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"Light spirit talking"

"Animal talking"


Envy looked the girl in the spring up and down trying to decide if she was a threat or not, but with that dark blonde/brown hair that seemed to curl off to one side, clear green eyes, and thin frame; the female didn't look like she could even hurt a fly let alone anyone in their small group. The girl turned to look at them in surprise before smiling as she said in a soft voice, "You must be Envy am I right? Colin said that you were going to go look for Link."

Envy frowned slightly and said quickly, "I never said that, wait Colin you were spying on us?!" Envy looked genuinely hurt by the boy's ease dropping; but this only caused both the boy in question and the dog to snicker, for the other's act of just being someone that was passing by was completely ruined.

The homunculus then pulled a pouting face as the group finally started to get a hold of themselves once again. It was only then though that the two off worlders noticed the beautiful red colored mare that had a flaxen/wheat colored mane and tail, standing behind the unnamed female.

The girl saw where Envy was looking and said with a voice tainted with sadness, "My name is Ilia; I'm a childhood friend of Link and I take care of his horse here, Epona, whenever he is gone." She then patted said horse on the neck smiling softly lost inside her memories for a moment before turning back to the group while picking up the reins and walking towards Envy, before stopping in front of him to put the reins gently in his hand closing his fingers around it with her own.

She ignored the coldness of the homunculus's skin to look into his eyes saying in a voice laced with worry for her friend, "Please take Epona; she'll be a great help to you…And please just bring Link back home safely and keep him out of trouble." Envy nodded his head in silent agreement as he thought to himself in annoyance, 'I don't really have a choice now, do I?'

Envy then moved to the side of the mare and with obvious ease he swung himself onto the horse's back and seated himself in the saddle while saying with a voice laced with confidence, "Alright, we'll bring Link back. He couldn't have gotten himself in too much trouble right?!" Both of the Hylians smiled at the homunculus in response to his cockiness before making their own way out of the spring and back towards their peaceful village and homes. Colin turned back though to look at the two once more to give a hopeful smile and small wave before following after the girl.

Envy looked after the two with a slightly look of longing in his violet colored eyes before saying, "Let's get going."

And with that Envy tapped the mare's sides to make her walk out of the spring Ed following close behind wondering what that look was Envy's eyes a few short moments before, but he was not following close enough for as soon as Envy and Epona were clear of the spring several black stone pillars fell from the sky with a crash, and a red barrier formed between each pillar to separate the homunculus from the alchemist.

"Beware a shadow being...it approaches." Called a wispy sounding voice that seemed to be coming from every inch of the spring; yet the group couldn't find the exact source. And the alchemist didn't understand its warning until a large black creature like the ones from before fell from a swirling black and green portal that had formed in the sky, to stand on in front of the stunned dog.

"Ed, look out!" shouted the shocked Midna and Envy from the other side of the barrier, making Epona rear up in fear as she noticed the monster and Envy have to cling to the saddle horn to stop himself from being thrown off by the frightened mare.

'Not one of these things again, how am I supposed to fight something like that as a stupid dog!' Edward thought to himself in panic as he dodged a swipe the creature made at him with its large hand. "Will you stop running and attack it already?!" Midna shouted from the sidelines in obvious annoyance. "How?!" Edward barked out as he rolled out of the way of another swipe from the monster.

"Idiot, animals have claws and teeth for a reason you know!" Envy retorted mockingly, obviously the fact that the homunculus had taken the form of animals before this made him ignorant to the fact that this was so difficult to the other male, hell the blond was used to using fists and alchemy to fight and not having to rely on tooth and nail to survive!

But at this rate Edward was willing to do anything to kill the beast, finally racing forward the dog launched himself at the creature and sunk his teeth deep into the flesh of the other's neck. The thing let out a horrid screech and tried to shake off the dog, but this only caused the alchemist to chomp down harder on the creature's throat until, finally the twilight messenger managed fling him off but right after doing so the monster fell lifelessly into the spring water. Obviously the wounds that Edward had managed to give it had been enough to kill it for the body, like the one from before, exploded into blackness and to Envy and Edward's surprise the portal that the creature had fallen from turned from its angry red to soft green in color.

