Hey Twilight'ers! I have been thinking about doing a Twilight fan fiction for a while now, and I'm really excited about it! I totally love Alice, and so I thought that she should be represented! So this is basically her story, starting with her life pre-vampire. I really hope you guys enjoy it, and please review so I know how I'm doing!

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Ever since I can remember, I've always known I was different. When other little girls wanted to have play dates and dream about their future husbands, I wanted to explore and learn about the world. When other young ladies wanted to attend finishing school, I wanted to focus on my ballet classes. When other women wanted to start families, I wanted to discover my own independence. And, there was one other major difference between me and the other typical turn-of-the-century girls… my visions.

I've had them all my life. When I was a little girl, I would be playing with my dolls, and then my face would go blank, and I would get an image or picture of strange and wild things. Apparently, this scared other children, because I never had a large number of friends or play mates. As time went on, my visions got more and more powerful. I began to see specific people and events. I remember the first time I had a strong, clear vision. It was my fourteenth birthday, and I saw my mother giving me a pearl necklace. I specifically remember seeing her smiling face handing me a red-wrapped package, saying, "I do hope you like it."

Ah, my mother. She is something else. She is a social-climbing, constantly scheming, gorgeous Southern belle. Her hair is a pale, sparkling shade of blonde that hangs in glorious curls down her back, and her eyes are a bright, shining blue. She's a perfect example of what any Biloxi girl should strive to be. My father, fifteen years her senior, is a rich, prestigious lawyer. My mother made a very "smart match", which is something she wants for me as well. I'm not really cut out for that kind of life, though. That life would belong to my sister, Cynthia. Cynthia is the spitting image of our mother, and Mother constantly reminds me of that. My dear sister always knows what to say, how to act, how to sit, how to not think for yourself. She'll make a perfect breeding machine for some generic rich man. I, on the other hand, am not cut out for it. For one, I don't have the looks of the perfect Southern belle. I'm extremely petite, and I have jet black hair that I prefer to keep short, as opposed to the more popular long styles. My eyes are a light gray, and they are far too large for my face. My best friend Mina says that gray eyes represent wisdom, like the goddess Athena. Mina always knows what to say to make me feel better. But all of the compliments in the world cannot make me feel secure in this life. I don't want to be led to the altar like a cow to the slaughter house. I want to move to Paris and become a prima ballerina. I've been taking classes all my life, and it's my one escape from the madness of this dull and monotonous life of parties, callers, and courters.

I guess you could say I was an embarrassment to my family—that really didn't bother me, though. They had never done anything extreme because of my vision; at least, they weren't until I had the largest vision of all. That's when my world caved in. That's when my life changed—for good.


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