Name Game

Scott and Kurt, or more of, Cyclops and Nightcrawler, had a very boring day. The most exciting thing was that a guy on a motorcycle was seen driving around. The man was freakishly large and looked like a cross between a biker, a hippie and a caveman. Neither boy could decide which was the more dominate feature, but he defiantly didn't have a hippie personality, so they decided to stay away from him.

Both wanted to go and meet the X-Jet when it came in, but Ororo had insisted they meet in the den area of the X-Mansion, which didn't make either of the boys very happy. Ororo suggested that they do homework, but both boys gave her nearly the same look.

They were quite pleased when Wolverine, Jean and Professor X came in with Kitty Pryde and Scott Abernathy. However, they were completely shocked when a metal dog came and jumped on each of them. This dog then went to jump on Ororo, but stopped short. It tilted it's head at her, then decided to just get on the couch and curl up beside her.

"So, these are our new mutant and non-mutant members of the X-men?" Ororo said, a sweet smile on her face. "Sit down… including you Logan. I'll start introductions. My name is Ororo, or Storm. That is because I have the ability to control the weather. I enjoy gardening."

"Oh, well… my name is Kitty Pryde. My powers are to pass through things like walls." Kitty said shyly. "I don't really have any hobbies, unless you count dancing in my room by myself… I'm not really that good."

Logan then looked over to the only non-mutant in the room, indicating he should introduce himself next. "My name is Scott Abernathy. I…"

"What!" Jean said, looking at the boy in shock. Logan suddenly burst out laughing. "Seriously, if that is the reason you had him wait to tell his name, it isn't funny!"

Kitty and Scott couldn't figure out what was so funny, expesully because after Logan began to laugh, so did the boy with red sunglasses and Kurt. Xavier and Storm just smiled. Cyclops held out his hand, still laughing. "The reason it is so funny is… my name's Scott Summers. You could say Logan has a strange sense of humor."

"It's all right," Scot stated. "I mean…. You want a strange sense of humor, you should see my father's contingent." Both he and Kitty were laughing too.

Jean was not laughing however and folded her arms and stuck out her lip a bit in irritation. "Some sort of strange humor… I still don't think it is funny."

"Stop being a stick in the mud," Kurt said, reaching out his hand to Scott Abernathy. "My name vis Kurt Vagner."

"Uhh… fur?" Scott said a little surprised to feel fur he couldn't see.

This caused Kurt to sigh and tap a button on his watch, reveling his real self. "Vell, I have to show you some time."

Kitty suddenly let out a shriek and stumbled backwards, phasing through the coffee table. However, Scott wasn't phased by Kurt's appearance. "Cool! The hologram explains why some of your fingers looked like they were stuck together!"

"It visn't a big deal?" Kurt asked, glancing more at Kitty then at Scott.

"I've met ninjas, so no big deal," Scott commented.

"Vow! Ninjas! That vis so cool!" Kurt commented, his composure changing.

"Ninja's aren't real," Kitty commented.

"Actually," Ororo stated. "Mr. Logan is a ninja… he trained over in Japan."

"Something I don't want to talk about… certain people, particularly Scarlett would skin me alive," Logan said, shaking his head and laughing still.

"Who's Scarlett? I can't imagine someone who would have the guts to kick Wolverine's butt," Cyclops commented.

"Isn't she that woman that was with…" Jean paused for a second. "Alright… how are you going to tell them apart."

"Simple…" Scott laughed. "We look nothing alike! Plus, Summers, Abernathy… big Scott, little Scott. Simple as that Jean."

"But…" Jean said.

"If she's Storm, what are the nicknames for the other people on the team?" Kitty asked.

"Oh, you mean the codenames… the professor and I don't have any, but you found out Logan's. Our Scott is Cyclops and Kurt is Nightcrawler."

"Cool!" Kitty said, putting one of her feet up behind her bottom in excitement and clenching her hands to her chest. "When do I get one!"

"Half-pint, the codenames have to be thought out so that they fit you,"

"How about Sprite," Jean commented.

Cyclops laughed. "Uhh… this is coming from the one who wanted to call herself Marvel Girl? She's small, but she looks tough."

"Yeah!" Kitty said, striking her energetic pose again, though this time she had a fist in the air. "Hold on… I think."

"Ve could call the new Scott Mainframe… he seems to like computers," Kurt commented.

"Well… Mainframe is already taken in my contingent," Scott commented.

"Hey, speaking of computers, I'm sure they would love to see the danger room and Cyrebro," Logan commented.

"Danger Room," Kitty commented, a little pale.

"Nobody gets vurt unless von teleports into it,' Kurt commented, groaning.

"Cool… I think," Kitty said, striking her fist in the air pose again. "This is like, the coolest place ever!"

"Why don't you give them a tour of the mansion before dinner," Ororo stated. "The two Scotts can go with each other and Kitty can go with Kurt."

The four took off, Kitty making a slight face at Kurt.

Author's note – There ends my first X-Men Evolution/G.I. Joe Sigma 6 fanfic. There will be more. Keep a look out for 'Cyber and Saber', covering Sabertooth that didn't show up like he should have, and 'X-Gene', though I don't know when I'll get to the second one. It will be short though.