Soon the barrier separating the group disappeared as well and as Envy jumped off Epona to join Edward in the spring the strange markings on the rocks near the back of the spring started to glow making the rest of the surrounding area go dark. "What's going on?" Envy growled out as he turned his head from side to side in panic, not liking the situation one bit.

Suddenly though a ball of light rose out of the spring and around the ball formed what appeared to be a set of giant horns and soon the rest of the animal attached to said horns appeared as well to form giant goat covered in the same designs that cover the rocks of the spring and the creatures fur gave of the same golden, powerful looking light that the ball that it was holding between it horns had, but the most surprising thing was that the glowing animal spoke!

"I thank you for destroying that monster. It was trying to steal the steal the power of light I wield and send this area into the twilight and therefore under the control of he who rules the twilight...I am Ordona one of the light spirits that protect the land of Hyrule. You both have been transformed by the power of shadow, though one of you seemed to have already found a way to break the spell of darkness that has transformed you into powerful beasts." The goat explained as she looked at the two as she kept the ball of light between her mighty looking horns.

"Yeah, now since we are in a hurry can you just turn the pipsqueak back into a human so we can go on our merry way?" Envy asked rudely not caring at all for manners, which made Ed growl and nip Envy's hand to remind the homunculus that he was talking to a creature that served the gods!

Ordona seemed to frown and shook her head softly as she said in a slightly apologetic tone, "I'm sorry but I do not have the power to turn him back into a man, you must go to the Faron Woods and revive one of my brethren that has already had his light stolen away by the creatures of shadow. Only after he has been restored and the area he watches over has been released from the power of twilight can your friend be returned to his original state.

You two are the only ones that can rescue the hero and save the land...please save Link and let the people here see the wonderful sunrise!" And with that said the light spirit slowly disappeared leaving a dumbfounded expression on both of the off worlders faces.

"Stop day dreaming you idiots! You heard the light spirit, we need to save the light spirit of Faron Woods." Minda shouted in the two's ears making both of them jump and snap out of their thoughts. Edward sighed as he took one last look at the spring before following Envy to the now calmed down Epona and watched as he jumped into the saddle before tapping the mare's side with his feet making her gallop out of the spring and across the bridge.

Envy didn't even bother to turn around to see if the dog was following knowing that the blond really didn't have a choice since following Envy was the only way he could return to normal. Ed though really was pissed; he didn't see why Envy got ride a horse and he had to run! Growling the transformed alchemist finally saw that Envy had stopped in front of what looked like the same gate they had passed through the first time to get to this world. The homunculus easily slipped off the horse to stand next to Ed as they looked at the gate in awe, wondering where it would lead them.

Midna smiled at the two as she appeared from out of the off worlders shadows, while saying happily, "Alright we're finally here, now I'll pull you both into the twilight. Envy you'll probably be forced into your wolf form again once we step into the twilight."

Envy rolled his eyes in annoyance before nodding his head in understanding, but the homunculus then said while patting Ed on the head, much to the dog's annoyance, "Well we don't have to worry about the pipsqueak then, since he's already like this!" Midna rolled her eyes as the screaming match ensued between the two hearing them call each other names…

"Pipsqueak!" "Palm tree!" "Midget!" "Abomination!" "Chibi!" "Freak!" "Shorty!" "Well umm uh…Homunculus!" "Why thank you!" Envy said laughing at the now flustered and even more pissed off alchemist; finally the dog jumped forward and bit the hand that Envy was using to point at the dog in ridicule. "Oww what the hell Chibi get off me!" the homunculus howled out in pain at the sharp bite.

"Shut the hell up both of you!" Midna finally shouted in frustration at the two who looked at her in shock though Envy's hand was still in Ed's mouth and the dog was hanging from the hand not even having his back paws touching the ground.

