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The light snow fell quietly on the evening of November 5 in Detroit, Michigan. The grubby town was silent except for the laughter of a young girl and her comrades.

"Shit, Harley, you got some killer aim," Michael laughed as he took a drag from his cigarette.

"Damn straight," The girl named Harley smirked.

Her dirty blonde hair fell to the middle of her back is loose curly wisps and her grey eyes were intent on her target. Her target, a sweet looking corvette, had the tires slashed and the last window has been busted with a chunk of asphalt that Harley had picked up off the ground.

They carried on with their little charade for about another half hour or so. They proceeded to kick off a side mirror, jump on the hood of the car and key one of the doors, until that is, they heard the sirens.

"Damn! The fuzz is coming around the corner," screamed one of the older boys.

Harley looked up for a moment and then dropped the rock she had in her hand and cussed lightly. The others started to book is out of the alley and down the street, but she knew that going with a group just made them an easier target so she jogged back to the alley and started to navigate through the never-ending twists and turns, that was Detroit's system of alleyways. She heard the screeching of tires and the sound of the sirens growing louder so she started to run faster, but that's when she realized her mistake, she turned left when she should have turned right. She hit the dead end and just waited.

The cruiser pulled up in front of her as she lit her cigarette. She took a deep drag and put her other hand in her pocket, trying to look tough. The officer shined a flashlight in her face.

"Let me see both hands," he ordered

She took one last drag and threw the half smoked cigarette on the ground, "Waste," she muttered. She complied and put both hands up in mock surrender as the officer approached her with a look of disgust on his face.

"So little lady, I suppose you wouldn't know anything about that corvette back there would you?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

Harley thought about lying, but she knew this cop wasn't dumb.

"As a matter of fact officer, I do," She smiled.

He looked up in surprise, "Well then you know you're in a lot of trouble with me and your parents," He said.

"What parents," she muttered.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Didn't say a thing," she answered, her eyes cast downward.

"Hmmph," he sighed.

"Well, officer, if you're just gonna stand there I think I'm gonna be on my way," she tried.

"Hold it, I'm gonna take you home to your parents," he stated quite clearly.

"Listen, sir," she spat, her patience running thin, "I don't got none, so why don't you kindly fuck off,"

"Excuse me? Well, that's it get your punk ass in the car," he nearly shouted.

"Fine," She said.

She walked around to the car as he opened the back door and she sat down. He got up front and started the car. He maneuvered his way out of the alley and back onto the main road. He turned on the radio to some cheap country station that seemed to be playing only bluegrass.

"So, where're we headed this evening, officer. Jail? Juevie, or are you gonna dump me on the street somewhere and pretend like this never happened because I'm all for the third one," She smarted off.

"No, actually I'm taking you straight to the Adoption services. We can't have orphans like you out running around," he replied simply.

Her mouth practically hit the floor. She felt all her anger rushing up inside her, but she thought better then to let it get the best of her.


Within a few minutes they arrived at the adoption service. An older lady walked out, her blonde hair in a tight bun.

"Good evening, how can I help you?" she questioned softly.

"Yea, Wanda, I got another little run away who needs a place," the officer said nonchalantly.

"I see, and what's your name?" she said bending toward me slightly.

"I'm not three years old, so why don't you try again only this time ask me in a normal voice," Harley spat.

"Hey! Show some respect," the officer commanded.

The woman looked taken back, but she recovered and quietly bitterly stated, "Tell me you name please,"

The last bit was strained, but Harley was satisfied and she decided to answer, "Harley Davidson,"

"Is this some sort of joke," Wanda said giving the officer a skeptical look.

"No, I'm just playing with you. It's Harley Ann Thompson," She said, trying to slightly lighten the mood.

"Fine, then, you may come this way," Wanda said leading her down a hall, "Thanks, Jim," She called over her shoulder as the officer left. "You'll find it hard to find a good home with an attitude like that," She stated coldly.

"Who said I wanted a home, Lady? If I wanted a home so damn bad I would've found one by now. So why don't you just chill out and leave me alone?" she shouted.

"Hush or you'll wake the others," Wanda said harshly.

"Fuck 'em," she muttered.

"I think I know of someone who can help you out," she said cleverly, "I'll take you first thing tomorrow,"

"Whatever," Harley said as she closed the door to the room Wanda led her to. She listened to see if that woman was still there, but after a few seconds she heard her walk quietly down the hall. Harley laid down on the hard mattress and slowly closed her eyes. It had been a long year since she'd slept on a real bed.