The Curse: prologue

Long time ago there was a place called Sacred land where there was a witch that uses pokemon blood for her power. When the people of the Sacred land disobey her wish to take a pokemon from them she will curse them. The curse was usually cast on a person that is protecting a pokemon sacrifice. She said that either gives her a pokemon or she'll curse the person as a replacement. Most people obey but some people don't listen. One day for the first time a royal got cursed. It was a 5 year old girl. Her name was princess Hoshi. She had chestnut curly hair with lovely golden color eyes. She loved all pokemon she even took care of an injured Pikachu. She wanted to become a pokemon trainer someday and she wanted the Pikachu to be her partner. The pikachu didn't really care about the girl, she just lay there since she was injured she couldn't do much. Before the pikachu was healed the witch came to the land again.

"I want a pokemon NOW," the witch demanded.

"What type do you want," the king said.

"I feel like maybe an electric type," the witch said.

"How does an injured pikachu sound," the king said.

"Perfect it will be easier to get blood from it, GET IT NOW," the witch said. The King ran in Hoshi's room and took the pikachu.

"Dad what are you doing," Hoshi asked.

"The Witch is here she wants the pikachu," the king said stern and calmly.

"NO! She can't have her," Hoshi said starting to break down.

"I'll get you another pikachu," the king said.

"NOOO this pikachu is injured it not fair," Hoshi trying to get the pikachu in her hands. The pikachu was also trying to break free.

"Hoshi stop," the king said. Hoshi was trying to get the pikachu free until she was right in front of the witch. The king put the injured pikachu in front of the witch. Then Hoshi got in front of the witch and protected the pikachu.

"Haha look at this," the witch said.

"Hoshi what are you doing," the king yelled.

"I'm protecting her, I'm protecting the pikachu," Hoshi said sternly.

"Haha, step away from the pikachu little girl," the witch said laughing.

"NO, I WON'T," Hoshi said very sternly. The pikachu looked astonished on what she heard Hoshi say.

"Well, then I shall curse you. In the day light you will be human but in the night you will be a pikachu forever mwhahaha," the witch said laughing and then she disappeared. All of a sudden a yellow electric light came from under her. The light looked like a Pikachu. It was above her and then dived into her body. Then her chestnut hair changed black with yellow tips. Her hair suddenly started to look jig-jaggy like a pikachu tail and her eyes turned brown.

"What happened," Hoshi said.

"You got cursed dear," the king said, "you will turn into a pikachu in the night and in the day you are a human."

"Is it reversible," Hoshi asked.

"Yes but it hard to reverse it," he said, "You have to find a trainer that is the chosen one."

"Oh, I can't believe it, are you disappointed," Hoshi asked.

"No I knew it wasn't a good idea about taking this pikachu," the king said, "I think you were very brave."

"Thank you father," Hoshi said. The pikachu nudge Hoshi. Then Hoshi picked the pikachu up and walked to her room. When they were in her room Hoshi thought she heard her name.

"Hoshi," a voice said. Hoshi put the Pikachu down on her bed.

"Who was that," Hoshi asked. Since she was only 5 she was calm and curious.

"Look at the bed," the voice said. Hoshi did as the voices said. Only thing she saw was the pikachu.

"I can only see the pikachu," Hoshi said.

"Because it is me the pikachu you've been taking care of," the pikachu said.

"You can talk in English," Hoshi asked astonished.

"No, but you can understand me," the pikachu said.

"How," Hoshi asked.

"I guess the curse let you understand the pokemon language." The pikachu said.

"Wow, umm… pikachu what is your name if you have one," Hoshi asked.

"Star," Star said, "you're calm about this are you ok,'

"I guess I'm still in shock," Hoshi said.

"Hoshi I like to say thank you for protecting me from the most feared being for pokemon everywhere," Star said gratefully.

"No problem even though I'm cursed," Hoshi said finally starting to feel upset.

"Don't worry it not bad being a pikachu," Star said.

"I know but it going to be hard though," Hoshi said.

"Dear how are you," the King said as he came in.

"Dad I can talk to Star and I can understand her," Hoshi said.

"Who is Star," the king asked.

"Pikachu," Hoshi said.

"You named her," the king asked,

"No she told me her name is Star," Hoshi said.

"How do you know," the king asked.

"I can understand pokemon," Hoshi said.

"Oh, it part of the curse," the king said.

"It so…. Whoa," Hoshi said. Then all of a sudden Hoshi was slowly changing into a pikachu.

"Huh," Hoshi said in a pokemon.

"Oh my dear," the king said.

"Hoshi you changed into a pikachu," Star said.

"But… I….. no," Hoshi said crying a bit and Star comfort Hoshi while she cried.

"Star I'm scared," Hoshi said weeping.

"You will be fine I'll protect you while you are in this form that's what pokemon do when they have a partner and I teach you how to attack," Star said.

"Ok," Hoshi said, "now,"

"No, tomorrow for today just try to get use to being a pikachu," Star said.

"Ok," Hoshi said.

"My dear if you can stand me wear this, pika… I mean Star will heal and she will look a lot like you. This collar is both a choker and a pokemon collar I can use this to tell you two apart," the king said. The king put it around Hoshi's neck. The choker has a yellow lighting bolt charm with a black band. Then the king walked out of the room while Star taught Hoshi to walk on four feet.