"Good now that I have your attention let's get moving…idiots." Midna growled out before drifting into the wall of twilight much to the two's surprise. Before the two could say anything though they were dragged into the twilight by the same large glowing hand that had picked them up yesterday to bring them onto Link's porch.

As soon as the same over powering sense of darkness came of Edward as he started to pass through the gate he lost consciousness and when he finally reopened his eyes to see where he was he was met by the sight of a now wolfied Envy with a smirking Midna sitting on his back, besides this though the blond haired dog saw that they were now in a dense forest that had a path running through it.

Midna grinned when she saw Edward was awake and quickly said, "Welcome to Faron Woods, now listen closely do you hear that noise? It's the call of the spirit that has lost it's light...we need to hurry!"

With that said Midna kicked Envy's sides making the wolf snarl at her and Ed to snicker as he was steered down the path towards the sound of what seemed to be a high soprano like tone. But just as the trio made their way into a clearing more twilight messengers fell from the sky. Midna easily coached the two beasts in how to fight and soon the twilight messengers laid dead at their feet before before their black bodies disappeared in the same fashion as the ones before. Making their finally to the spring they saw a weak ball of light hanging above it.

And as if sensing their presence the light called out weakly, "...Please...be careful...These woods...have changed...The dark clouds of duck cover this land...This drape of shadows is called...Twilight. In this twilight, those who live in the light...become as mere spirits...It is a place...where the dark ones and evil creatures dwell...I..am a spirit...of light...oh brave beasts...Look for my light...Retrieve the light stolen by the dark beasts...and keep it...in this vessel."

And right before the two startled canines appeared a golden object that seemed to have little balls for the light they were supposed to gather to be kept. Truely confused the two turned back to the weak light spirit to listen to what else it had to say, "In the shadows of twilight...the dark insects are as...invisible...as normal beings are here...Find the insects of darkness which are the form taken by evil...once it has latched onto...our scattered light..."

Finally taking that as their clue to start looking Midna once again had to coach the boys on how to unlock and hone their beast sense so they could see the disgusting insects they had to kill to retrieve the light that was stolen. To say the process was long and annoying would have been the understatement of the year but finally they did manage to gather the light and were instantly transported back to a now very normal looking spring which like the last one had a ball of light appear of out its waters, only instead of a goat this creature of light appeared to be monkey like in appearance.

The light spirit quickly explained that his name was Faron, but right in the middle of him expressing his thanks Midna appeared beside Envy and asked quickly, "Where's Link?"

Faron looked surprised at the appearance of Minda but quickly explained, "The hero is locked away in the temple located deep in the forest. But I can feel his life force weakening away, you must hurry and save him before it's too late. But beware the forbidden power that I and the other light spirits have locked away once again after the first defeat of the king of twilight, as made a powerful evil spread throughout the place. It will be difficult to save him."

Midna actually seemed distressed much to both Envy and Edward's surprise and the girl quickly said to them, "We need to get to him now!"

"Good luck, may the goddesses watch over you." Faron said as he slowly disappeared.

Midna quickly made Edward redress himself from his normal clothes to the red tunic and breeches she had gotten from Link's house, finally seeing he was fitting she directed the boys towards the temple her pace so quick that the two had to run to keep up with her floating form.

Deep in the Forest Temple

A dirty blond haired male silently sat in the cell he had been forced into by the large number of monsters that had ambushed him when he first entered the temple, sure Link was a skilled fighter but with only having the Ordon Sword to defend himself and not his trusty master sword, the hylian was overpowered and badly beaten. But for some unknown reason they had not killed him.

Sighing the male slowly lifted his startling blue eyes to stare out of cell to where two red skinned bokoblins seemed to be arguing with each other as they guarded their prisoner. 'I wonder if they just want to see me slowly die or if they are waiting for Ganondorf to pick me up so he can kill me himself,' Link thought to himself sadly as he looked away from the monsters to pull at his chains hoping that they would break, but of course they did not and with a voice laced with sorrow the hero whispered to himself, "I hope Midna is okay."


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