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My first shot at writing. Just wanted to know what people other than my family think.

A/N: only kinda follows the story of the show. Andrew and Colleen are married for about 1 year, after Colleen graduates from Med. School. Anne is Andrew's cousin who can for the wedding and stayed because she liked the area and Matthew. Andrew is definitely a different character in my writing. I like to write him as more manly, laid back, Matthew like person. Any other questions you can e-mail me.

Andrew woke to the familiar sounds and smells of breakfast being made. He rolled over and stretched, Colleen had been up for at least an hour. He dressed in black pants, a green shirt open at the collar, and an open grey vest. He pulled his high black boots over his pants and made his way to the kitchen.

"Morning," he said as he gave his wife a lingering kiss, "breakfast smells great." He tuned and rolled up his sleeves as he sat at the head of the table.

"Are you going to shave that beard anytime soon?" asked Colleen as she ran her fingers through his bed-messy hair and down to his thick, black beard.

"Only when I don't like it anymore," he looked up at her with a big smile, "why, don't you like it?" He stood up and grabbed Colleen around her small waist. He leaned down and nuzzled her neck.

"Andrew." She giggled, he kissed her, "Maybe I do like it. You look very handsome."

"Ah, Shucks Miss Cooper, you're makin' me blush." Andrew said in his best school boy accent. He kissed her neck again and hugged her to him.

"I hope you two aren't burning breakfast," laughed Anne as she walked into the kitchen. Colleen broke away from Andrew, smiled at Anne and turned back to the stove. Andrew sat back down and picked up his newspaper.

"How did you sleep, Anne?" Colleen asked he best friend as she set the eggs on the table and poured thee cups of coffee.

"Thanks," Anne replied as she accepted her coffee, "I slept very well, how about you?"

"Good," answered Colleen as she put the bacon, biscuits and potatoes on the table and sat down, "What are you doing today?"

"Matthew is coming to get me, he's going to take me out to see the land he bought," smiled Anne, playing happily with her engagement ring.

"Oh yeah?" replied Colleen, "That sounds nice. Are you going to pack a picnic?"

"I didn't think about that, but yeah, that sounds fun," Replied Anne.

"If you wanna get Matthew to marry you, don't cook for him until its official and he's stuck with you for good."

"Andrew James!" admonished Colleen, "Don't be mean to your cousin!"

Andrew laughed, "She's never cooked for you. I would know, when we were younger she would try to get me to eat all the crazy things she had cooked up."

"OK, so I'm not a great cook," Anne smiled at Andrew, "But maybe with the help of your wonderful wife I can start to practice and get better."

Colleen smiled, "Sure, I can help. What time is he coming over?"

"He's picking me up around noon"

"OK, we can make some sandwiches and potato salad, he loves that, and I have some cookies you can take."

"Thanks Colleen," replied Anne. She got up and started to clear the dishes.

"Thanks for breakfast," Andrew said as he kissed Colleen's cheek and took his plate to the wash sink, "I have some chores to do in the barn. Have fun cooking." Andrew put on his hat and headed outside.

Colleen looked at Anne, "After we get cleaned up, we can start getting' your picnic ready."

As Matthew Cooper pulled around the last bend in the road, he caught sight of his sister's homestead. He directed the wagon up the last part of the narrow dirt road and pulled up to the house. He hopped down and glanced into the open barn doors. Matthew walked into the corral and towards the barn. Andrew was mucking out the stalls as Matthew entered.

"How ya doin' Andrew?" asked Matthew. Andrew looked up and smiled when he saw his best friend. He leaned his shovel against the stall, and came around his horse.

"Hey Matthew, going good, how 'bout you?" Their work-glove clad hands shook. "Anne told me you bought your land."

"Yeah I signed the papers yesterday," he smiled and leaned against the door jam. "I actually wanted to talk to you about that. I told Anne that we couldn't get married until I finished the new homestead. And I was wondering if you could give me a hand now and again with the buildin'?"

"Of course, whenever you out there just let me know," answered Andrew. He was happy his cousin had chosen someone that Andrew already liked. He and Matthew were best friends, Matthew had been Andrew's best man and Matthew had already asked Andrew to be his.

"I'm not going to have the time or the money to do it real quick. But I need to do it myself. You know."

"Yeah I know what you mean." Andrew paused, "I know you won't take it and I wouldn't accept it if I were you, but I gotta ask." There was another pause, " I can lend you the money if you need it."

Matthew smiled, "Thanks but I don't think so." Hey both nodded. Taking care of your family is something they both understood. No matter how hard you have to work, you do it so you know you can take care of things on your own. They would probably never talk about that offer again.

"Come on, Anne and Colleen are making a picnic for you." They headed toward the house, walked around the side and entered through the back door.

"Ok, now we can just grab a blanket and you'll be all set." Colleen had just placed the last of the food into a large basket.

"I'll run upstairs and get a quilt out of the linen closet." Anne turned and headed up the stairs. Colleen stared on the dirty dishes as Andrew and Matthew entered.

"Hey Matthew," Colleen said as Matthew came over to give her a kiss on the cheek. Both he and Andrew grabbed a cookie out of the jar.

"Hey little sister, this looks good," he said as he peeked into the basket, "Where is Anne?"

"She ran upstairs to get a blanket," replied Colleen as she swatted away Andrews hand when he reached for another cookie, "Andrew it's almost lunch." Her scolding was interrupted by the sounds of Anne coming down the stairs. She went directly to Matthew and gave him a small kiss.

"Hi," she said and turned to the table and placed the blanket she was carrying onto the food.

"Hi," he replied back.

"I'm so excited about seeing the land. When are you going to start builing?"

"Well I can start diggin' the foundation out and then building it up. Andrew said he would help me. We could start tomorrow?"

"That sounds fine to me, I'll be there after breakfast," answered Andrew.

"Great, thanks," Matthew looked at Anne, "ready to go?" Matthew grabbed the basket with one hand and Anne with the other.

"Have fun," smiled Colleen. She leaned against Andrew and waved at their retreating forms.

"Not too much fun!" yelled Andrew in a joking voice. He smiled at his own joke and looked down at Colleen. She was shaking her head at him and slapped him in the stomach. "What?"

"You're horrible," smiled Colleen then pulled Andrew down for a kiss.

…to be continued…