"

"Unfortunately Abernathy's not in a position to give orders right now. He doesn't even know we're doing this. Hell, he doesn't even know we need to do this."

"Then why is it a favor to Abernathy, Duke?!" Logan found himself wishing he could simply hang up, and yet there was a comradery with this particular group of solders, and an understanding as well."

"Shush! It's best explained in person. I will give you the location."

"Why me Conrad? Can you explain why it has to be me of all people?"

"Shield said that for this job you've got the resources, plus my team..., let's just say we can do your group a favor in return. Not that we weren't going to do it in the first place, but things got moved up a bit."

"Fine Conrad. I'll go. But that doesn't mean I agree to help you." Logan listened to what he needed to hear and then clicked the phone down with ire. He grabbed his keys heading to the Professors office.

"Charles, I'll be leaving for awhile. I've got business to attend to. I may be gone a few days, maybe a week."

"I'll see you then."


Logan found himself in a quaint town out in the wilderness surrounded by trees. As much as Wolverine liked the ambiance, he was quite sure that Duke had not chosen this place for making his loner-self happy. It was more for its remote location. He went in and sat at the diner stool. He was glad to see Duke show up.

"All right bub, what is it you want with me?" Wolverine looked up just as Duke sat down.

"I need to fill you in on a few things." Duke spoke in a low tone so that no one could hear. "You wouldn't happen to smell a certain Cobra agent who can hide himself."

"Hmm… nope. I would have warned you as soon as you stepped in if I had smelled any of those lunatics." Wolverine sipped on his beer. "I take it that Cobra is back in action. So much for you Joes settling down and having families."

"You are one to talk yourself," Duke commented back. "Actually, this has to do with a family member of one of the Joes."

Logan quickly figured it out. "Hawk… but why wouldn't Abernathy know?"

"For the same reason that Joe is under my command. Cobra… they messed with his DNA Logan. He's still recuperating." Irritation was evident in Duke's tone, even though Logan would probably be one of the few to read it off the man.

"Crap!" Logan crunched the beer bottle, the glass causing his hand to bleed. "Of all the people… that guy stood up for mutants! Why him!"

"Classified, at this point." Duke said.

"You mean need to know, and you feel that it is best that I not know." Logan growled.

"It is bad enough I am telling you what I am Logan." Duke shook his head. "The last thing I need is you going on a suicide mission into Cobra. Of course, that would solve a lot of our problems. But, it isn't advisable. It would take to long."

"Shield said I was the best man for this job." Logan muttered. "But considering that you mentioned Abernathy's family… the General has a kid, doesn't he? He's the family member you mentioned."

"A kid who managed to hack into Cobra as a Freshman in high school." Duke pointed out. This caused Logan to whistle.

"So, it isn't just revenge on Hawk, is it. It is because the kid has become a thorn in their side and you need to hide him." Logan was getting agitated and wanted to pulverize something.

"Yes." Duke stated. "Cobra's… well, let us just say the first time the school got hit, it was still standing."

"I get the picture. You want me to take him to the institute, right bub?" Logan stretched to calm his nerves. He popped out his claws, much to Duke's dismay. "I have to speak to Charles about this. He makes the final decision."

"Yes, well, whether or not he says yes, let him know that the Joe's are going to keep an eye out on those kids of his." Duke put a hand on his cheek. "Reason being, if Cobra does find out about them, they'll want them."

"Charles is very wary of humans." Logan muttered.

"Well, I don't blame him. But if you don't slowly reveal to humans that you can trust, you will end up in a fiasco." Duke stirred the coffee he had ordered.

"May I ask, how is Scarlett and her husband?" Logan asked.

"Divorced, but still head over heels for each other." Duke shook his head. Logan rolled his eyes.

"Well, those two couldn't figure it out in the first place. Look how long it took them to get together." Logan laughed.

"That's true, and part of the reason for the divorce. How soon can you talk to Xavier about Scott?" Duke looked at Logan with seriousness.

"I need to digest what I've found out about Hawk. A week, maybe two. I am not really sure." Logan finished his beer and got up to leave. "I know how to contact you. However, you need to kick back and enjoy yourself for once. Another Scott huh. That would be interesting"

Duke stared after the retreating mutant. "Look who's talking about having fun, Mr. antisocial himself. What the hell does he mean by another Scott?"