Jeremy Shelton watched the beautiful red head sleep. They'd been dating for seven months now. She spent most of her time with him, and he enjoyed every minute of it. He smiled as she started to wake up. She opened and closed her eyes again. The sunlight was brightly shining through the window.

"Hey, I'm glad you decide to wake up." She smiled softly at him. Things were going so great. This man had understood her fear of rushing the relationship, and he was patiently waiting on her. He had asked her to marry him before, but she didn't feel ready. She asked him to wait, and he had been waiting for the past two months. She was happy for herself. She rolled over, her back facing the window.

"Who could sleep with that sun?" She giggled as he wrapped his arms protectively around her body. She could get used to waking up like this. She ran her fingers slowly up and down his arm.

"I could make us some...pancakes." Reba couldn't believe she found a man who loved to cook just for her. It had been years since someone did anything for her.

"If you did that...who would hold me?" Jeremy laughed a little before pulling her with him as he stood from the bed. She screamed out of surprise. He was so strong; it almost scared Reba sometimes.

"I can hold you and make breakfast." She laughed as he carried her downstairs. Then again, his strength did come in handy. Jeremy was everything she wanted. He was perfect in every way. He had looks, brains, money, personality, and loved her. What more could she ask for? She wished she could say yes to his proposal, but something still held her back.

"What are our plans for today?" Jeremy's voice snapped her back to reality, his arm tightly around her stomach. She watched him flip the pancake with the other.

"Umm...I have an open house later today, and you have that court date." He shook his head. That would take all day. He would have to spend the day without his lovely red head. Jeremy kissed the top of her head.

"I guess we'll see each other tonight then?" Reba asked as Jeremy flipped the pancake onto her plate before letting her go.

"Yes, I guess we will. I'll miss you." Reba smiled to herself. The man was a sweet heart. He knew just what to say to make her feel special.

"I'll miss you, too. Oh, I almost forgot. Cheyenne wants me to go shopping with her today." Reba sat across from Jeremy at the kitchen table, enjoying her breakfast.

"For what?" Reba looked up at him as she took a sip from her milk. Had he forgotten again?

"Her baby, remember?" She laughed a little before he slams his fork on the table. That was different. He never had a bad temper.

"Jeremy, are you ok?" He waved her off before walking upstairs. Reba looked down at her food and rubbed the back of her neck. Did she say something to make him mad? She didn't think so. Reba put their dishes in the sink before going upstairs to get ready herself.

"He did what? That's a little much, don't cha' think?" Cheyenne asked her mother as they walked through the mall. They had been talking about that morning.

"Nah, his coffee hadn't kicked in yet. I'm sure he was still asleep. Plus, he was probably worried about today. You know, he had that wreck last week." Reba walked into a baby store with Cheyenne right behind her. She didn't think much of the morning's events. He was only worried; she knew how that felt. She sighed as she held up an outfit.

"Mom, I don't think a boy should wear pink." Reba snapped out of her thoughts and looked at what she was holding. She laughed with Cheyenne before putting it back.

"Well, Jake wore pink. I just thought..."

"He did not!"

"Oh, you caught me. I should have thought a little harder, huh?" Cheyenne shook her head as they continued to shop. Reba enjoyed spending time with her daughter. She was her closest friend since Barbra Jean moved to Little Rock. It wasn't a permanent move, but it still felt weird not having her barge in every day. Reba sighed as she put back a little sailor suit.

"Mom, you ok?"

"Oh, yea. I just...oh, nevermind. I'm fine." Cheyenne raised an eyebrow before showing her mother an outfit.

"That's cute. I like it." Cheyenne put it in the basket as Reba walked away.

"Jeremy! I'm home." Reba stayed at the door waiting on a response. She didn't really expect one. His was always home after her. It didn't surprise her when the house remained silent. She walked to the couch turning on the television.

"Hey, Mom, I'm home." Kyra walked to the couch sitting next to her mother. Reba gave her a quick hug before they turned their attention back to the lifetime movie. It was their usual routine. Come home, watch a movie, eat dinner, and head to bed. It wasn't all that exciting, but they loved how calm it was.

Jeremy walks through the front door finding both Reba and Kyra with tears on their cheeks. He raised an eyebrow.

"Reba?" She snapped her head to his and gave him a smile.

"Hey, Honey, we're watchin' a movie. You wanna join us?" He shook his head before sitting next to Reba. He pulled her into a tight hug as he caught the last of the movie.

"I hate lifetime movies!" Kyra said before wiping her eyes. Reba shook her head in agreement. Jeremy didn't see the sense in the picture before him. They didn't like the movies, but they continued to watch them?

"Why do you watch them?"

"They're good." Kyra and Reba both say at the same time. He laughed to himself as Reba tried to stand up.

"Where are you going?" She smiled at him. He was always so protective.

"In the kitchen. I have to start dinner." He let her go, smacking her bottom as she stood up. Kyra gave him a look.

"Can that stay in the bedroom?..Or at least not when I'm around?" He laughed before walking into the kitchen. Kyra shook her head before walking upstairs. That was just disturbing, almost worst than Van and Cheyenne.

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