"I got no billed," Nick explained to Alex in her office.

Alex raised an eyebrow, "You're kidding."

Nick shook his head.

"Then give the case to Desmond and see if he can salvage it," Alex sighed and moved a folder from one side of her desk to the other.

Nick walked off with a sigh, knowing that arguing with Alex was useless.

Alex checked her watch and stood. She started putting on her coat when Serena stuck her head in the door, "You need to go."

Alex nodded and smiled, "I didn't forget."

"Good," Serena smiled and stepped inside, "I want pictures."

"Okay," Alex grabbed her keys and her purse a permanent smile painted on her lips.

Serena watched Alex and smirked after Alex was gone.

"What about Serena?" Olivia asked.

"No. Serena's head is big enough," Alex smirked, turning the corner in her car.

Olivia readjusted her seatbelt that was growing uncomfortable. "Celine?"

"What if it's a boy?" Alex reached over and took Olivia's hand.

Olivia smiled, "Odafin?"

Alex raised an eyebrow.

"Nathan?" Olivia asked.

Alex bit her lip, "We'll talk about it later okay?"

"Of course," Olivia gently squeezed Alex's hand.

When Alex finally parked in the medical plaza, she walked over to the passenger door and opened it. She offered her hand to Olivia.

"My legs aren't broken," Olivia stated.

Alex rolled her eyes and took Olivia's hand helping her up. As they started walking inside, Alex took Olivia's hand. Olivia smiled over at Alex.

"This is it," Olivia breathed. She looked around the exam room. It was small, but with cherry wood paneling. The white machine next to her was humming

"Mhmm," Alex swept some hair out of Olivia's face, "Nervous?"

Olivia nodded.

Alex leaned in and kissed her, "It'll be okay."

There was a knock on the door and a woman in green scrubs walked in, "Hello ladies."

"Hi," Olivia said nervously.

"Hello Candice," Alex nodded back.

Candice sat down in front of the humming machine and got everything ready. She looked at Olivia, "Ready?"

Olivia nodded.

Candice looked at Alex who nodded.

Candice smiled and looked at the screen, "Okay…so…there she is."

"She?" Alex asked, beaming.

Candice pointed the small bean shaped object floating around the static filled black and white screen.

Tears sprang to Olivia's eyes. "She's so small."

"Yeah," Alex nuzzled her face next to Olivia's. She gently kissed Olivia's cheek and closed her eyes, resting her forehead on Olivia's temple. "She's ours. She's our baby."

After Candice wiped the gel off of Olivia's stomach, she stood, "I'll be right back with the pictures."

"Thank you," Alex sat up straight.

Candice smiled and walked out.

Alex looked down at the visible bump Olivia was now donning. Alex couldn't resist. She rested her hand on her future daughter.

"So ballet lessons and princess dresses?" Olivia asked.

Alex nodded still smiling, but now tears were running down her face.

Olivia wiped away Alex's tears and softly kissed her, "I love you Lex."

"I love you too Liv," Alex kissed Olivia again.

They were interrupted by Candice clearing her throat at the door. She was smiling with three pieces of paper in her hand. She walked over to them and handed the pictures to them.

Alex looked at one in her hand, "This is the picture we're going to embarrass her with."

Olivia and Candice laughed.

"Is that all?" Alex looked up at Candice.

Candice nodded. "You're free to go."

When they got home, Alex went to her office to work for a little while, while Olivia stood in the kitchen looking out the window. She couldn't figure out what she did to get that lucky. She had a great wife, a great home, and now a great baby on the way.

Two arms snaking around her waist interrupted her thoughts. Alex softly caressed the baby. She kissed Olivia's exposed neck and then her shoulder.

"You're beautiful," Alex whispered in Olivia's ear.

Olivia smiled, "Not as beautiful as you."

"That's debatable," Alex kissed Olivia's neck again, "Do you need anything?"

Olivia shook her head, "Everything I need is right here."

Alex smiled and rested her chin on Olivia's shoulder and watched the people scurry by on the street outside. Alex knew Olivia was right. All they'd ever need was right there, standing in the kitchen. All they needed was each other.

Thank you to everyone who stuck with me through this whole story and everyone who picked up in the middle. All your reviews are appreciated. Another sequel is plausable and might happen. It depends on who would read it. Again thank you so much for your reviews and support.