After Link get captured by a vengeful Ganondorf, and Hyrule once again cast into Twilight. How can these two off-worlders learn to save the hero and the land? Now Midna has to babysit the two soon to be so called "heroes". But can Midna protect and teach the boys, AND keep the two from killing each other? The fate of Hyrule now lies in the hands of an alchemist and a homunculus.

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Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Metal Alchemist, was walking down the streets of Central away from the military base. Edward was still steaming from a fight between him and Mustang. "That bastard Colonel!!" The frustrated boy finally screamed out to the cloud covered heavens and as if to mock the poor boy rain started to fall. With another scream of anger the boy ran to the outskirts of Central and into a small area of forest to escape the rain.

The boy stopped under a large tree that covered him from the drizzling water, he clenched and unclenched his hands in anger, one hand metal and the other flesh. Now Ed really wanted to kill something. Alphonse, his little brother that he had put his life on the line for many times over, was still in Central and Ed knew he would wait for his return.

"What's the matter O'chibi-san?" asked a mocking voice just above him. Edward tensed at the voice and dreaded looking up to see the person that dared mock him, but still Ed hoped against all odds that it wasn't the person that he thought it was, but his hopes were dashed as he saw Envy on the lowest branch of the tree that Edward was taking shelter under.

Rage boiled to the surface of Edward's face as he shouted at the top of his lungs, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL HE COULD RIDE ON A FLY LIKE A HORSE!! YOU STUPID PALM TREE!!" Envy laughed and that annoyed the blond haired alchemist even more. Envy smirked and said, "I guess the mighty Fullmetal is still sensitive at his LITTLE problem." Envy was targeting and calling the alchemist umm "vertically challenged."

Edward snarled at Envy and retorted, "I dare you to say that to my face you bastard!" Envy smirked and jumped down from the tree branch to land only a foot away from the alchemist. Edward overcoming the shock of the homunculus accepting his challenge smirked and clapped his hands together and then drew one hand over his right arm, turning it into a blade. Envy smirked and cracked his knuckles saying, "You sure you want to take me on? O'chibi-san?"

Edward glared daggers at the homunculus as they slowly circled each other until, Edward rushed forward with an uppercut to Envy's chest, but the longer haired boy ducked out of the way of the blade. Envy spun on his heel and slammed his foot into the other boy's chest making Edward stagger backwards having had the air knocked out of him.

Edward growled and clapped his hands then slammed them on the ground, preparing to make a hand made from stone to come out of the ground and grab the homunculus…but something went wrong… very wrong instead of the usual lightning blue light, a black inkiness came out instead and surrounded both Envy and Edward, soon it covered the area around them like a cage and the rest of the clearing turned black.

Envy jumped back from surprise and landed next to the just as surprised alchemist and shouted, "What the hell is that?!" Edward replied in disbelief, "I don't know." The two looked in amazement as a gate appeared in front of them but it wasn't the gate they had seen before and knew all to well. This gate had circles and somehow felt different than their "gate".

"You are the two that we have been looking for." An eerie voice said from the gate. "Wh-what?!" Edward and Envy asked at the same time, when two long black arms shot out of the gate, which moved like water around them, each large hand grabbed a boy and dragged them through the strange gate, a scream was ripped from each of their lips.


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