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Title: Just To See You Smile

Characters/pairing: Onsided KIRAxHINA, super implied HITSUxHINA, if not just a HITSUxHINA

Rating: T for sadness, maybe angst too...haven't decided yet lol

Chapters expected: two...yup a two shot! hee hee

Inspiration: I was walking by my brother's bedroom an hour ago, and he had Tim McGraw on. This song was my favorite one of his, and I forgot about it until now, and I said to myself: Dear God, this is sooo totally Izuru!!!

Summary: "Just to see you smile, I'd do anything, that you wanted me to. And all is said and done, I'd never count the costs, it's worth all that's lost...Just To See You Smile..."

P.O.V: Kira, I guess. xP

Song: Just to see you smile By: Tim McGraw Bleach was created by: Tite Kubo, I own none of it!

Just To See You Smile
I guess I have always been attracted to her. Since the moment we met at school. Medium, soft brown, almost angelic, hair pulled back in pigtails back then. Now, sadly pulled into a bun and covered by a hair piece. ...For years I have resisted the urge to run my fingers through it.

Her skin always did look silky and smooth, it still does. I am too much of a coward to even go within five feet of her, so I will never know how smooth it truly is.

I seem like an old man, sitting here in the fields with her, silently reminiscing with myself. I wouldn't dare speak to her. I would surely say something foolish. Yet, I am a fool...

"Kira-kun? Are you still there? You're awful quiet!" Momo giggled.

"Yeah, Hinamori-san...I'm still...right here." I told her quietly, not even thinking of lifting my head.

I ran my fingers through the grass, slipping them in and out of it's intricate design, watching how my pale flesh poked in and out of the dark green patches...but being completely careful as to not rip any from the earth.

"You know, Kira-kun? I really love spending time with you." Momo stopped to look at me, but I, of course didn't have the guts to return the gesture. "The quiet time, like this. It's really relaxing."

I knew what she really meant. I love being your friend Kira-kun, and spending quiet time with you, it's so...boring...you never talk and I start to think you don't want to be with me at times, but because I am your friend I will spend this quiet time with you anyways...just so we can be together.

She's said it to me before, well, she never said it was boring, but I just know she wanted to, when we had our 'quiet time' before all of the corruption in Soul Society, before the war...before betrayal.

I realize now, the distance between us. It's even greater, I assume, because I didn't go to her bedside...not even once. After practically using my own Zanpaku-to to slice through her being, and cause her so much pain. I really do hate myself for being such a coward, for hurting everyone!!--

"Kira-kun...you look upset. What's wrong?" She asked me sweetly, although she was clearly worried.

"Nothing is wrong, Hinamori-san...you look a little sick yourself. You really shouldn't be out in this cold weather..." I pondered, mainly to myself.

"Kira-kun, don't worry about me...I called you out here...I kind of need a favor..." She fiddled with her thumbs, twirling them together, then turned to the grass, plucking it from the ground, piece by piece, like she plucked the pieces of my heart.

It pained me to think of what she would ask... I didn't want to disappoint her by not being able to help her properly. I will try though, if not for my own satisfaction in knowing that I helped her out with her troubles...but for the satisfaction in seeing her smiling face, which is worth more than gold to me.

"Kira-kun, you know...Shiro-chan, right?" I nodded my head slowly, and she continued really fast. "Well...we're awful close, and...please don't tell this to ANYONE Kira-kun...but I think I may love him...and I want to find out if he likes me like that, or if he only likes me as a friend--"

She was talking faster than the winds of a hurricane, and I was barely following a word she was saying, it was best I stopped her before she began to ramble. "Hinamori-san, calm down. Are you wanting me to ask Hitsugaya Taicho if he likes you?" I asked her, hiding my disappointment deep within me.

She scanned me closely for a few minutes, searching hard for the emotions I fought so hard to keep buried, six feet deep within my soul. I must have been doing okay at it, because she didn't notice them. She just sighed. "Yes, Kira-kun...I am. But you don't have to! I-I mean, just forget we even had this conversation, if you want!" She cried, beginning to talk fast again.

"Alright, Hinamori-san. When do you want me to ask? Is anytime good?" I asked her with a smile, and see smiled back. The sweet smile I dream of having all to myself, the one that is most often reserved for Hitsugaya Taicho.

"Arigato...Kira-kun!" She then squeezed me in a tight hug for a few moments. I never wanted to let those moments pass. I wanted to grab them while they were there and put them in a box, or jar that I could have with me forever, but sadly the moments left as fast as they came. And the moment they left...

...they already started to become distant memories of the past, fading away into the place you go when you are forgotten.

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