Because I'm an angst writer- and every single one of you people reading this right now knows it and will willingly admit it (I hope) - I'm dishing out a one-shot angst fic. With who? Vlad, of course. This is an insightful, yet angst-ridden, look at the deadly glare Vlad gave Danny in "Kindred Spirits."

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Staring at the Wasted Months

What was he supposed to do?

It was rare when Vlad Masters, also known as Vlad Plasmius, got this mad at a young fifteen year old boy, but those occasions did roll around once in a while. Granted, they only came when he had done something absolutely embarrassing or when he did something so hurtful, it made him want to harm him in the most awful way. But this… this crossed the line. This was beyond anger, rage, and fury.

His clone- ruined.

Countless hours of data, love, time, and dedication put into making the perfect clone all gone to waste. Those five seconds of watching his life work melted into what was the most painful death he had ever seen and imagined in his life. Vlad had never actually seen death before, much less someone die by the fact of melting into an ectoplasmic mist.

He had never taken into account the fact that Daniel might have been able to ruin everything.


He sat there for a few moments, the name ringing in his ears. A deep feeling of loathing began to well up inside of him as he stared down at the now-empty containment chamber. His fault. His entire fault. The boy was to blame for this accident. He was to blame for everything that had happened in past months, minus the ecto-acne- the wars, the plans he ruined for destroying his father… it all came back in a dizzying blare.

And he couldn't help but stare at the wide-eyed, snowy-haired teenager with a death glare.

And it was also in these next three seconds that Vlad made a decision.

He didn't want Daniel as a son anymore.

He wanted the boy to suffer, to make him feel the pain of twenty years with his powers. The pain of his failed ideals in making his life better- the pain of trying to help the only other person on the whole planet who understood his plight of being an outcast. He wanted to channel all of that pain and make it into something more powerful than any clone or weapon that his foolish parents had made.

The hatred welled up inside of him as he turned his gaze towards Danielle. Just like the cousin of her blood, she was now good. It wasn't his fault. It was Daniel's fault. He managed to convince the girl that he was evil. He was sure of it! After all, it was her fault that Daniel was out of the containment chamber. It was both their faults that his clone, his best yet, was gone.

He was prepared to destroy them both on the spot. It wouldn't do him any good to 'kill' something that was already half-dead. That made no sense whatsoever. However, you could destroy it and perhaps allow it to melt. It seemed like a reasonable explanation despite the fact he was blinded by rage. Yes- death and destruction and ruin.

Maybe not in that order, but still…

He was going to make Daniel pay for this. All of it.

With these final thoughts, he stood up and flung back his cape, a seemingly useless dramatic gesture towards the two hybrids that stood in his way.

With nothing but pain in his heart and hatred to fuel the flames, Vlad walked towards the hybrids, only one thought in his mind.

Hurt Daniel Fenton, also known as Daniel Phantom.

Okay, so it was short. I can write short things too, you know. I'd enjoy reviews. Thanks for reading my little one-shot.