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Harley sat up on the bed. She ran her hands through her hair and let out a long yawn.

"Shit," she sighed, "I need some fresh air,"

Bobby stood up and moved out of her way and gave her a quizzical look, "Well, you sure as hell ain't gonna be walkin around this late all by yourself,"

"Oh please, I'll be fine. Street hood for like three years, remember," Harley said with a smile, "You don't have to worry. I am totally capable of taking a stroll around the block,"

"Yea, Yea, I still don't think you should go, but I'll give you one hour. Not a second longer," he looked sternly at her.

"Psh, whatever," she smirked as she casually walked down the stairs.

It was freezing outside when she exited the house. The wind blew her hair all around her face and she hugged her jacket close to her. She found herself walking quickly through the neighborhood, looking for something, something she was all too good at being able to spot. Then she saw it, a beat up old Buick, nothing to nice or flashy about it, simple and neutral, just the way she liked it.

She jogged up to it, nervously glancing over each shoulder to survey the dingy houses around her. No movement and no noise, perfect.

"Hey there, you old pile of metal, you're going to take me for a little ride, and then I'll bring you right back. Doubt anyone will really miss you anyway," she whispered to the car as she quietly jigged the lock. "Beautiful," she sighed as the lock sprung up and she opened the door.

Climbing inside was a relief, although not warm, it was a shelter from the harsh wind. The car reeked of weed and she coughed as she adjusted to the smell. She looked above the visor to see if there was a spare key by chance, no luck. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her swiss army knife. She pounded the screw driver utility into the ignition as hard as she could. She heard the tell tale cracking and scraping of the ignition cylinder breaking. She turned the knife carefully and the ignition turned over and the car came to life. She sighed, this is why she always picked older cars, the screw driver always works.

She carefully directed the car into the street and started a slow and icy trip to her destination. The streets were bare, and the storm was getting stronger by every minute. She was in the car for twenty minutes when she saw the lights in the third floor apartment building. She pulled the car to the curb and got out, careful to leave the vehicle running.

She walked up to the front entrance and waited for only a few minutes, when a woman, who looked half strung out approached the door.

"Oh my gosh, thank goodness you're finally here!" Harley said in a relieved voice.

The woman stopped and stared at her, clearly confused.

"I left my keys in my room and just ran out for a second to make a trip to the grocery store. No sooner had I realized that I had left them, the door closed and locked automatically," Harley laughed.

"Um, I'm not really sure I know you," the woman said eyeing her suspiciously.

"Oh, it's me, Laura, from the third floor?" Harley tried.

"Oh, I see, I suppose I could let you in," the woman reasoned, still looking confused.

"Thank you so much! Please don't mention this to the landlord, I wouldn't want to cause myself any more trouble," Harley faux pleaded.

"Sure," the woman said, a judgmental look crossing her face as she wrangled her keys out of her purse. She finally got the door unlocked and opened and Harley darted in saying another thank you before heading up the stairs.

She got to the third floor and cast a look over her shoulder, the woman kept going up. She sighed in relief. She walked down the hall a ways and at the last door on the left knocked quietly.

"Who is it," a gruff voice called through the door, more of a statement than a question.

"Harley," she replied.

The door opened and scrawny looking man in a white beater and baggy jeans opened the door. He said nothing more; instead he just turned and headed down the hallway that led to the back of the tiny apartment. She stepped inside the door and shut it behind her. Within minutes he was back, a small bag in his hands.

"The usual," he said.

"Sounds good," she whispered handing him the money and receiving the bag.

"It's a pleasure, kid," the man smiled revealing his yellow rotting teeth.

Harley looked away in disgust, typical, she thought. She headed back out of the apartment building and made her way to "her" car. She slid inside and put it in drive. She drove back to where she found it and got out. She knew the owner would be pissed when they got in the next morning and realized their ignition was destroyed, but they more than likely wouldn't report it because of the drugs that are most likely inside it.

She started back for the house and when she got there went straight upstairs to the bathroom. She wasn't sure how she was going to explain her lateness to Bobby. All she knew at the moment was that she needed this hit more than anything.

"HARLEY! OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR NOW!" Bobby bellowed while beating on the bathroom door with his fist.

"Oh fuck," Harley murmured as she tried to clean up the line she just did. She frantically started putting the bag into her shoe and tried wiping up the little powder that was left, but her mind was so muddled. "Ohhh my God!" she laughed as she fell over trying to open the door for Bobby. No sooner had she unlocked it and heard the click did the door fly open and knock her into the tub.

"What the…" Bobby started as he looked around and saw Harley lying in the tub laughing and the white powder residue on the lid of the toilet, "What the fuck are you DOING! Are you insane!" He screamed.

"No Bobby, I'm high," Harley laughed.

"Oh Jesus, Harley, are you freaking kidding me!" He yelled running his hands through his hair, "I swear to God, Harley, this had better never happen again," Bobby grabbed the shower curtain and pulled it shut and turned the water on. Water came pouring through the shower head and all over Harley.

"HEY!" She cried.

"I'll fix you're high," He screamed.

All Harley did was sit and enjoy the stream of water hitting her face. Her whole nose and throat was numb and she felt absolutely invincible.